Wraps so cute as Cotton Candies!

Now I got your attention!

Yes, these cute cars really looks sweet and yummy!

It was only “accidental” that I’ve got into car wrapping business. Why accidental? As a transport/fleet partner my only duty supposed to be was to get these 2 cars rented, and that was it! — WRONG!

Our client, as we get along the business, trusted me to do the wrapping for the cars. I felt nervous, will I do the job right? Will it turn out good? Will it finish on time?

Say hello!

Let me show you how a good wrap is done:

Laying out the initial wrap – from gray to white
Let them be white!
Patterns and stickers
While waiting for the wrap to finish, let me take a selfie. Me and the Hammer!
Now ready!

Now, the finish product!

Two cotton candies ooppps cars I mean 🙂

And we are not yet done with just the wrapping thing,

these vehicles were also installed with cool tablets,

Busy but still all smiles!
Our team 🙂

I think we’ve done a good job, now the car was showcased for all eyes to feast 😙

IDOOH Car showcased at the OWTO Grand Launching
IDOOH is one of the major sponsor for this event
Thumbs up!

All smiles for a job well done!


Need a new look for your car? Got some inquiries?

Leave me a message 😀

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  1. All the best my niece… we love and support your endeavors …. 💜💙💚

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