#bloggersunited15 First time feels 😚

I believe “learning does not stop,” it’s never too late to learn and do something new.

I’m a writer by heart, since I was in High School I wrote numerous poems, some have been published in newsletter magazine which circulates worldwide, I was a regular contributor, and writing is really my passion. Since technology progressed, writing transformed into a new level called “blogging” so my craft as it fits should catch up with the current trend in order for me to share my work with more readers.

At first I just intended to write a blog. These past few days, I think I needed to learn more – I expanded my horizons. I linked with co-bloggers some are beginners too and others already a pro. What surprised and amazed me are “they are so very very young yet have a promising future.”

So here I am, the first time in years I felt so excited, come, continue reading and see what happened as I explore this new adventure of mine!

I learned the #bloggersunited15 event from our #bloggersfam group, it was held yesterday, June 10, 2018 at Hall D, World Trade Center

We were greeted by a long line of bloggers/fans waiting to go inside.

Since I am with my cutie baby, I made it past the line. And made it here – fast.

It was hot inside (coz of the brown-out) and the crowd were really overwhelming, nevertheless, that didn’t stop the fans and hoarders to go in.

I’m a fan of pre-loved items too, and was glad I found clothes which fits me – and it’s from her shop, micas online shop- i hope I get the name right 🙂

I bought blouses & dress perfect for my business meetings at a very cheap price, what a precious find! Here are some of them:

Printed red dress for only P500

Comfy long sleeved blouse for only P250

Printed blouse for only P100

All in all I spent only P1, 300 for 4 blouses, 1 dress, 1 skirt and 1 maong semi-pants for upgrading my wardrobe.

I also get a piece from Nicole Anderson.

Nicole Anderson pre-loved ring for only P100

I got the chance to find a personalized atm/calling card case, we bought two – one for my husband and this one is mine;

Personalized calling card from Trendsetters Bazaar only P150

I also bought a Ray Ban pre-loved sunglasses from @benedictcua for only P100.

Pre-loved sunglasses by @benedictcua

Of course the best part was I got the chance to meet and greet fabulous & famous bloggers and celebrities !



Louise de los Reyes
Angelika Dela Cruz
Jennica Sanchez – Asia’s next Top Model

And of course with the best of the best blogger


They are all so nice and sweet, and would you believe they do the selling for their items 🙂

And wait, there’s more. I’ve got the chance to do photo shoot with the famous @kerwinking and @dgrazon.

Model feels like..oh, am I ever too old for these ? Gheezzz 😊

Push to make it to the top!

As simple as red and blue !

Of course, the bestest part was to meet new friends, oh never mind the age gap, they are the best!

#bloggersfamph and my supportive hubby and baby

We are all smiles under the rain!

Special thanks to these 2 buddies for staying with me up to 7pm, I really learned a lot from you two. To learn from someone doesn’t come with age, we can literally learn from anyone.

@xanchoinigo and @pj_habana

Keep on slaying beautiful people!

Keep on dreaming — and blogging

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