Independence Day – are we really free?

Phil. Flag photo credits to Petron Corporation

Are we truly indepedent? Are we truly free?

For some sector of our society maybe the answer is Yes! But how about the Transport Sector?

On the daily news, reports about the daily apprehension against colorum vehicles were highly intensified even treating them as “criminals”, Grab fare went down despite of the rising cost of fuel, maintenance costs are high and yet renters kept on asking for lower fares. And because of these factors, transport partners are being forced to not to take a trip coz of fear of apprehension despite of their being “legal” in terms of having business permits, for TNVS they are forced to just park their vehicles at home (no income due to high fuel cost). Oftentimes, entrepreneurs in the transport sector are having a hard time to just “operate” and do business just like the others. Tourist franchise does not have moratorium but why is it so hard for our Govt. to release the franchise? Why do our transport partners often have to hide in order to operate just to avoid being impounded? When in fact, some already have applied for the franchise but still it can’t be released even after 2 years of waiting.

When can we be “independent” to make a living by using our own vehicles? When can our Govt truly make a “JUST and reasonable” guidelines and have an “express franchise” in order for all to operate legally specially in the Tourist Transport Sector.

For the TNVS, why do they have to compare the fare to a regular taxi when TNVS is very different, taxis do not have less 25% as TNVS do. They do not serve door to door. They do not have “ratings” wherein they could be de-activated anytime. When can they be independent from the scrutining eye of the LTFRB?

This photo was taken last year at one of our seminar for our Independence Day event. We aim as a group to be free from being “colorum” by forming a group and register as a “Cooperative.”

We as a group aims to work and comply with the legalities laid out by our Gov’t agencies. But despite of our being as one with the Gov’t ideals, we still suffer from the current transport system and the “old, traditional mindset” of those who are holding the position.

But maybe, yes we hope and pray, the eyes and ears of the Government will see us – not as a nuisance but as One united to elevate the situation of our Local Tourists as well as the riding public in general.

To be “free” from the claws of corruption sorrounding the transport industry. Thus, w that being said we can truly say;

“Happy Independence Day!”

We took the initial steps of coming together in one advocacy – a legal and a truly free (from corrupt) Operations of Transport Businesses, we hope to continue this journey in memory of Ka Agapay (wearing orange shirt beside me).

The TTSCs with Admin Buddy during the 1st meeting
Thumbs up to a united Tourist Transport Service Cooperatives (TTSC)

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