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Hormonal imbalance problem? Try these 10 tips to keep it at bay.


For those who have started reading my facebook page – lovestoriesbySunset – since 2015, you all know that I endured a life and death ordeal. I survived from uterine atony secondary to hypovolemic shock and hemmorrhage (full story on my blog soon). And ever since my life haven’t been the same. There are times I became paranoid with what will happen next.

Ok so much for that drama stuff.

Since 2013, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis which later formed into endometrial cysts or commonly called chocolate cyst.

“Endometriosis is a common condition in women. It’s chronic, painful, and often gets steadily worse. Normally, the tissue that lines a woman’s uterus, known as the endometrium, is found only in the uterus. … This causes irritation to the surrounding tissue, which causes cysts, scars, and the fusing of body tissues. ” (

By January of 2014, I underwent a surgical operation to remove the cysts of already 6cm. then after just a few months I became pregnant. The cysts are also a cause of infertility.

Last 2015 when I gave birth, these stitches (from previous operation) and few small cysts where also the contributing factor of my difficult ceasarian operation.

And sadly, last January 2018, I was diagnosed again with endometrial cysts on my right and left ovaries. It was so painful then both left and right. The feeling was as if you bladder will explode especially when your urinating. And you will feel it when you walk (the pelvics are tender).

There are no cure for endometriosis except for surgery. Oral contraceptives or injectables only aids to slow down the growth of the cysts.

Since I no longer wanted to be under the knife. I’ve done research for alternative medicines by myself. I remembered the OB (which by that time a missionary foreigner) told me that I myself can tell if the cyst is progressing — the pain will tell.

She prescribed an injection every 3 months of Depo Provera, and the rest of my treatment I researched by myself considering alternative medicines.

For persons with hormonal problems like me, the first NO NO is taking too much ESTROGEN. ESTROGEN is the culprit in making these “cysts” grow. Too much estrogen causes hormonal imbalance.

Based on my experience through research for alternative medicine, here is what i did which helped eliminate the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

10 TIPS to control Hormonal Imbalances:

1. Drink “the wonder potion”
– Since January, I started to drink this potion and everytime I am in pain (usually from taking coffee which is I know is bad) it definitely helped eliminate the pain symptoms. You can do a separate research on the benefits of these leaves.
How to prepare: Boil fresh malunggay, bayabas leaves, pandan and tanglad (optional) together and use this as your tea or water. I suggest to drink at least 2 to 3 cups a day. In just a few days you will feel relieved from pain.

Yes, no to dairy because dairy food products are high in estrogen content. Of course, there are times that we cannot refuse our intake of dairy food but put it in moderation. You may try Organic Almond milk as replacement for your dairy milk. But if you wanted to feel the difference remove the dairy on your diet for 2 weeks.

Avoid eating food with preservatives. This would also include commercialized chicken. Yes, I totally tried to lessen chicken in my diet. I even bought native chickens to avoid the ones with “pampataba” on the market. Also your beef and pork intake should also be in moderation. You would say then what should we eat? Try being a semi-vegan and put more fish on your diet.

Yes, it is hard to resist fried chicken, crispy pata and the like. But I suggest you choose a cooking oil that reduces the risks of high cholesterol like grapeseed oil, olive oil or vegetable oil.

I’ve tried too many times to still take alcohol during social parties but to my dismay as if an alarm, my left side of my pelvic suffers pain ( that pain that I had felt when I went to the doctor for check-up). So I totally avoid it now especially Beer which is high in estrogen.

Ooopppps, I know definitely I cannot say No to coffee but drink in moderation please. If you can totally avoid it, the faster your cyst will shrink in size and pain avoided. Try alternating coffee with the “wonder potion”, tea or fresh juices. Try these Ahmad teas from London, natural teas which comes in different variety – I love the mixed berries tastes sweet and very natural.

Yes, multivitamins would help especially taking OMEGA – 3 FISH OIL, Vitamin B and others.

When it comes to specific essential oil for cysts -clary sage is the recommended. Drop small amount of oil on the pelvic area and massage until the oil is absorbed.

Ouch, yes try to lose some weight. This is the most challenging part for me since my weight haven’t changed since 2015 that means I am so overweight. I’ve tried jogging sometimes and also having indoor exercises. If you can push yourself to lose weight that would be a big help.

10. Most Important — PRAY
Whatever we do, whatever our belief, there is no powerful to alternative medicine as Prayer. Pray, always pray for good health and guidance. What I do is I usually put my hands over the area of the cysts and as if removing it I pray over for the cysts to be gone. It is also an effective pain reliever believing one day we will be free from pain and will be healed.

These 10 tips are also beneficial not just with health conditions like mine but also to improve over-all health.

Hope these helps!

Thanks for reading, have a happy day!


Products posted here were not sponsored, these are all the products I actually tried and used. You may try other brands of items I mentioned in this blog.

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