My journey into Zero Waste Lifestyle — my beginnings

We often read it in social media regarding living the Zero Waste lifestyle. I became curious about it and started adopting it a month ago. But before this Zero Waste advocacy, former environmental groups already started campaigns in saving our Mother Earth.

Here is my story;

I’ve been an environmental advocate since I was in my grade school years, oftentimes joining school events with campaign on environmental protection. When I was in high school, I was even elected as the “Garbage Manager”, funny how it was called but it simply mean I am the one in charge with the strict implementation of the “no littering” policy in the classroom. Usually, the advocacy where just slogan making contests, campus campaigns, and the like.

When I was in college, I joined Earthsavers Movement then I remember before facebook came I even joined a social media site called “Care2Connect” , in there environmental advocates may just click a cause and already “donating” just by using the site. It was like a facebook where you can interact with fellow advocates. It has been years ago since I last visited the site.

I also signed up with GreenPeace Philippines last 2014. A GreenPeace staff asked me to sign-up with their newsletter and so did I. I also had an account enrolled to automatically deduct some donation for Greenpeace but my involvement with the organization stopped sometime in 2017 due to change of e-mail address and busy schedule. Occasionally, I’ve been receiving thank you notes and some gifts like keychains, memopads and the like.

GREENPEACE Philippines

Beginning 2018, since I am mostly online and browsing through social media, I found Zero Waste Filipina facebook page and got inspired with eco-bricks and on reducing the amount of plastics we use. Before this, it is normal for our family to segregate the wastes — Paper, plastic bottles and the like, cans, metals and so on and once accumulated we then sell it to the Junk Shop. We usually earn P80 to P130 from these junks.

Now, I did research on eco bricks and was inclined to watching Zero Wastes advocacy, read blogs on how to do it. We not only segregate the items above, but also added to segregate plastics of all types – soft and hard, sachets of all types, everything. In short, the waste going to the garbage for the garbage truck were remarkably reduced.

I will share to you how to make an eco brick on my next blog post and maybe share my journey on how I am adjusting to the “Zero Waste Lifestyle” along with adopting “minimalism” and “downshifting.”

You will also see how the youngest eco-bricker can actually do it 🙂

Right now, as I am writing this blog, I came across an organization in Cavite, of course via facebook, the EcoBricks Cavite. Did some chat with the admin, and I am more happy than ever to talk to someone who shares the same advocacy. I was hoping to participate too on their next Eco environmental events as I did at the Tree Planting and Wild animal releasing at Pico De Loro Mountain Range last June 15, 2018 with PCLEDO’s Head Mr. Alvin Mojica. ( Provincial Cooperative Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development Office (PCLEDO).

As if by chance, while deeply learning this Zero Waste Lifestyle, I was invited to the first zero-waste and sustainable fair in Manila, inspired by brands and individuals who are passionate towards saving the earth — The Good Trade, this coming July 21-22 in Central Square, Bonifacio Global City.

Be there too, get to know the event and show your support in the link below:

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