Tagaytay Finds — Discover Kookay’s Foodhouse :)

When talking about food in Tagaytay, the first thing that comes to mind is “Bulalo.” How about a different treat to our sight and palate, plus added fun bonding with our friends and families?

Tagaytay is the most loved weekend destination of our family! Considering it’s just a 2-hr. drive away from Manila and 30 minutes from Gen. Trias. We have visited most of the tourist spots in the city and tried different restos. And thought we have seen most of it — until we checked in at Kookay’s Foodhouse.

Kookay’s Foodhouse is located at #53 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi-way, KM.61, Brgy. Mendez East, Tagaytay City. It has a cute little sign that you may hardly notice. In this serene city, this is a foodhouse that will satisfy not only your tummy but also your craving for instagram feed. Not only that, just use your imagination and let out the inner kid in you, you’ll surely be mesmerized by the place and merge in.

Before coming in, please read the rules posted on the window:

Once in, we were greeted by the site of cute little unicorns and flowers.

I was surprised to see my daughter enjoying herself while taking selfies and photos of the place.

At first, she was hesitant to try the onesies on. What? a costume at a foodhouse? BIG YES! To totally feel the “aura” of the place I suggest you try their onesies. These are costumes made of soft cotton and are available in all sizes. Some of the designs were tigers, alligators and of course UNICORNS!

Once you tried the costumes and take selfie or groupie photos, the kid in you will soon come out and instantly bond with your kids. Costumes or onesies are free to use when you avail of the group food package. Just be careful not to rip or soil, or you may have to pay for it.

Next, I found myself diving into a pool of balls with my toddler.

Finally, my 1st time to dive in a pool of balls with my baby
balls and the kiddo

You can do all of the above while waiting for your food to be served or just play UNO, Monopoly and other board games.

Just ask Jessa – Kookay’s very cheerful staff, she’ll be happy to assist you.


Now, what’s on the menu?

Rainbow colored pasta anyone? It is sumptuous as it appears to be. Guess what, these are carbonara and seafood pesto. Looks very identical right? But once you tasted it you can clearly separate the tastes of the two dishes. The carborana were sprinkled with bacon and garlic. Seafood pesto was cooked with calamares, tahong, crab sticks and other spices.

We loved the twinkle milkshakes, the colorful designs are made of mallows and candies wrapped in chocolate with cookie mallows, pretzels and ice cream cone on top lavished with candy sprinkles and marshmallows 🙂

rockyroad, mango graham and chocolate fudge


You can also try other great food from their menu:

Rainbow colored waffles
Nachos and chips
Fries Baby back ribs Buffalo Wings Chicken Wings Halo-halo Hot Pot
and many more!

We enjoyed their onesies and did some photo shoot 🙂

unicorn family

Our baby Conan enjoyed the onesies too and the stuff toys 🙂

baby unicorn

Express yourself, leave a note in their shout out wall before leaving

or feel nostalgic at this side

How to get there:

By commute:


⏩Ride a bus at Genesis Terminal at Pasay, left side from the MRT station Edsa, with the signboard “Balayan or Nasugbu”. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off before Mendez Crossing at Nanay Dorie’s Bulalohan (few meters away from the police station). They are just across Nanay Dorie’s, the pink store beside Country Sampler Inn.

⏩From Olivarez Plaza, ride a jeep bound for Mendez/Crossing Mendez, Indang or Alfonso.
⏩Ask the jeepney driver to drop you off before Mendez Crossing at Nanay Dorie’s Bulalohan (few meters away from the police station)
⏩They are just across Nanay Dorie’s, the pink store beside Country Sampler Inn.

By Private car:

KINDLY click the link below for exact location:
Kookay’s Foodhouse map

Monday to Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm


🌈 No entrance fees

🌈You can wear their onesies for only 50php. But if you only order drinks, they charge ₱100 per onesie.

🌈 Please take care while eating inside the foodhouse as per their policy, ANY DAMAGED/STAINED STUFFED TOYS AND ONESIES WILL BE CONSIDERED SOLD.

🌈Please like their page and message them directly for any inquiries ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Kookay’s Foodhouse page

🌈 You may also call 0995 132 2495

I hope you enjoyed reading! See you soon on my next adventure 😚


All photos are taken using just my cellphone, credits to @juliennecolene for the great shots 🙂

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