Lunch Specials at Buona Vita Ristoranti Italiano!

Craving for authentic Italian dishes without breaking your budget? Wanting to have a quick but sumptuous lunch with family, friends or office mates?

Well this is a MUST TRY!

Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano is an authentic Italian restaurant with a cool, homey-feel atmosphere, which lies in the heart of Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Buona Vita which means Good Life is a concept by owner Thomas Moersheim.

I was one of the invited media guest for the food tasting of their latest “Lunch Specials”, which will be available from Mondays to Thursdays, 11am to 2pm. Of course, I have little Conan with me to check out the food, he does food review too (by thumbs up).


We were welcomed with graffiti, menu on board located at both entrances of the restaurant. Instantly, I felt at home and at ease especially the crew were all nice and accommodating.

The newest dishes of Buona Vita are their Lunch Specials which you may also like to add Panini sandwiches, salads and sweet desserts.

You may choose from the 4 delicious staples which are all priced at just P250++

1. Pollo Alla Moda “Americana” – this is best eaten with the paella rice, the chicken sauce tastes sweet

Pollo Alla Moda “Americana” American style chicken barbecue served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

2. Filetto di Maiale – the pork is so yummy and tender

Filetto di Maiale Pan-seared pork tenderloin with orange sauce served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

3. Filetto Di Pesce – at last, our very own tilapia with a twist, already de-boned

Filetto Di Pesce Roasted Tilapia with Pomodor sauce served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

4. Fegato Di Pollo – my favorite among the four dishes

Fegato Di Pollo Chicken liver stew served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

Aside from their Lunch Specials, you can also try their tasty Panini Sandwiches which comes in 8 varieties:

  1. All Pollo
  2. Porchetta
  3. Vegetariana
  4. Tonno
  5. Prosciutto Crudo
  6. Prosciutto Cotto
  7. Salmone
  8. Allo Speck


Salmone – Grilled fresh Salmon tossed with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes and lettuce

Vegetariana – Grilled Zucchini, red bell pepper, eggplant, asparagus with pesto sauce served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles

Porchetta – Sliced roasted pork belly with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles
Prosciutto Cotto – Thinly sliced cooked ham with boiled egg served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, home-made mayo and pickles
Tonno – Chunky Tuna with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes and lettuce
Prosciutto Crudo – Thinly sliced Parma ham with Fontina cheese served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles
Allo Speck – Thinly sliced smoked ham with Provolone cheese served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles

You will find him at the counter – he prepares the yummy Panini Sandwiches!

We also tried their newest desserts!


Plus, they also have their newest vegetable salads!

Insalata di Cesare and Insalata Mista all’ Italiana


We really enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Buona Vita! Aside from the meals I really enjoyed my short chit-chat with the restaurant owner, Mr. Thomas Moersheim, he have a good story to tell on how they all started and survived the business since 2009. How he and his wife loved to share the Italian dishes to the Filipino people. Buona Vita just like any other business went to its ups and downs, but the restaurant continuously copes with the Millennial times and always find something authentic, new Italian dishes to serve.

With Mr. Thomas – the gracious owner of Buona Vita!
All smiles for a great meal!
the little kiddo gave his thumbs up sign! Watch his reactions at The Happy Tandem Channel

P.S. They also have other goods to offer, like what I found here on their counter:



Roasted Organic Cacao Nibs

Already getting hungry?

Contact Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano at

  • For deliveries or reservations, call (02) 519 3868
  • Like and contact their fb page: BuonaVita
  • Visit their resto at Unit 19, Cluster 3 @Molito Lifestyle Bldg., Madrigal Avenue, Alabang
  • Get Directions
How to get there by commute:

  1. Take a ride going to Alabang South Station
  2. Take a multicab ride going to SM Molino (get downa


  1. Take a ride going to SM Molino
  2. Take a ride going to Alabang (you will see Molito Lifestyle Bldg. just upon entering Alabang area coming from Daang Hari.
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