Journal 1 – Minimalist Lifestyle *De-cluttering*

Last time I introduced to you the meaning of Minimalist Lifestyle and how can we start doing it. Since then, I started segregating things (What to donate, to sell, to throw). My husband and I were very busy for 2 days now, cleaning and de-cluttering. And since we do not yet have cupboards & cabinets in our kitchen, these tasks were really overwhelming.

I finished cleaning & selecting stuffs just now, I took some shower afterwards and now at 11:38pm exactly, I thought of writing and sharing to you this experience.

De-cluttering is a task which needs real time decision. It was quite hard to say goodbye to items which have sentimental values (like they were given by your aunt, your mother, etc.). This day, I started to segregate, washed the items and put them in a sack for donation. Here it goes;

I’m saying goodbye to these items & donate to Habitat ReStore: (photos soon)

1. Plastic Dinnerware Storage

2. Canned goods organizer

3. Utensils divider

4. Rice bowl

5. Plastic pitchers (pitchers, bottles, tumbler)

6. Power Floss (for oral care)

7. Shoes (2 pairs of baby rubber shoes, 1 pair black shoes, 1 pair rubber shoes, etc.)

8. Pre-loved Clothes

9. Jalousies 3pcs *From ROADRACTSC Office

10. and others

Some items will be for online garage sale for a month, if no buyers it will also be donated:

1. Microwave Oven (Big, needed transformer, 110volts). This is imported from US, still covered with plastics.

Price: P500

2. Small rice cooker (need transformer, 110 volts)

Price: P200

3. Oven toaster (Asahi brand)

Price: P200

4. Coffee filter (Big)

Price: P100

5. Baby stroller (Color:blue, ideal for new born to 1 yr old babies)

Price: P500

6. AOWA Vacuum Cleaner

7. Pre-loved clothes (will be selling also at my bazaar on Sept 14-16)

And I also have segregated wastes and ready for selling/donation:

1. Carton boxes and scratch papers (1sack)

2. Plastics/metals/aluminum tin cans that can be sold (2 sacks)

3. Hard plastics, tetra packs, etc. for donation to Green Antz (2 sacks)

While these are a little hardwork, just take in mind the “why’s” and “who’s”:

  • Why will you do it?
  • Why donate?
  • Who will benefit?
  • Why let go?

I’m really eager to have these items delivered or picked up by Habitat ReStore asap. But we still need to de-clutter everything so we can donate it all at the same time, to save time & resources too.

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Let me know once you started your de-cluttering journey 😚


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