Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar and Beyond!

Beyond? Yes, the recent Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar was beyond what I am expecting, follow me through and I will tell you more.

It was my long time dream to join a bazaar and now it has come true with Word Wonder: A Book +++ Bazaar, it was held at the 4th and 5th Floor Events Centre of the Century City Mall in Makati last August 31 to September 2, 2018.   I am just expecting an ordinary type of bazaar, wherein, I will sell goods and that was it, but until I joined the talks and activities and interviewed the merchants and writers that I told myself — “It is my destiny to be here.”



Of course before I take you to the Word Wonder’s other merchants and activities, let me show you my booth. Me and my team took a couple of days of planning, and we partnered to other co-Cooperatives in Cavite. We have showcased the local products of The Gen. Trias Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative and the cakes of our fellow member Mc Kaye Sweets and cakes. Plus, I also put a little banner of my blog name “The Transport Queen.” I am grateful to the event organizers for promoting ROAD (Renters, Operators and Drivers) Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative during the entire event. Thanks also to our co-members for helping us out from planning to bazaar set-up and manning.


my humble booth


WORD WONDER : A BOOK BAZAAR displayed a total of more than 10,000 books, comics, magazines, arts and crafts, stickers, and other items from its numerous merchant partners. Here’s a quick tour of the most interesting merchants, authors, artists, bookshops that I have met during the 3-day bazaar:


  1. Busy Cocoon by Tet Mora– located just next to my booth during the Word Wonder Bazaar. Busy Cocoon specializes in Flowers, Gifts, and Crafts  and of course she have books too! Follow her at instagram @busycocoon to check her works. She also hosted the “Love of Reading Starts at Home Workshop” during the 3rd day of the event.
Busy Cocoon
Busy Cocoon – Flowers, Gifts, and Crafts 

2. Numinous Studio – A crazy team creating cosplay, props, and tons unnecessarily               cute things. Check them on facebook Numinous Studio


Numinous Studio 

3. I love Cards and Doodles by Veve Verdadedro Basbas – Doodle Artist, Card Maker, Crafter. One of the amazing people I have met during the event. She took her craft to another level by sharing it people thru free workshops.  She shares her talents thru creating cards, bookmarks and journals. She hosted two workshops during the bazaar which are: Word Wonder Doodle Day & Mandala-making workshops. Even I am not an artist I can say I LEARNED and the best part was little Conan enjoyed the workshop too! See her every Sundays at Legaspi Sunday Market, Makati City. Follow her on IG: @il_cardsanddoodles. Contact her at 0916-5161700.

I love cards and doodles and Treasured Memories


with Veve Verdadero Basbas

4. Artdelamar – is a local artist and crafter. Visit them at their fb page: Artdelamar


5. Yarn Source Manila  is the Philippines’s premier online yarn store for all your crochet and knitting needs. They ship nationwide. Follow them on fb page: Yarn Store

Yarn Source Manila

6. COPPERAZO are #WearableArt fashion accessories like rings, bangles, bracelets and earrings. Follow them at their fb page: Copperazo

Copperazo wearable art

7. Further by Dimple Lim – Handcrafted and Upcycled wearable accessories. These are made out of books and magazine pages. The lovely creator started making these handcrafted accessories when she had a pile of pocketbooks & magazines ready for disposal, so instead of disposing she thought of a way to make it useful and started wearing it! Follow her at instagram: @wearefurther 


8. Vanillapensive — These are all hand painted, and aside from creating awesome illustrations he also writes! Check out his lovely works at Vanillapensive


9. Blender Comics – Of course, another author who brought inspiration to my long time dream of writing a story myself is B. Canapi who authored The Adventures of Spaceboy. Would you know that the Spaceboy he featured in his comic books is his very own son! This is for me is so cool and amazing! Probably he’s a very proud daddy! The comic book is illustrated by Nino Balita and published by Blender Media.


10. Artsy Cassey by Casandra Isabel Cancino is a crafter of paper products. Most of the products are bookends, bookmarks, stickers and paper maches. Follow her at instagram @artsycassey and fb page:  Artsy Cassey


11. Art by Shyla Sy – Calligrapher, Watercolorist and illustrator. The bubbly girl Shyla is an inspiration herself, she holds and shares her calligraphy skills thru scheduled workshops which accdg. to her were usually held in a cafe. Calligraphy workshops starts for as low as P1,500/session. I am seeing my daughter would really love joining in one of her calligraphy workshop. Check her out at fb page: Art by Shyla Sy. Send her an e-mail at sy.shyla@gmail.com, contact number: 0916-6407390


12. The Hanged Man by Lexter Victorio – He is a sketcher, painter, calligrapher, water-colorist – whatever there it is to be created by the talented hand – he is. He is one of my favorite persons in the bazaar. Once I’ve seen him my mood easily lights up, he is such a jolly person. With the touch of his hand he can paint your favorite photo, or paint you on the spot. Check him at his facebook page The Hanged Man.PhotoGrid_1536277248514

13. Romance Class – As the name suggests, Romance Class is really a “class” for aspiring writers like me. They are one of the numerous persons I asked (ha!ha! I really did some questioning alright), on how can I probably published my long time dream of having a book of poetry. According to them, they can help me out in realizing this dream by joining their facebook group and all I do is to buy some books from one of the workshops or via online. The Romance class is a community of Filipino romance authors who offers free tips and advise and skills too! They have editors, illustrators, proofreaders in the group. Visit them at fb page: Romance Class PhotoGrid_1536284470508

14. Porch Reader Philippines is an online bookstore in the Philippines created for avid readers all over the country. Their goal is to provide their customers with access to pre-loved and new books at really affordable prices. They are always on the lookout for great titles so you’ll have more options to choose from. It is a place where you can find some of the best titles by favorite authors sold at a decent price.

Porch Readers Philippines

15. Surprises Out of Boxes by Ten Soliman – they have Pre-owned books, Publisher Overstocks, Remainders and Vintage Collectible editions. One valuable lesson she imparted to me was “To continue what you have started, the beginning is never easy but the important thing was that you took the first step. And I hope you have more bazaar coming soon. Learn and find ways in making your dreams come true. Never stop exploring and adding in new blood of customers.” Follow her at Surpirses out of Boxes 0917-8399136PhotoGrid_1536997954983

16. Team Raket by Maou No Sekai – A creative dumpsite mostly of fan-made art and comics, and original comics like, The Propaganda Project -BETA- and La Historia. These 2 young ladies here amazed me the most especially Mao (at the left side wearing the yellow hooded jacket). Imagine she publishes her own comic book – she’s a writer, illustrator, editor, proofreader, publisher, marketer all rolled into one young lady. She inspired me and thought me how to start with my own poetry book (already a decade project haha!). She said she was also inspired from the talk given by Manix Abrera (which I will feature later). She used to join groups of writers but decided that she can do more by herself and started joining bazaars to market her works. Check out her book & crafts at Maou No Sekai .PhotoGrid_1537011299499

She gave me this as a souvenir – Kapeng Barako for my barako products

17. Misha’s Stuff – handmade amigurumi and crochet items. Misha (the one beside me at the photo above with Mao), is a young entrepreneur and loves crocheting. I remember I asked her if she makes voodoo dolls — and yes she can and do these upon customers request. Follow Misha at fb page: Misha’s Stuff

Misha’s Stuff

Misha’s Stuff

18. Bookends Bookshop Philippines – Wholesaler and Retailer of Pre-loved English Books, comics, memorabilia, vintage stuff and many more. The team came all the way from Baguio to bring around 10,000 books for sale at the Word Wonder. They offered various collections of English Novels and sell it in extremely low prices! I also thanked the team for patronizing my products and being my “suki” throughout the 3-day bazaar. The physical store is located at T. Claudio St. UCPB Bldg., (along Session Road), Baguio City. Check their facebook page at Bookends Bookshop Philippines

Bookends Bookshop Philippines
at the 5th Floor Event Centre, Bookends covers the whole event area


Children’s books for as low as P50!


Harry Potter Collection for as low as P280



     I also won in the facebook page game: Giveaway #4 and got these collections of  Diary of a Wimpy Kid (these are all for my kids)

20. ABS-CBN Publishing –Of course, if you want to see your favorite stars on printed media, they have it. They also showcased some books and magazines at 50% off.


21. The Honesty Coconut Macaroons – sweets for your sweet tooth by these ladies. Order it online at The Honesty Coconut Macaroons
Instagram: honestycocomac
Contact numbers: 09175978638 / 09212288140

The Honesty Coconut Macaroons

22. Save Sexy by The Red Whistle – The Red Whistle is a collaborative platform for artists, individuals and groups to come together in the betterment of the HIV response for a world where HIV education, testing, treatment are mainstreamed and normalized towards the complete and absolute eradication of AIDS. Check the out at The Red Whistle.


23. There are a lot more merchandise I’ve seen but I didn’t know the stores’ name:

24. More food coming from these sellers. I’ve got to try the free taste of C500, a new product from the makers of C2 drinks. And also ChocoVron!

Sellers and sponsors


25. Of course there’s SkinBlend – I am now using their Kojic Acid Soap.


WORD WONDER Activities


  • 4 PM: Word Wonder Doodle Day Workshop
  • 6 PM: A Talk by Wanggo Gallaga
  • 7PM:  A Talk by Catherine Angela Duarte


Day 1 Word Wonder Doodle Day Workshop – from basic doodling to Creative Pattern Tangling

Day 1 – A talk by Wango Gallaga – a teacher, screenwriter, poet, and HIV advocate. He began writing when he was 14 and in the past 25 years had written for advertising, PR, events, television, film, magazines, and newspapers. He is currently teaching at the film department at the College of St Benilde and has written the films Sonata and T’yanak and the web series Hanging Out. His poetry has appeared on Philippine Free Press, Philippine Graphic, and has been published in anthologies here, Singapore, and the UK.

I have noted down some insights from Wango Gallaga:

  • you need to have a deadline to finish your article
  • join writing contests even if your not ready
  • believe in your work, or else who will?
  • do not be insecure and do not compare your work with others
  • E-book is great but publishing your work is the best
  • write, write, and write
  • and the best — Continue dreaming
Day 1 – A talk by Catherine Angela Duarte, she is a writer for Asian Traveling Magazine and she also hosts children’s party on the side. She encourages her listeners to explore their uniqueness and that “weird is beautiful.” She also shared that the secret to success is “fake it till you make it” in short, try and try until you landed on your dreams.


  • 1PM: A Talk with Geoselle Dela Cruz (I didn’t get to see or I am just too busy at the booth)
  • 2PM: A Talk with Monique Obligacion
  • 3PM: Making Children’s Book by Beverly Wico Siy
  • 6PM: Manix Abrera of Kikomachine Komix


Monique Obligacion – A Zero Waste Lifestyle advocate, is a volunteer and advocate of The Plastic Solution, and has been doing talks on plastic pollution since 2016.
She also helps run a number of environment-conscious-themed communities such as Buhay Zero-Waste (a support group for Filipinos and Filipinas who want to transition to zero-waste), and Manila Grows Food (a learning platform for urban farming and container gardening in the local setting).

Insights from Monique Obligacion from my personal interview of her advocacy:


  • Refuse is the best way to a Zero waste lifestyle – its reduces waste as well as reduces cost (as much as possible no new purchases)
  • She agreed with me that doing eco-brick bottles is hard since there are certain standards to follow for each brick, thus also agrees with donating the segregated plastics to Green Antz
  • She encouraged me to join Buhay Zero Waste Community fb group; which I am in now
  • Her hair is so long and nearly reaches to her knees, that’s why she ties it like a bun so she doesn’t need to shampoo it everyday (reduce and refuse).
Making Children’s Book by Beverly Wico Siy. She is a mother, a  writer, translator and a copyright advocate. She is an author of 6 books and a translator of American novel and Swedish comics. Check out her blog at babe-ang.blogspot.com para sa latest writing tips.

I just had the opportunity to watch the workshop but didn’t get the chance to join since it was a busy day at the booth. But I saw how the children and adults were all eager to create their own storybooks, but there was one adult who seem to make an adult story book — and that was the funny part.


Manuel “Manix” Abrera of Kikomachine
Kikomachine is a Filipino comic strip which tells the stories of Filipinos. Manix graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. 

Insights from Manix Abrera:

This was one of the best part for me since I personally asked him the same question – How can I start publishing my poetry book? the answer:

  • Find a would be publisher – on his personal experience he gathered all e-mails of potential Filipino publishers and sent them all his proposal
  • Work for partnership
  • Make your proposal simple and straight to the point
  • Give a few example of your work
  • Present your almost “finish product” to the publisher, the publishers loved that they wouldn’t do all the hard work
  • Collect and compile your poetry so if the publisher will ask, your work is ready


  • 1 PM: Save Our Schools Network
  • 2 PM: Tet Mora’s The Love of Reading Starts at Home Workshop
  • 4 PM: Word Wonder Mandala-Making Workshop
  • 6 PM: A Talk by CARA Welfare Philippines


The Save Our Schools Network is a network of child rights advocates, organizations and various stakeholders working together to bring light and take action on the ongoing violation of children’s right to education, particularly those in the context of militarization and attacks on schools. These Lumad kids presented a native Lumad folk dance. And a talk regarding the actual situation of the Lumad people were also given to raise awareness.

Products of Save Our Schools Network


Ms. Tet Mora, a Steiner-Waldorf program practitioner for 8 years facilitated the Love of Reading Starts at Home Workshop. She has been a kinder and grade school teacher and has brought Waldorf education outside the classroom through programs for daycare workers, child-centered tourism initiatives, and psycho-social work. She is currently taking her Masters in Family Life and Child Development in the University of the Philippines with the purpose of bridging a responsive approach to the changing challenges of Filipino parents today.

Word Wonder Mandala-Making Workshop by Veve Basbas


The CWPh was formed in the year 2000 by a dedicated group of animal lovers determined to help the plight of animals in the Philippines. They are a non-profit, non-government organization (managed entirely by volunteers) advocating animal welfare.
Donors & volunteers gathered hundreds of books to sell at their tables to raise funds for their advocacy. — with Silver Michelle Baena CiriaCruz and CARA Welfare Philippines.
One of the staff of Bookends played an ethnic music using native flute


Thanks to all our friends who visited our booth and “pakyaw” our goodies

Overall, we really got exhausted and tired specially that I had frozen goods which I have to pack and unpack at our freezer back home. And these are my insights:

  • Yes, I didn’t gained financially from the 3-day bazaar but what I did gained was an investment in learning which if I WILL TAKE TIME and DO will eventually bring me fortune (Yes, the successful ones said and did it!).
  • Yes, I got tired physically but my mind  were renewed and the writer in me was re-born and a spark was lit to continue dreaming and do it
  • Yes, I am now more than ever interested to join future bazaars (maybe my own brand of products soon)
  • And yes, I am targeting to have my own poetry book on the bazaar tables for sale too! I can do it!

I hope you enjoyed reading as I did enjoy sharing it with you!

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