The Carving Capital of the Philippines – Paete, Laguna – A quick view

It was my first time to visit Paete, Laguna through the Ikot sa CALABARZON – DSWD Learning Visit 2018.

The town welcomed us with of course numerous artwork and carvings across the town. I can say – I fell inlove at first sight.

Paete is a 4th class municipality in the province of Laguna. The town, is located at the north-eastern part of Laguna, along the shores of picturesque Laguna de Bay. It was founded in 1580 by Spanish friars Juan de Plasencia and Diego de Oropesa of the Franciscan Order. It is believed that the earliest inhabitants were of Malay lineage, coming all the way from Borneo in their swift and sturdy boats called “Balangay”. Source Wikipedia

Paete got its name from the word “paet” which means chisel. We were welcomed in the Tourism Office of Paete and watched documentaries of the history of Paete Town. As I come to know this small municipality, I came and see first hand the artistry and skills of its residents. Their art ranges from painting, carving, paper mache, wooden sculpture and many more. Though the recent log ban affected their economy, the residents find their way to enter the modern niche of ice and food carving. Those who have names in the field of wood, ice and food sculpture (ex. is the watermelon carving) came from Paete Town.

Let me take you on a visual tour of the town and the artworks that fascinated me.

Entrance marker leading to the town’s City Hall

This is St. James The Apostle Parish Church or simply known as Paete Church. It was first built in 1646. Paete is also a pilgrimage site wherein you can buy various types of religious ‘pu on’ or images of saints.

Spotted the biggest image of Mother Mary on display in one of the stores


The detailed artwork of the town’s welcome arc
Even the ref magnets were carved
One of my favorites, wall display which is for sale for P2000


Refrigerator magnet souvenirs for sale at 3 for P100

We haven’t visited the Tatlong Krus because of the bad weather. Upon learning that the Taka Ladies of Paete accepts donation of used books, magazines, newspaper etc. and the Municipality also accepts donations such as clothes, its a good timing that we in ROADRACTSC is looking for a tie-up organization to donate our collected clothes and books. I am also eager to return and see more of Paete — visit their hidden treasures and promote the place to other “byaheros”. 

Paete will take you back in time, their preserved culture and unique skills will leave one in awe!

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Love as always,

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