Short Visit to Lucban, Quezon – Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine

Just a few hours drive from Luisiana and Pagsanjan, Laguna is the quaint town of Lucban. I have known Lucban for its Pahimis Festival, but I haven’t really get down and see Lucban, not until I joined the DSWD Learning Visit. 

We visited Lucban to see the Lucban Farmers and Traders SLPA, but before that, our generous DSWD ROI Sir Joseph, allowed  us to visit one of the main attractions in Lucban which is the Kamay Ni Hesus. 


Kamay Ni Hesus in Lucban is a pilgrimage site, I was glad to come here without the overwhelming crowd. It is considered a sacred ground for everyone who wants to repent, give thanks and pray for healing. The Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Church is a 5-hectare shrine constructed on February 2002 and located at Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban,  Quezon. I only happened to see the Healing Church, Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden, Holy Family Park and the colorful stalls of souvenir items in the area.

You will be welcomed with REMINDERS before you start your climb, and an image of the Blessed Mother Mary.


Going up to the top of Kamay Ni Hesus is not easy, it will challenge you and rip you out of energy. So better check if your fit enough to climb 300+ stairs. Good thing, they have handrails and corners where you can hold and stop, breathe and collect yourself.


The journey going up also enable you to see Lucban in full view, each level will show you a different picturesque view of Lucban. 

On the way up, are images of the Stations of the Cross.


Once you reach the top, seems like victory where you can pray “Thank you Lord!”. For me, I always pray and thank God for surviving to climb each level, ha! ha! ha! It wasn’t that easy going down back to the ground, and I even had my rubber shoes damaged as I slipped my foot on some rock. I just thought of it as some kind of a remembrance of my adventure.


We spent just an hour of tour here, and I admit I didn’t get the chance to see all of what Kamay Ni Hesus have to offer, an hour is too short to explore the whole area. You can view other photos in my facebook page Diaries of a Transport Queen.

When we came back to the hotel in the afternoon, had a quick rest and explored the town again. Lucban town is a picture of old provincial town, establishments were still of those Spanish era designs, no modern building around the town Plaza. As if getting me to think, am I still looking at the same place a few centuries ago? It is that feeling of simplicity and peace.

A 7-11 Store in an old Spanish Style Building

We roamed around town and at last found “pancit habhab” and tried it for just P10.  At first, we do not know how to eat “habhab” style but managed to eat it anyway, without fork. To eat habhab means to eat with your mouth and eat the pancit straight from the banana leaves. OH, definitely a ZERO-WASTE lifestyle check! Why can’t all the pancit stores serve like these, hehe! I bought a kilo of fresh Lucban pancit for just P40.


We stayed at Patio Rizal Hotel — check my review in the blog _—–


Via Private Transport

  • Traverse SLEX and exit to Calamba, Laguna. You will pass by the towns of Los Banos,  Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavinti and Luisiana

Via Public Transport

  • Check out the bus terminal at Cubao or Buendia Taft bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. At Sta. Cruz, take a jeepney ride going to Lucban. Then ride a tricycle going to Kamay Ni Hesus

I will definitely have the Pahimis Festival in my bucket list to complete my Lucban experience, I also wanted to explore more of Lucban and hoard their fried pancit snacks which Conan, my baby, instantly loved. Ooops, I also forgot to taste their best selling Lucban longganisa so I really have to come back for a day or two. 

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