A preview to The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit 2019

Are you any of these?

  • Are you a small Rent A Car player?

  • Are you a Tourist Transport Service Provider?

  • Are you a Point to Point Van Transport Service Provider?

  • Are you a TNVS Service Provider?

  • Are you a Transport Service Cooperative?

  • Or Are planning to be a Cooperative?

  • Are you a group of Transport providers?

  • Are you a Tour Organizer?

  • Are you a Travel and Tours Operator?

  • Are you a Foreign or Local Tourist?

  • Are you a Commuter looking for Premium Service?

  • Are you a Cooperative Advocate?

  • Are you a Van Association?

Then, welcome to The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit!

The EVENT – The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit is a unique event that covers all “premium” vehicles that renders premium transport service particularly “van vehicles.”

This event is the gathering of all Transport groups – Cooperatives, Corporations, Clubs, Associations or even individual players plying in the fields of Rent A Car, Tourists, Point to Point Van service, TNVS, Shuttle among others.  We have seen a lot of sentiments in social media, the ongoing extensive campaign of the government against colorum vehicles, yet the ways on how these transport providers can be legalize or operate legally remains vague and unclear. Though there are efforts by the Government to announce on “how to apply for franchise,” the message is unclear and is not reaching everyone in the Transport Community. This event is a long dream of mine to be held in a prime location to unite all Transport Community, and once and for all, have an “open talk” to the authorities involve in Transport. Legislation along with its rules and regulations seems to vary from agency to agency, thus, causing difficulty among our transport providers to comply. With the short span of time for compliance, and the rising needs of local tourism, it is high time to gather, unite and have an open forum with the proper authorities and parties involved.

Also, it is high time for Tourist/Rent A Car providers to unite and have “ONE VOICE” as one of the major contributors in the Tourist/Transport Industry. Activities for the health and wellness of the Renters, Operators and Drivers are also included in the Summit.

Objectives of the Forum: To build a common ground between the premium and tourist transport regulators, premium/tourist transport providers such as operators and drivers, premium passengers such as premium commuters and travelers, travel operators, and travel organizers and joiners. Govt agencies will present each Dept.  guidelines (or Programs/process) for Tourist or Premium Franchise applications, from agency to agency; to arrive jointly at a visionary short-to medium, doable, acceptable, legally binding alternative path for a long-term solution to positively impact on the Tourism Industry,  among others, where the people’s welfare is paramount. We created this Summit for the benefit of transport operators and to have a dialogue with our esteemed transport related government agencies to create a harmonious relationships, a positive hope to all who are losing hope in the transport business.

March 1, The Forum / Panel Discussion is the highlight of the event, it is a much awaited gathering for all premium service providers especially “VAN” vehicle owners and drivers.

Program Overview:

DAY 1 – MARCH 1, 2019

  • Ribbon cutting and Registration Starts at 10:30am
  • Presscon starts at 12nn
  • Forum starts at 1pm
Poster credits to The Big Difference Communications

Get to know our invited Guests:

  • CDA Administrator Abad “Ka Buddy” Santos – A Transport Cooperative Advocate
  • DOT Director Cynthia Lazo – Proponent of Medical Tourism, Tourism and Coop Advocate
  • Mr. Orlando “Ka Lando” Marquez – Transport Leader, President Liga ng Transportasyon at Operators ng Pilipinas (LTOP)
  • Atty. Arthur Corpuz
  • Civic Leader and Senatoriable Shariff Ibrahim Albani
  • Mr. Jaypee Abella – Law Student and a Transport Advocate. He will talk about Transportation Law in General / Legal Framework in Premium Transport


DAY 2 – MARCH 2, 2019

  • Registration Starts at 11am



DAY 3 – Transport and Cooperative Membership

  • Registration Starts at 11am
  • 1PM Pre-Membership Education Seminar
  • 3PM Intermission – TAI CHI For Beginners
  • 6PM ROAD RENT A CAR membership orientation
  • 7PM Logistics Project overview


DAY 4 

  • Registration Starts at 11am
  • 1PM – Technology updates in Transportation in regard to Premium Transport Industry by Engr. James Lindo
  • 3PM – Accreditation and Franchising / Setting up a Tour and Travel Agency (tentative) – DOT


Also, get to know some merchants in the event!

Collaborate with other Cooperatives and Transport Groups!

  • Nissan Urvan Club Pilipinas  SENT
  • Team Lagalag South 1998
  • Stop & Go Coalition WAG NA TO
  • Dasmarinas UV Transport Cooperation
  • Guardians Police Bantay Pamilya Transport Cooperative OK
  • Golden Tamarraw Tourist and Transport Service Cooperative (PETER JOHN ROSALES)
  • Admart Tourist and Transport Service Cooperative (DNUMYAR ROBILLOS
  • Criston Transport Service Cooperative (SENT)
  • Lancaster Manggahan Mall of Asia (MOA) Tourist and Transport Cooperative
  • Novo Ecijano Van Transport and Services Cooperative
  • Responsible Operators and Drivers Transport Service Cooperative
  • Lhotarious Tourist and Transport Cooperative
  • Vincentian Family Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Green Earth Transport Cooperative



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  1. I believe in modernizing of our public transport. We are so behind, and only causes a lot of trouble and became too unfriendly. We need new public transports!

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