New Restobar alert: Butchik’s Restobar, Brique Plaza, Imus City

Nights are wild at this side of Imus City especially on a weekend. Adding to this crowded nightlife is the latest restobar at Brique Plaza (just before Medical Center Imus/MCI): the Butchik’s Restobar!

Butchik’s Restobar boasts of its good food mastered by its good looking owner, and food served by its handsome waiters which went viral on facebook. Butchik’s got its name after its owner. The restobar just recently opened last March 9, 2019 and was inspired from Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Butchik studied culinary in Seattle before starting his food business in the South.

There’s a mix of black and wooden furniture highlighted by minimalist design. A bar on the shelf displaying collections of wine and liqour can be found at the cooking area. Unlimited videoke is offered which will make your “walwalan nights” more enjoyable.
butchik's restobar

butchik's restobar
Selection of wines and liqours
butchiks restobar
Foods were inspired of Thai and Vietnamese dishes

There are 6 flavors of Glazed Fried Chicken you can choose from:

  • Korean glazed
  • Orange
  • Salted egg
  • Thai Curry
  • Honey Glaze
  • Honey Sriracha


We have tried the Thai Curry and Korean glazed flavored. The chicken wing is big and meaty, making you instantly full with only a piece of order. The Korean flavor is tastier than the Thai Curry. The Korean flavored chicken wings is not too spicy nor too sweet, well, it was just blended enough to sooth your palate.

chicken wings

The Top 3 on my list are the following dishes:

  • Sisig
  • Fried Tofu
  • Potato Wedges

Their sisig is made of pork and lavished with cheese and chili. I love the spicy taste!

Sisig P200

Fried Tofu sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds with red sauce.

Fried Tofu P95

And my favorite Potato Wedges dipped into cheese 🙂

Potato Wedges P95


Among the drinks we’ve tried are the Blue Hawaii (green), Mai Thai and Authentic Thai Milk Tea.

⇒Blue Hawaii mix of Vodka + Curacao + Pineapple juice

Their best selling is a mix of everything 👇

⇒Mai Thai mix of Rum + Vodka + Amaretto + Orange and Pineapple Juice

From my experience I easily got drowsy upon drinking half the serving of Mai Thai.

And there’s also their Authentic Thai Milk Tea, nothing so special for me with the taste but the ingredients they say are all imported from Thailand. If you will be trying their drinks better go straight for the Mai Thai.


We have also tried the black sticky rice, a very delectable dessert topped with cream. Though yummy as it seems, this was removed from the menu because of low demand (it does not pair with beer).

One thing I’ve liked the most are their delicious dips. This one below on the right is a combination of cheese, mayo and something spicy – maybe a secret recipe.

sticky rice

Of course, I enjoyed singing at the videoke, why not? It’s unlimited!


At the corner I’m happy to see these items for sale. They are zero-waste friendly and supports the advocacy on having reusable straws. What a way to live your zero waste lifestyle while enjoying a sip of their Thai tea.

zero waste

Go check out Butchik’s Restobar 👇

✔ Located at Brique Plaza, Imus City

✔ 0956 6186272

✔ Like their page at Butchik’s Restobar

✔ opens at 4pm – 1am at weekends, 4pm to 12mn on weekdays

Thank you to Butchik and the team for the warm reception. They will make sure that your needs and orders get attended too as fast as they can.


Co-owner and waiter in one


And of course, the South Bloggers team! Thank you Adam Belda for the invitation 😋


’till our next food adventure! lav yah!


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