Persion Gym – Your extraordinary gym in the South

I have never been a gym buddy. Going to the gym would be the least fitness regime I would try until — Persion Gym!

Eversince I set foot at Persion Gym I can’t help but think about going back and try their fitness programs. I fell in love at first sight so to speak. So what’s with Persion Gym? Check it out 👇


Persion Gym offers not just your typical “notion” of a gym. They have a state of the art and modern gym facilities that are easy to use, plus other activities that you can do with your buddies after hitting the gym.

PERSION (Perspire with a Mission) is the first, and the only membership fitness and recreation center in the heart of Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines. Persion was under the management of Church of God Dasmariñas and created to carry out a mission of building churches, created to carry out a mission of building churches, reach the poorest of the poor, inspire the youth and cultivate strong family relationships.

Persion highlights the state of the art gym showcasing a wide array of the most trusted, most modern and most availed fitness equipment in the market by Technogym. Persion also has a spacious dance studio with sprung floor and mirrors from floor to ceiling, designed for various dance classes to motivate men and women of all ages to sweat out and jump to the beat with our skilled dance instructors. Persion is built to create strong family bonds through fun and delightful recreational faciilites such as Billiards, Table Tennis, Foosball and Playstation 4.

Persion is created most especially to provide exquisite relaxation to its members at a very reasonable and low cost. It is the first in Dasmarinas and will be marked by its personalized service and attention to each member’s need. The facilities such as Steam Bath, Male and Female Lockers, Hot and Cold Showers, and the cozy lobby contribute to the warmth and convenience Persion provides to all its members.

But wait, Persion is also open to non-members of the Church.

Things to do at Persion Gym:

1. Body Building / Gym –  They proven the name “gym” by providing sports equipment you will need in toning your body.  With their State-of-the-art gym which helps improve your cardio, build strength and body build with their free weights equipment by Technogym.


GYM dumbbells



3. Table Tennis 








8. Join in FIT DANCE Fit and fab and Learn how to dance – Yes, they also have a dance studio! Only P70 per session 



9. Enroll in H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) – Only P70 per session

       H.I.I.T Class MWF 8:30 AM – 9:30AM / TTH 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


8. Enjoy Steam bath at their Steam Sauna Room with individualized locker rooms for boys and gilrs, plus hot and cold showers for only P200 (GYM, H.I.I.T and Dance class).

sauna bath



9. Attend Church

church of God
Mother and kids took a quick shot after our iCafe experience

10. Cool down with a cup of coffee or frappe at the iCafe located at the ground floor. Know more about  iCafe.


11. Plus, they also have functions rooms at the 4th floor


Oooppss, do not worry about the fees, it’s very affordable:

  • GYM Rates P200/session (unlimited use) inclusive of sauna use
  • For H.I.I.T P70/session without sauna, P200 if with sauna
  • Dance Lessons P70/session without sauna, P200 if with sauna
  • All fees have access to other activities at the Play Game area
  • Inclusive of Locker room usage
  • Special discounts for Church of God members
  • Special rate if with a trainer
Persion Gym
Fitness gym Coach Lenard

Operating Hours:

Persion Gym

  • Sunday to Thursday (6am to 10pm)
  • Friday (6am to 6pm)
  • Saturday ( 12nn to 10pm)

I really enjoyed my day at Persion Gym, I tried out the treadmill and it was so easy to use, you can set your own pacing. That is what I think the most important thing especially for beginner’s like me. Also, I can’t wait to try their dance and H.I.I.T lessons. I can’t wait to be back again and have a daily program of fitness regime.

Invite your gym buddies ready and head on to Persion Gym 👇

  • Located at the 2nd Floor Church of God, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Dasmariñas City
  • Mobile 0905 689 9697
  • Like their facebook page Persion Gym

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For every perspiration you make, you help build a church!

persion gym
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