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dS Cafe – Your healthier choice!


If you love coffee like me, you can notice an emerging of coffee and cafe businesses. Usually, you can see improvement in the “cafe” designs turning them into lovely, Instagrammable, and make you feel “instantly at home.” But this cafe in Gateway Cubao is a simple, small cafe but has rich, tempting food you’ll surely love especially for health buff like me.

As I told you on my latest blog, I had been to Diana Stalder’s Beauty-Biz Momma launching, we also had the experience to try their coffee and food at dS Cafe. And so I loved their food, I feel I should share to you my experience at dS Cafe.

dS Cafe is a health and beauty hub offering healthier alternative meals, snacks, and beverages suited for weight and waist watchers. It also features Canada’s top weight loss products and program, “Ideal Protein”, a medically designed protocol that provides a variety of instant, easy to prepare and ready to serve products, skillfully developed to exacting flavor and texture, using only the highest quality protein products. –

Ms. Dina, President & CEO of Diana Stalder Dermaline Inc. also shared her advocacy of coaching mommies on how to have a fit and healthy lifestyle. She even told us that she offers free coaching seminars on how to lose weight fast just by modifying how we eat food and selecting proper foods to eat. This advocacy is being shared in dS Cafe thus you can try a sample of their organic products. Personally, I enjoyed each and every bit of the food served.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Tuna Sandwich – Wheat bread, Mayo mustard, Tuna, Cheese with lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber
Be surprised and try it for yourself, this is a crunchy, fried organic okra. Freeze dried and fried, a different palate experience eating this one.
Who loves cookies? These are cookies with marshmallow and chocolate chips
mixed nuts and oats
Brewed coffee and stevia sweetener
a shelf full of an organic and yummy treat!
Munch on these alternative healthy options
More choices here
crispy vegetables


Ideal Protein Diet is a program tailored fit to one’s specific weight issues. Whether you want to remove those excess pounds to bring back those sexy curves or to address the health risk of being overweight. Ideal Protein Diet can safely Burn off your Body Fat but retain your lean muscle tissue. It is the only Weight Loss Method that has 4 Phase Protocol that is based on Science. A medically developed method that has a Beginning a Middle and an End, targeting on the dieter’s main weight concern. Upon beginning, until the end of your program, you will have your personal weight loss coach to help you achieve your ideal weight and to support you in your battle of keeping it off.

For more information on Ideal Protein Diet, check it out here Ideal Protein Diet and ideal protein diet

Want to try dS Cafe? Try it here at Gateway, Cubao and Megamall

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