How to make Kesong Puti (Cottage Cheese)- Simple recipe by The Transport Queen

Yes! I’m writing for the first time a recipe on my blog (I usually do just on my facebook page – Diaries of a Transport Queen ). I want to share with you how happy I am when I successfully made a Kesong Puti (Commonly known as cottage cheese, Farmer’s Cheese)!

Here’s how and why I made this yummy cheese:

It was raining for the past 2 weeks here in the side of the world where raining and storm is a way of life – the Philippines. I just began putting Carabao’s milk for sale on a store and unfortunately rain and storm never ceased thus less customers and passersby. So before my remaining liters of milk turned to waste, I searched on how I can make use of it and found myself making WHITE CHEESE (Kesong Puti). And it was so easy!

Ok, here it is:


📌 Whole milk even sour milk will do (Pasteurized or unpasteurized) those unused left on your ref will do even fresh will do

📌 1 tbsp. Vinegar or lemon

📌 1 teaspoon salt

📌 Cream or fresh whole milk optional


For my Kesong Puti I used carabao’s milk, you can turn into cheese those milk nearing to its expiration, with sour smell (but not bubbling). Cartoned milks takes longer time though to turn into cheese (as per google). Carabao’s milk is best!

  1. Gather all your unused carabao’s milk and put in a boiling pan or sauce pan;
  2. Turn on medium heat and occassionally stirring to avoid getting the milk stick to the pan;
  3. You will start seeing curds (white blocks of cheese) starting to form; The curds should separate from the whey (the remaining liquid);
  4. If the curd does not separate, put on 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon, add more if there is no reaction;
  5. Continue boiling until you gather enough curds;
  6. Turn off fire. And let the mixture sit for another 10 minutes away from heat, if you think you can make more curds of cheese just add a small amount of vinegar;
  7. Filter the curds from the whey using cheesecloth (katsa or lampin) or a colander
  8. Sprinkle salt to taste and mix the curds;
  9. Optional: Pour in some cream or whole milk (fresh) and mix according to desired consistency.
  10. You may put microbial rennett to form the cheese into neat square shape;
  11. Now you have your very own cottage cheese!

That’s how easy! For my Kesong Puti it turned out very white, though not in the usual shape (sticky because I didn’t put rennet) but very tasting and smells natural.

At last, Done!

Have you tried making your own kesong puti? Please share your experience and photos if any at the comments section 👇

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