Life is Awesome, LIVE IT!


Feeling happy and strong?

Share it to others
Inspire and empower.

Feeling down and hopeless?
Look up to the sky, and pray,
Bow down, knees on the ground, Pray.

Feeling youthful and active?
Help the community,
Lead the elders.

Feeling old and weak?
Look to the young,
Share your knowledge.

Life is short, they say,
So short to be wasted,
So short to be lonely,
Go out and explore!
Everyday is a new day!

Life is hard and diffucult,
Challenge yourself when it is,
Thank yourself for the effort,
Thank God for the small blessings.

Life is wonderful, seize it!
Breathe in the air,
Feel the present moment,
Be glad for what you have.

In a snap of a second,
You’ll never know what will happen,
So be always grateful,
silent wishes is powerful.

Believe in yourself, You can make it!

*Written by yours truly,
The Transport Queen
Sept. 24, 2019 3:47pm
at home

📸 credits to Tanay Tourism Tour Guide Sir Aldren Grepalda
📸 taken atop Nagpatong Rock Formation, Tanay, Rizal

*Random poetry, random thoughts, my first poem after about 5 years since. Hope you like it*

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