On Transport Business Queries – The Transport Queen

Hello Transport Partners and friends!

Daily I’ve been receiving inquiries regarding transport business and topics related to it. So I decided that once I’ve got the chance I’ll be writing blogs again re transport (I usually just post my thoughts and ideas on my Facebook Page Diaries of a Transport Queen or Road Rent-A-Car Transport Service Cooperative) in an attempt to answer (at least as far as what I know). I will also try to start blogging short write-ups of my learnings on the various activities of the Cooperative (these are posted on my fb page too!).

So from sharing it on my fb page, I will blog soon on the ff. topics;

  • Tourist Franchise
  • Entering the Transport Business – what you need to know
  • Ways on how you can earn using your vehicle
  • Cooperative Activities
  • How to be a Member of ROADRACTSC
  • and many more

Writing regarding Transport is quite challenging, sometimes I’m thinking if I will blog or just do a Vlog in order for my audience to understand. Or maybe write it in Taglish (tagalog and english), whatever.

Do you have other topics in mind? Care to comment below.

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