ROAD RENT A CAR celebrates its 4th Year Founding Anniversary!

ROAD RENT A CAR, ROADRACTSC, ROADRACC, OR ROAD-C are some of the acronyms which simply stands for Renters, Operators and Drivers Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative. ROADRACTSC, now celebrates its 4th Year Founding Anniversary.

I together with 10 great people have founded ROAD last October 10, 2015 and it started at a small meeting in Waltermart, Valley 2, Sucat, Parañaque. Which was immediately proceeded with PMES.

Let me take you down to a quick memory lane;

It was then a downtime at the Uber platform, so an Uber member posted;

Ano kaya kung pagsama-samahin natin mga kotse natin at gawin natin Rent A Car.”

More than a hundred responded including me and Chairman Emeritus James Taboy, a meeting was then agreed at Waltermart. I have just given birth then to Conan so I asked my husband, now General Manager and CEO Eman Balani to attend on my behalf. 10 attended. And immediately the group ROAD-C was made and formed, and the Facebook Group still exists and now named ROAD RENT A CAR COOP . And as the saying goes “the rest is history.”

October 10, 2015, Core Group

The group agreed to form a Cooperative and met the needed no. of members on October 18, 2015

Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar

Next, we complied to the required CETOS (Cooperative Education Transport Operation Seminar) Held on Nov. 8, 2015 at Moonwalk, Parañaque.

1ST CETOS, November 8, 2015, Moonwalk

Highlights of 2015

  • Asean Tourism Summit (ATF), 5 Units
  • 1st Cooperative Opportunity Orientation and the other 1st Orientations were just being done under a mango tree

  • ROADRACCS Road To Fame Final Committee Qourum held on Nov. 28, 2015 at Pansol, Laguna. Attended by 75 Officers and Members.
  • One of the biggest Cooperative Opportunity Orientation with volume memberships on the spot were at Bahay Ni Bulilit, December 6, 2015. It was attended by hundreds of fleet partners mostly from Uber group.

  • 1st New Cooperative Opportunity Orientation was held December 13, 2015 at Gogogo Grill, Daang Hari, Molino Road. Members were being oriented with ROADRACTSC culture, rules, operations and members introduce themselves and other interests aside from transport.

  • 1st Christmas Party with a hundred attendees who graduated PMES (Pre-Membership Education Seminar) held at Crab Pot, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Wth Speaker Ka Abet Sabarias.

PMES and Christmas Party

ROAD RENT A CAR TSC experiences ups and down same as other businesses and Cooperatives. But still it managed to endure 4 years strong and is now gearing towards #rebuildRoadractsc. Aside its various transport projects, ROAD RENT A CAR TSC is also now looking forward to becoming a Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

ROADRACTSC is now open for Investors for its new Product and Marketing concept.

PROJECT: The Gift Of Nature (GONA)

PRODUCTS: GONA juice and Teas, ROAD ROCKS Alka Rocks (Alkalized Tumblers

Marketing type: Networking & Direct Selling

GONA Project Member Benefits:

✔Livelihood Trainings

✔Drivers Training (Driving Lesson)

✔Networking Business (Reseller income and referral)


✔Mc Donalds Franchise Share

✔And many more!

Minimum Investment: P50K for investors

GONA proposed Membership Fee:

Reseller – P1500

Full Member – P15K (Inclusive of pre-membeship to ROAD RAC Coop

*All illustration and details for GONA are still subject to change without prior notice*

GONA project is still open for Project Admins (Gift of Nature Admins).


✔ROADRAC Member with Capital Share and in Good Standing

✔Willing to workout and help expand the GONA Project

Updates on GONA will be posted on ROAD RENT Official Fb Group.

Interested to be part of ROAD RENT A CAR TS COOP?

Just comment on the above social media links or below for other inquiries👇

ROAD RENT A CAR TSC Continues to bring hope to its member as it aspires to grow and help its fellow Transport Partners achieve financial success. With the help of members who support and believe and the help of God who continue to bless us, we can help rebuild ROADRACTSC!

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