Superstar – Love Stories by Sunset – A poetry

Superstar 😍

How long will I wait for you to be called mine?
how long will I dream for a love that never ponder,
I ‘m just a fan, only watching you from afar,
Though I can see every smile you gave,
Though I can hold your hands and hug you for awhile,
Though I can kiss you each night before we bade goodbye,
But deep inside me I feel something is lacking,
A fear that slowly creeping in,
a fear of losing you, a fear that just any other fans you’ll soon forget.

You said you loved me even more than her,
You said you won’t let me go away,
But just a star, that is shining so bright now,
Might one day lose its strength and soon will fade,
I’m just your star gazer from down the earth,
Fascinated even I am amazed, of being content to just watch you shine,
Even if I stretch my arms to try to reach you,
Or even ride a space rocket to try to get you,
Just like star gazers studying the stars every move,
When one left you’ll hardly notice it,
You’re too far and will crush if you try to reach down.

I’m your dream, she is your reality
dreams fade when reality steps in,
But dreams come back and
we don’t know why,
Dreams change when reality changes,
But dream is the force which keeps you hoping.

Realize that I can be real,
Snatch me from the crowd of your fans,
Come down from up the clouds,
So you could reach me and together we will make dreams come true. .

Original composition

Published in the Lighthouse magazine
written September 23, 2010/mienellad

Enjoying reading my poems? I”m working on compiling my original compositions in a printed book or e-book, what you think? Comments appreciated.


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