The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Alone in a vast world of dreams,

Conquering everything the dark touches,

Wishing I could see the light.

I wander afar off,

Every land I have been,

Moving from one place to another,

Catching every flying thing,

My naked eyes could see.

I ran miles away,

From one end to end,

I looked for water,

For rivers, streams,

Or even oceans and seas.

I drunk from there,

I was relieved but still

I walked away.

I ran through the forests,

I saw every wild animal,

The flowers, the trees.

But still I can’t see the light,

It was dark in the forest,

I ran away, so far away…

Blag…… I fell

Fallen in a deep sleep

I found peace in my sleep,

No trouble, no rules,

I am free at last!

But still I didn’t see

The light I’m looking for,

A hand touched me,

I woke up and there’s

Somebody beside me,

Someone whom I’ve

Never known, so caring,

So kind and angel-faced,

I find comfort in,

His arms, secured,

Happy and Peaceful,

The dark world of mine faded,

And then I saw the LIGHT.

In Him, whom my soul

Is searching for,

The LIGHT is the love,

Rested in every heart,

I found it,

Now I’m not alone

Original poem by:

Yours truly,

Jenny Lind Medenilla

College days


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