I’m a Writer – A Poetry


I’m a writer

I’m a writer by heart,

I’m a writer by soul,

My mind is full of ideas,

Of imaginations,

Of wishful thinkings,

Of bravery,

Of sorrow,

Of happiness,

Of learnings,

Of experiences.

Inside me I have so many things to share,

To my readers,

I hope you are there.

I’m a writer,

Full of emotions,

The idealism and inspiration overflow.

I’m a writer,

But don’t get me wrong,

I can’t stand to write what my beliefs


I just write what my mind and heart knows

and believes in,

I’m a writer,

Where will my passion take me?

I may not earn enough from this,

So please don”t bargain my works,

I’m a writer,

Started from pen and paper,

I’m a writer,

In the digital world, now coping.



November 27, 2019


At home

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