A message from my Millenial Mama

I opened up my site for my mother who also loves to write but didn’t have the “know-how” of blogging in the digital form, so I said to her to write an article and I will post it on my website. So to my surprise, this is her first contribution. My mother by the way is already in her golden age, but we can call her a “Millenial Mama” cause she is so adept in using Facebook, lol. Anyway, here’s her first contribution, and hopefully she can share more of her insights for the young generation.

To my daughter and apos whom I have not seen often. Even though you’re quite far away my thoughts are always with you. The day does not pass by that I don’t think of you, your safety and welfare. Every night I pray that God will protect you wherever you go and you will draw closer to Him by God’s grace and mercy. I miss my grand kids very much and how I wish they are always by my side. Colene be good always and obey your parents. Conan I wish you will grow to be a good boy. Pray always to God. To my daughter even sometimes we don’t see eye to eye I have your best interest at heart. I love you all.

mama and conan
Mama and Conan
Colene, Me and Mama

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