2020 GOALS to achieve

A few years back, we are all afraid of the year 20+++. Remember those movies like Back to the Future, which makes the year 2000+++ a very futuristic time. And now here we are, in 2020! Alive and nothing much new except for the love of Facebook and Instagram and graphics 😆.

It’s already 11 days since 2020 started, and IT IS REALLY TOO FAST! So before time captures me, let me list down few of my goals, and maybe you too for this year:


Oh common! Yes, I’ve listed this TOO MANY times, xxxx, hehe and still listing it now and of course planning to lose at least 5kgs for a start. With just simple steps to help me begin:

✔Yoga (specifically for losing weight)

✔Less rice (1 cup or less)

✔twice a day meals and snacks in between

✔Cardio exercises (Challenge weight lose videos to see if they are effective)

2. VISION Board

It’s been years already since I had my Vision Board so as early as now, my goal is to do one. To reach our goals, we should first have a clear goal in mind of how we see ourselves many years from now then break it into mini goals and pat ourselves for a goal done. But, it will all start with a Vision Board. It could be an online Vision Board, a List of Dreams to achieve or a physical board that you can display at home. Trust me, once you’ve written it down, the Law of Attraction will help you achieve it.

3. Start an additional Blog site

Or if you don’t have one, then now is the best time to start. Blogging is really never easy. It takes time – to edit photos, write, think, draft, then write and polish everything. But inspite of it all, blogging for me is an outlet. A creative outlet where you can express yourself freely. I already have bought a new domain last 2 weeks ago, but sad to say still haven’t connected it with our current hosting, then I also created “lovestoriesdiary.blogspot.com” to start my Long, long time project of publishing my Poetry Collection or just a few of those writings that I have from the last 2 decades, lol 🤣 Let me know if you want to learn how to start a blog, convince me to teach 😘


How many places have you been too last 2019? This time of the year, I’m planning to go to provinces that I haven’t been. To know which places to go, I jot down those that I already visited. And you too can plan your travel journey for the year like making a list below;

  • Mountains to climb
  • Islands to visit
  • Provinces
  • Towns in Batangas

This way, you will eye on your travel plan and accomplish each place.

5. Improve yourself

  • Find a new job
  • Take short Courses
  • Get an MA
  • Learn new things

These are just few of my 2020 Goals, do you mind sharing yours?

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