Humor amidst the chaos – Taal Volcano Eruption 2020 Real Stories


“nais pong magpasalamat ng tatay sa mga nagbigay ng tulong. ito po ang napusuan nyang isuot. ready napo sya pumasok 🀣”

-pampa goodvibes lang po haha. God bless!πŸ’™

January 16, 2020 5:50pm

Judiel Balani, daughter of Fred Balani, posted on her Facebook account the photo of her father who fitted and wore a donated uniform. And find this uniform very easy to wear and have liked it. With a thumbs up sign which says “Thank you, OK, I’m ready to go to school!”

Now the photo is at 3.1K shares, 4.6 reactions after just 2 hours from posting.

Filipinos are known for their humor and strong resiliency despite tragic events. They still can manage to smile and share jokes despite the dreadful situation.

They are one of the victims of Taal Volcano who were forced to evacuate after the Taal Volcano eruption was raised to Level 4. They were residing along the shoreline of Taal Lake in Subic Agoncillo with Harvesting Tilapia and hog raising as their source of livelihood. Fred Balani have 8 children (5 girls, 3 boys). Fred Balani was harvesting tilapia at the Taal lake when the eruption occured and left 4 fattening pigs, 2 mother pigs, and 14 piglets as they flee for life last January 12, 2020. They came back to visit the hogs but weren’t able to save them due to lack of vehicle to be used.

Taal Volcano is still at Level 4 alert and Expert says could have a major eruption in the next hours or days after this writing.

Taal Lake before eruption

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The photo has been shared and now it reached 60k likes

Here’s what the netizens have to say, they can’t help laughing πŸ˜„

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