Here are the list of Renters, Operators and Drivers Rent A Car TSC Services

  • Rent A Car – Pick and Drop
  • Rent A Car – Car Hire
  • Rent A Car – Self Drive
  • Rent A Car – Tour Packages
  • Fleet Management (Government Events, Company Shuttle, etc.)
  • Motorcycle Oil
  • Non-transport – ALKAROCK alkaline rocks, and moringa oil

Future Businesses

  • Car Down payment Financial Assistance
  • Car Monthly Amortization Financial Assistance
  • Car Acquisition Assistance
  • Car Repair Shop (machine , body , tire and others)
  • Car wash
  • Car Supplies
  • Gasoline Station
  • Travel and Tours
  • Drivers Manning Agency
  • Other Transport Operations
  • Credit facilitation and Loans Marketing of Transport and Non-Transport Related Products and Services
  • Trading (Buy and Sell)
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Land Development (Agricultural)
  • Importation and Exportation
  • Human Resources
  • Mutual Funding for Business Acquisition
  • And a lot more of income generating projects.

Our current Transport Opportunity Logistics Delivery

We are now on the process of upgrading our Coop to Multi-Purpose Cooperative and is currently developing Gift Of Nature with its flagship product ALKAROCK.

Gift of Nature is also open for Membership (Resellers) and with exciting BENEFITS and Income potential for Members.

*ROADRACTSC Members are automatic Resellers of ALKAROCK.

Visit GIFT OF NATURE’S website at Gift Of Nature and for members registration at (still in beta mode).

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