Our Hanukkah 2020

Though times are difficult, things were different, we are happy to greet


Hanukkah or Chanuka is the Festival of Lights, others call it Festival of Dedication, it is an 8-day Jewish celebration. Starting December 10-18.Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire, 2000 years ago. It was also to celebrate the miracle of light, where the last oil found in the 2nd Temple, which was supposed to be just enough for 1 day lasted for 8 days!

This is our 1st time to celebrate Hanukkah. We lighted our candles at 5:30pm. Say the blessings for Hanukkah lighting. Lighting the Hanukkah starts with right to left, lighting one candle on the 1st day, then light the newest candle plus the last on the 2nd day and so forth. We do not yet have a menorah (candle sticks with usually 7 branches). We were expecting a package from US but it didn’t make through before Hanukkah as shipments were much slower these days due to the pandemic. So since I already bought candle holders, I just put the candles in a row on top of the kitchen cabinet. I know ours is not yet perfect, there’s always a first time as they said.

The idea of food for Hanukkah are anything oily, plus sufganiyot (it is like a donut). So I got fried chicken nuggets, fried chicken steak, fried chicken marinated in honey, garlic, bay leaf, then flour, baking powder & paprika for breading. I also have Sufganiyot (not in photo), bagels and phrena. I topped the bagels with white cheese. I also made baked eggplant, from the BIG *really big eggplant which I bought at the synagogue (JAP). The eggplant costs a whooping P102 wow!

Then, we played dreidel which Conan truly enjoyed! Colored some paper activities, sing songs and watched Hanukkah videos. Too bad we enjoyed the game that we didn’t bother to take photos or videos.

We sing songs and say our prayers using an online siddur. Conan (my son), loves Mi Chamocha, acoustic version.

So that was it, we survived Day 1! We have 7 more days to go for Hanukkah!

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