Pandemic and me – 2020 Reflections

If ever there was a thing that I would be grateful for last 2020 – the Pandemic – is embarking to the journey of Judaism. The quarantine time lead me to studying more about the Jewish history, the beliefs, traditions, mitzvah and everything. And we were just yet starting. It’s been almost a year now! Oh my where did that time went. And we are nearing our Intro to Judaism class graduation on the 8th of April, hooray!

There are a lot of study & learning to do, of Holidays and mitzvahs, after all we are embarking on a rich 3000 year of Jewish history and people. We were not yet “officially converted” due to our geographic location. But we are praying that we will eventually come home. Right now, we are growing spiritually with our Jewish “virtual” community. And enjoying the ups and downs of our Jewish journey. Deciding to live as a Jew(s) for choice is really challenging in this part of the world. From the challenge of having just a virtual community to support you with, to finding Kosher foods and products in the grocery shelves, these are just some of the things we are faced with. 

But learning takes time, and eventually things will become a habit. We go slowly into this journey, enjoying every step. We really feel the love of Hashem, Adonai our God in every way. 

We learn little by litte, and make discoveries along the way.

For that, I decided to launch another website as my blog for these learning. I pray you support me on this journey too! It contains my personal experience as I learn about the Jewish Holidays, the prayers, Hebrew words and many more!

Check out my new site at, Do you have to be a jew to learn Jewish wisdom? NO. Do you have to convert if you wish to study the roots of our faith which is the Hebrew Scriptures – NO.

Join me on my other website if you’re just a queer learner like me!

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