This is me

Found this piece of poem, written by myself exactly 27 years ago…is she the same me?

It’s Meeh..

Jenny, is my name, a name you can rust,

I’m jolly, friendly and happy,

You cannot see me lonely,

‘cause I can pretend.

I had many secrets been revealed,

My life I guess is an open book,

But I knew myself that nobody knows,

I know my life that’s never been told.

My attitude is simply unique,

I believe that everybody is special,

And the most special of course,

No other person but me.

I’m childish at the way I move

But I’m matured at the way I think,

This maturity comes from the Lord,

Through reading His word everyday.

I cannot write what is me,

You must seek for it and

See for yourself that the friend you have

Is a friend at all times,

That is ME.


March 4, 1994

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