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March 15, 2020 – Lockdown began in the Philippines particularly in the National Capital Region (NCR) and related provinces including our province Cavite. Since May, we started to enhance our new livelihood – online selling and deliveries of Fresh-Freeze beef and seafoods, and all other items from Cavite, like Cafe Amadeo, Dried Fish, Fruits and Vegetables. Thus, Happy Antz Online Store and Delivery was born. We went in and out of Tagaytay but just for the purpose of buying essential needs, and we went as far as Batangas to buy plants and tilapia. Going in and out for essential needs, those activities I do not consider as “leisure travel” or “pamamasyal.” Oftentimes, we just drive past thru closed restaurants, we cannot even stop at an overlooking spot for fear of getting exposed to Covid-19 and/or getting caught for “leisurely” going out.But since MGCQ began, around September, restaurants were open once more and tourist spots in Tagaytay were now open to public (following IATF age guidelines).So here is my 2020 list of Tagaytay Places to visit in this new normal. (I’ll be updating the list as I get to visit other places).

Feeling burn out? Looking for some place to breathe? Here’s my list:


Location: Brgy. Iruhin, Central Calamba Road, Crosswinds Resorts, Tagaytay City

What  I love here?

  • Over 20,000 pine trees surround the property, thus you’ll take a momentary relief and breathe of fresh air. We love going here because of these lush greens and natural scopes where one can freely run around.
  • The rustic vibe of Cafe Voila
  • The windmill landmark of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • I would love to try to book an overnight stay 😁
  • Check out more photos here


Location: Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City

What  I love here?

  • Free
  • Open space
  • A chance to be reminded to Pray


Location: Nasugbu Hi-Way, Laurel, Batangas

What  I love here?

  • Overlooking Tagaytay Volcano
  • Starbucks
  • Bag and Beans Coffee
  • Sight-seeing
  • More photos here
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes Condominiums/Hotel


Location: Mahogany Market, Mahogany Ave., Tagaytay City

What I love here?  Mahogany Market is my source of extra income since 2017,  it sustained our livelihood during the lockdown. We get our supplies here from our suki! Who could have known that during the Covid-19 lockdown, our once “sideline,” would become our main source of income. You may order online from us at Happy Antz Online Store.

What I love here?

  • Agricultural products for my Happy Antz Online Store (Beef, Fruits, Vegetables and Dried Fish)
  • The people whom I’ve met and known for a long time
  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables at a cheaper price
  • Of course the weather!

5. Talisay-Tagaytay Road

Location: Talisay-Tagaytay Road

What I love here? Just look at the photos 🙂 




and our favorite the long and winding road

6. Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm

Location: Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm, Km. 47, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Lalaan, Silang, Cavite

What I love here? Another source of health and beauty products for my online store – Happy Antz Online Store

  • Beauty of nature
  • No crowd, a hidden gem in Silang
  • Of course, their soaps!

Ilog Maria Honey Bee

7. Taal Maranan Farmville

Location: Brgy. Iba East, Taal, Batangas

What I love here?

  • Food! Yes, I love their fresh food, the ingredients were picked from their own farm!
  • The pool is relaxing, its size was just enough if you have a small kid with you
  • Mulberries 🙂
  • the view

8. Yoki’s Farm

Location: 003 Tabluan Road, Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite

What I love here?

  • Everything! The animals, the vegetables, the orchids, and their yummy, fresh food!
  • Read this before going to Yoki’s Farm!

9. Kaybiang Tunnel, Ternate, Cavite 

Location:  Kaybiang Tunnel, Ternate-Nasugbu Road, Ternate Cavite

What I love here?  Kaybiang Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the Philippines. It bores through Mt. Palay-Palay and connects Ternate to Nasugbu, Batangas. I love here the road which is now home to monkeys, they seem to grow in number as human activities was limited due to lockdown. We saw a group of monkeys when we passed by just after the GCQ was lifted. This is my go to place, when I just want to see the quiet ocean but don’t actually want to swim. There are now 2 view decks here (but I  prefer the old viewing site here, the one with no structure it feels so close to nature), the view of sunset as it resides on the quiet ocean plus you can buy fresh seafood along the way!

10. Patungan Island Cove

Location: Patungan Island Cove, Maragodon,  Cavite (you have to ride a small boat from Ternate to get there)

What I love here?  I love the island hopping + the historical background + and the fish that looks like a milkfish that is uniquely harvested there. If you go for an island hopping tour, you can get to see the Carabao Island and the Fort Drum (which is actually already Bataan.


Have you visited these places recently? Share your stories below in the comment section.

If you know of a place that must be on my list, comment it here too!

the transport queen
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Once again the L-rd our G-d showed HIS MIGHT and POWER!

We faced and seen before our eyes series of natural disasters, battled the pandemic since March, still finding a way to cope but here we are again with a new challenge of rising from the effect of the series of Typhoons from Typhoon Quinta to Typhoon Ulysses. A clear manifestation of how small are we, humans, compared to the MIGHT of our G-D, Blessed be HE!

We are too close to HIM last night, we hear the whisper and rumbling of His act when the storm hover over our houses. How close we are to HIM that we cry out in PRAYER as we pray for Hashem (God), to hear us, to save us from the ravaging storm!

Thus, when faced with fear, we can pray the Psalms of David as he pray this Psalm;

Psalms Chapter 69

43. For the Conductor, on the shoshanim,1 by David.

44. Deliver me, O God, for the waters have reached until my soul!

45. I have sunk in muddy depths without foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the current sweeps me away.

46. I am wearied by my crying, my throat is parched; my eyes pined while waiting for my God.

47. More numerous than the hairs on my head are those who hate me without reason. Mighty are those who would cut me off, those who are my enemies without cause. What I have not stolen, I will then have to return.

48. O God, You know my folly, and my wrongs are not hidden from You.

49. Let not those who hope in You be shamed through me, O my Lord, God of Hosts; let not those who seek You be disgraced through me, O God of Israel,

50. because for Your sake I have borne humiliation, disgrace covers my face.

51. I have become a stranger to my brothers, an alien to my mother’s sons,

52. for the envy of Your House has consumed me, and the humiliations of those who scorn You have fallen upon me.

53. And I wept while my soul fasted, and it was a humiliation to me.

54. I made sackcloth my garment, and became a byword for them.

55. Those who sit by the gate speak of me, and [of me] are the songs of drunkards.

56. May my prayer to You, Lord, be at a gracious time; God, in Your abounding kindness, answer me with Your true deliverance.

57. Rescue me from the mire, so that I not sink; let me be saved from my enemies and from deep waters.

58. Let not the current of water sweep me away, nor the deep swallow me; and let not the pit close its mouth over me.

59. Answer me, Lord, for Your kindness is good; according to Your abundant mercies, turn to me.

60. Do not hide Your face from Your servant, for I am in distress-hurry to answer me.

61. Draw near to my soul and liberate it; redeem me, so that my enemies [not feel triumphant].

62. You know my humiliation, my shame, and my disgrace; all my tormentors are before You.

63. Humiliation has broken my heart, and I have become ill. I longed for comfort, but there was none; for consolers, but I did not find.

64. They put gall into my food, and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.

65. Let their table become a trap before them, and [their] serenity, a snare.

66. Let their eyes be darkened so that they cannot see, and let their loins continually falter.

67. Pour Your wrath upon them, and let the fierceness of Your anger overtake them.

68. Let their palace be desolate, let there be no dweller in their tents,

69. for they persecute the one whom You struck, and tell of the pain of Your wounded ones.

70. Add iniquity to their iniquity, and let them not enter into Your righteousness.

71. May they be erased from the Book of Life, and let them not be inscribed with the righteous.

72. But I am poor and in pain; let Your deliverance, O God, streng-then me.

73. I will praise the Name of God with song, I will extol Him with thanksgiving!

74. And it will please the Lord more than [the sacrifice of] a mature bull with horns and hooves.

75. The humble will see it and rejoice; you seekers of God, [see] and your hearts will come alive.

76. For the Lord listens to the needy, and He does not despise His prisoners.

77. Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and all that moves within them,

78. for God will deliver Zion and build the cities of Judah, and they will settle there and possess it;

79. and the seed of His servants will inherit it, and those who love His Name will dwell in it.


If I Could

It has been decades since I really wanted to compile my poems into a book either self-publishing or via an official publisher. Now, we are on lockdown, maybe this is the time to finally write it down on soft copies and finally, compile to a e-book.

All of these poems were made from the heart and inspired from true stories. All those years, most of the persons in these poems have never read it, as much as I would want to but I didn’t have the nerve to share directly haha!

Anyway, I hope u enjoy reading 😍




If I could only bring back the time
When your hand touches mine,
If I could only hold you once again,
Whenever you wanted to cry.

If I could only hold back the time,
I will never, ever let you go
If I could only bring those memories,
To come back now, I will not let it go.

I wish I had done what I ought to done,
So I could still feel you in my arms
I wish I had done the right thing for you,
So I can still feel you beside me.

If I could let you know,
The things I wanted to say,
If I could only let it show,
Maybe you should think of me.

If I could only bring you back to me,
I will spent all my time with you,
If I could only make you love me,
I will cherish you with all my heart.

I wish I could only do these things,
These crazy things I’ve been trying to hide
I would have spent my best time with you,
I wish I could, I wish I might.

July 13, 1995

ALKAROCK Alkaline rocks


ALKAROCK Alkaline rocks

ALKAROCK – all natural alkaline roacks is a product of Gift Of Nature. ALKAROCK is made of natural alkaline rocks, the SAFEST WAY TO ALKALIZE water since it does not use machine. Water naturally turns to alkaline since water passes over rocks – like springs – which picks up its mineral thus increasing its alkaline level. (


ALKAROCK – Alkaline Water, the natural way!


When we speak of Alkaline water, the first thing that comes to our mind is HEALTH + HIGH PRICE. The cost of turning ordinary water to alkaline is too much for ordinary people to avail. Thus, even after learning the health benefits of alkaline, sad to say, we tend to neglect it and go back to just drinking any other water available — distilled, or purified. Unless we acquire a very serious disease most often than not, that’s the only time we consider alkaline water.

ALKAROCK By Gift of Nature


The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9. However, pH alone isn’t enough to impart substantial alkalinity to water. Alkaline water must also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant. The more negative the ORP value, the more antioxidizing it is.” – Reference


Sources of Alkaline Water

The most common source of Alkaline water in the market, those bought from the bottle or mineral water station were chemically processed. They use the science of “electrolysis” using an ionizer. An ionizer is a machine that uses electricity to separate molecules in the water – identifying it as acidic or alkaline. The water quality of the original source, must be tested for contaminants before using the ionizer. Some water companies use hydrogen flask or cups.

The fruits listed in the tumbler are all natural way of producing alkaline water, but a combination of both is costly on the budget as you have to buy fruits on a daily basis

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water is generally considered safe since it contains natural minerals. Here are among the benefits of drinking alkaline water:

Detoxify your body to remove normal acidic waste products accumulated daily, plus remove toxins accumulated in your body from your environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods and from the “normal” process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body can lead to more serious health conditions. Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.

Hydrate your body: this is basic to maintain or regain optimum health. During ionization your alkaline water filter forms your water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body.

drink water

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body. Ionized alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. Cancer and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog. Alkalize your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH, because cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments. Alkaline is the “normal” state of healthy persons.ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM
Enhance your immune system to maximize your body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself.


  • Weight Reduction
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Balance sleeping disorders thus relieving stress
  • Lowers acid in the blood
  • Improves the condition of body organs such as heart,lungs,bones,brain and other organs
  • Reduces the risk of ulcer
  • Improves hormonal imbalance
  • anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
  • colon-cleansing properties
  • immune system support
  • hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • cancer resistance


ALKAROCK – Is the brand, the flagship product of Gift of Nature’s project by ROADRACTSC.

ALKAROCK is made of natural alkaline rocks, the SAFEST WAY TO ALKALIZE water since it does not use machine. Water naturally turns to alkaline since water passes over rocks – like springs – which picks up its mineral thus increasing its alkaline level. (


ALKAROCK is classified as food grade. It passed thru SGS Certification. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. It does not need FDA since the rocks is not intended for consumption.

ALKAROCK naturally brings back the minerals into the purified water. Upon various testing, purified and distilled water contains 0% mineral. It is safe to drink but it is no longer has nutritious values good for the body. Thus, alkarock, brings back the minerals naturally.

ALKAROCK lasts for at least 3 years

Reaction of water to ALKAROCK, based on testings done

  • pH – 9.7 (Result after 1 hour of submerging into purified water)
  • Total dissolved solids – 18mg/L
  • Total Hardness – 12mg/L
  • Chloride – Not detected
  • Sulfate – Not detected
  • Natural minerals – calcium and magnesium

Our body is composed of 70% water, thus we need to power up the water in our body. The opposite of alkaline is acidity, an acidic body is proven to be hazardous and prone to various diseases. Please refer to videos and researches online.


1.Open the pouch wash alkaline rocks with purified water, you may also choose to sterilize the rocks on your first use.
2.Put into tumbler or pitcher fill in with purified water (you can use up to 1 liter of purified water per 100 grams)
3.Wait for 2 to 3 hours to alkaine the water. (you can also leave it overnight to have a higher ph)
4.Drink water
5.Wash alkaline rocks together with your water container every after use.
Use only purified water.

TRY ALKAROCK for only P1,000/100 gram pouch



For more information on how to buy and use ALKAROCK, please contact the ff:

Contact Gift of Nature ALKAROCK Dealers

Eman Balani
09275026026, 09297777123
General Trias City (INSIDE MARY CRIS, Near Open Canal)

Romeo Viñas
Molino, Bacoor City

Joy Vinas
Molino, Bacoor

Ernesto Ronnie Bagas
North Springville, Orange st. Camella homes,
Molino 3, Bacoor City

Carlos Andico
Golden City, Imus City

Jess Negad
Imus City

Apple Avendaño
Muntinlupa City

Dorcas Avendano
Katarungan Village, Muntinlupa City

Rehowel Matias
Mandaluyong City

Samuel Oledan
09284464856 / 09174569926
Las Piñas City

Esper Oledan
Las Piñas City

Janice “Gigi” Maningo
09171742309 / 09231765166
Talon 5, Las Piñas City

Amylou Flor

Ricardo Zamora
Fourth Estate Subdivision, Sucat, Paranaque

GIFT OF NATURE Business Admins

DREAM THERAPY – Understanding Dreams and its Meaning – The Transport Queen

Last December, 2019 I have recurrent dreams which I was compelled to share just recently after some parts of it came true. Then, just today (Jan. 28, 2020), 2 complete strangers sent me a private message to share their dreams. And I was surprised that they were both in a stressful, depressive state (one is suicidal) and was relieved after talking with them and interpreting their dreams. The method I used was the same method I’ve learned 20yrs plus ago during my College days, and surprisingly it worked! These 2 complete strangers were comforted and relieved.

So let me share in this short article, what is Dream Therapy or Dream Analysis and how you can use it to help you interpret your dreams.

DREAM THERAPY – uses dreams to analyze emotional problems, stressors and connecting the subconscious mind into the conscious state.

Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique best known for its use in psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as “the royal road” to the unconscious and developed dream analysis, or dream interpretation, as a way of tapping into this unconscious material.Feb 2, 2016

Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, believes that dreams concealed conscious thoughts. Dreams reflect the ID (desire), Ego (current state of mind) and Super ego (conscience) or the conscious and the subconscious.

So are you having nightmares? Are you having recurrent dreams? The next time you do, try to follow these steps:

SIMPLE Methods to Interpret your dreams (and help your real life situations):

  1. Make a Dream Journal – Upon waking up write down your dreams, in as much details as possible.
  2. Think of the relationships you have with the people in your dream (boyfriend, husband, mother, etc)
  3. Take note of the color (black and white, or colored dreams)
  4. Take note of the symbolism in your dream (knife, telephone, ladder, etc.)
  5. Take note of the succession of the story
  6. Interpret

Remember, the Dreamer is the Best interpreter.

Let us take for example the complete strangers who pm’d me and shared their dreams;

Girl #1, 15 yrs old

Dream Story:

I was late in class, and my teacher was already discussing who will not make  make it in Gr. 11, and she already called 2 students. I don’t know what happened next as I already woke up. Then I remembered in my dreams I told my teacher after being late ” Just slap me Sir, and I was kneeling down in my dreams.”


While interpreting, we need to know the symbolism or flow of the story if it relates to real life. This type of dream is quite easy since it obviously reflects the real life scenario. Though the dreamer was not aware of it and was so consumed with “depression” and problems.

Symbols and interpretations:

Late in class – an indication of something missed, catching up (in this situation a difficult subject)

Grade 11 – the future, the goal

Teacher – person of authority

Wishing to be hurt (asking to be slapped) – thinking that she must be punished for her inability to meet the class standards

Kneeling down – helplessness


In real life, she is having difficulty in one of her subjects. She cannot tell her problems to anyone. Her mother was already dead, and she have a 60+ father left with her. She cannot rely to her older siblings since they always put her down.

So upon, interpreting her dreams (this wasn’t mind reading) it is just connection of symbols and life events) we have brought her feelings into the surface (feeling of depression, suicidal) and gave her an initial insight and friendly advice (if there is a suicidal tendency, it is better to seek professional help for proper assessment and medication if needed.

Girl #2,  who pm’d me and share her dreams have a more complex dream but when analysed presented her current situation, emotions and what her subconscious mind is telling her to do.

I divided it into 4 episodes which the dream had, and after analysis it presented the ff.:

  1. Her current mood state / situation
  2. Her relationship with others
  3. Her defense mechanism
  4. What she needs to do

1st episode symbols to take note:

Classmates – depicts other people, how she brags about her relationship with her boyfriend

Cloud 9 candy – she was giving away Cloud 9 candy which denotes she was pretending to be happy, some believes it, other don’t

Church – their future plan of marriage

Earthquake – the shaky, terrible stress or problem their relationship had

2nd episode

Mother – She is warning her mother not to step on the ladder which is already breaking apart

Ladder – A crooked ladder, a means that is just an inch away from breaking

Nephews, nieces – those close to her and her boyfriend

Boyfriend – saying “I’m going home happy

Interpretation: She was trying to salvage a very damaged relationship. Her mother or other people around her pretends not to see the situation. Plus, it is the means of communication (ladder, bridge) to reach her bf. The smiling boyfriend in the dream saying his happy to be home, was a real life reflection of his boyfriend who once said that he is now happier and enjoying his freedom away from her.

3rd episode

Flour – she was buying a flour which means she will be cautious in the coming days

She then looked for the flour and found pepper with it

Pepper means she needs to add spice in her relationship

4th episode

She was walking with her dog (which is bigger in her dreams) and seen numerous dogs in the street

It may mean, she should be cautious, and guarded and protect herself. She should take care of herself more.


However, horrible the nightmare seem to be it was a reflection of her current stress, depression and anxieties. That it have finally reflected in her dreams.

Dreams are sometimes so scary that we often cry upon waking up. Or so sad that we also carry the emotions in the real world. If you cannot comprehend your dream, you may voice out your fears with a friend or a therapist if you are also under too much pressure and stress, have feeling of depression etc.

So what to do next?

After interpreting your dream here’s what you can do:

  1. PRAY -Prayer is POWERFUL! If your having nightmares or suffering from stress, pray it all out. If it is too much to take just say “In Jesus Name” or a Prayer of your choice based on your faith. Pray for knowledge to analyze your current self and situation and pray for Guidance to lead you to wise decisions.
  2. Take note of the important symbols your dreams tell you, and based on this, do some action in the real world. If you still cannot change your current situation, try to change your reaction in your dreams. For example: If your running away from someone in your dreams, the next time try to face him/her. Maybe he/she is not pursuing you but you were just running away or escaping some truth.
  3. Take some actions in your life that would lead to self-care. Our dreams often reflects our deepest wishes and it is usually reflects whenever we felt hopeless. For example: you were always crying in your dream, consciously try to smile the next time you had this bad dream. You can do it with practice.
  4. Accept some truths at the time that you cannot do anything with it at the moment. It will soon come to pass, believe me.

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Ooppss, I got a new Facebook page where you can share your dreams at Dream Journal .

On our next article I’d like to tackle on Nightmares and how to deal with it, share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Humor amidst the chaos – Taal Volcano Eruption 2020 Real Stories


“nais pong magpasalamat ng tatay sa mga nagbigay ng tulong. ito po ang napusuan nyang isuot. ready napo sya pumasok 🤣”

-pampa goodvibes lang po haha. God bless!💙

January 16, 2020 5:50pm

Judiel Balani, daughter of Fred Balani, posted on her Facebook account the photo of her father who fitted and wore a donated uniform. And find this uniform very easy to wear and have liked it. With a thumbs up sign which says “Thank you, OK, I’m ready to go to school!”

Now the photo is at 3.1K shares, 4.6 reactions after just 2 hours from posting.

Filipinos are known for their humor and strong resiliency despite tragic events. They still can manage to smile and share jokes despite the dreadful situation.

They are one of the victims of Taal Volcano who were forced to evacuate after the Taal Volcano eruption was raised to Level 4. They were residing along the shoreline of Taal Lake in Subic Agoncillo with Harvesting Tilapia and hog raising as their source of livelihood. Fred Balani have 8 children (5 girls, 3 boys). Fred Balani was harvesting tilapia at the Taal lake when the eruption occured and left 4 fattening pigs, 2 mother pigs, and 14 piglets as they flee for life last January 12, 2020. They came back to visit the hogs but weren’t able to save them due to lack of vehicle to be used.

Taal Volcano is still at Level 4 alert and Expert says could have a major eruption in the next hours or days after this writing.

Taal Lake before eruption

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The photo has been shared and now it reached 60k likes

Here’s what the netizens have to say, they can’t help laughing 😄

34 Best Things to Do in Baguio City and Benguet – The Transport Queen

Baguio City & Benguet are those places we never get tired of going. Whether you want to enjoy cold weather during Summer or get even colder during cold season it’s the #1 choice for a quick family get-away.

Our family visited Baguio for three times now and we usually explore the place, checking out the places to go on google and hire a taxi to tour us around (this is much cheaper). I want to take you to a tour with the places that we have visited in Baguio City and take you to a virtual photo gallery tour.

Baguio City is located at Northern Luzon part of the Philippines. It is also commonly called “The City of Pines” because of the abundance of pine tree growing in the area. It is a mountainous city and the original dwellers are called Igorot. Baguio boasts of tourist spots with rich historical and cultural background.

Here, I have compiled the Top Things to do in Baguio City which our family have enjoyed visiting so far, still Baguio have new places to offer; which will be on our next bucket list!

1. Panagbenga Park

Panagbenga Park is a small park located at the corner of Loakan Road and South Drive. Nothing much can be seen here except for lush greeneries and some flowers. Though, we haven’t seen the full Panagbenga Festival, a visit to Panagbenga Park will somehow give you that feel.

2. Town Marker – The Lion’s Head

Of course, I cannot be said to have visited Baguio if you haven’t stopped over at the Lion’s Head. The Lion’s head has been the town’s landmark since the 1970’s. It is a statue which is made of a large rock that is naturally shaped like a male lion which was then carved into a lion’s head by an Ifugao artist named Reynaldo Nauyac.

Lions head

3. Tam-Awan Village

Our favorite village in Baguio is the Tam-Awan Village or Artists Village. Maybe sooner I can do a blog on our visit to this wonderful village. Inside, you will find paintings, sculptures and a Ifugao hut. The village also have a short eco-trail which will lead you on top of a hill to see the overlooking site of Baguio City. This overlooking hill was once said folks used to check the safety of the Town. Tam-awan Village is a reconstructed Cordillera Village which showcases the arts, crafts and culture of the Ifugao people. It is located at Pinsao, 4 kilometers from Baguio City Center.

4. La Trinidad Public Market

One of our favorite things to do in Baguio was to buy lots of vegetables. Most of the vegetables being sold in Manila comes from here- Benguet which they say the Vegetable Basket of the Philippines. Here at La Trinidad I was able to buy 3 kgs. of broccoli for just P100! When in Manila, a kilo of broccoli would cost you at around P150 – P200. So make sure your pocket is also full, as this is the best time to hoard vegetables. I bought a total of P500 of vegetables goodies, yum yum!La Trinidad Public Market is located at Benguet.


5. Strawberry and Lettuce Farm

Just across the La Trinidad Public Market is the Strawberry and Lettuce Farm. Here, you can pick fresh strawberries and lettuce straight from the farm, have it weighed and buy it directly from the farmers. Bring your kid(s) with you as this is a great experience for them to learn farming.

6. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls was named as such because of its waterfalls that look like a veil. It is located along Kennon Road. You may easily find the location of the Bridal Veil Falls as it can be viewed along the road. You will have to cross a rusty bridge. At the time we visited here, there are no tour guides, nor entrance fees. We just asked some folks living nearby on how we can get to the falls. And they just show us the bridge that we have to cross, it was a dangerous bridge I tell you because it swings as you walked along. The hardship in reaching the falls, will be replaced with awe and refreshing feel as the falls is magnificent to behold. You can dunk in and swim in its cold water. But of course be always careful while climbing rocks and the deep water. Please comment below if you have an update on this infamous tourist spot in Baguio.

Refreshing at Bridal Veil Falls

7. Mount Costa

Mount Costa is a new attraction in Baguio. It boasts of 24 gardens and entails families for a nature trip. You have to spent a day to enjoy the tour as this entails walking on its 5,500 meter trails. It is ideal if you will spent an overnight to truly enjoy Mount Costa. Mount Costa is located at Pico-Lamtang Road, La Trinidad, Benguet.

mount costa

8. Bencab Museum & Eco-trail guided tour

Benedicto Reyes Cabrera or Bencab is a National Artist and popularly known as a master of Philippine contemporary art. You will find his collections at Bencab Museum plus enjoy the eco-trail available for the adventurous types. We spent about 3 hours here at Bencab. I suggest to truly enjoy Bencab spent at least a half-day here, enjoy the falls and the eco trails. Bencab Museum is located at Asin Road, Benguet, a quite winding road down but truly a wonderful experience once you get here at Bencab. Get to know of Bencab Museum at this site Bencab Museum.

bencab museum

bencab museum

Bencab Museum.jpg

9. The colors of StoBosa or the Valley of Colors

10. Hot Springs at Palm Grove Resort

Once you’re done with BenCab Museum, traverse your way down to Palm Grove Hot Springs & Mountain Resort. Here, we enjoyed a quick dip at the swimming pool and enjoyed a really hot steam bath. Be careful as you dip into their hot springs as this is really hot (about 40c). The trick is try to dip as slowly at first as you can then submerge your whole body once it has adopted to the temperature. To know more about Palm Grove check out their Facebook page Palm Grove Hot Springs

11. Night Market at Session Road

Of course our favorite! One of the reasons we kept coming back to Baguio is because of their “wagwag or ukay-ukay”. I really make it a point that I have enough money to spent coz most of my favorite shorts and jackets have been brought here.

12. Kennon Road View Point

Along Kennon Road, you can stop by here at their Mountain View. Here you can see vast vegetation of different vegetables like lettuce, carrots and many others. Be careful though, as stairs are slippery and this is still a high cliff.

baguio view

Kennon Road View Point

13. Wear Igorot costumes at Mines View

Mines View Park is one of the places that is always at #1 in Baguio itinerary. Here, you can take a photo wearing Igorot costumes. Last time we went here, that aside from taking photos with the horse or the Labrador, is that there also “pasalubong items for sale” plus cactus plants for sale at a very affordable price. I bought 3 succulent cactus at a price of P100.

mines view197551182668100408..jpg
Pretend to be a native Igorot

14. Burnham Park

Ride a boat, or rent a bicycle here in one of the most sought tourist spot in Baguio.

baguio burnham4296206023076561442..jpg
Ride a boat at Burnham Park

15. Baguio Botanical Garden

We visited this Botanical Garden twice, the 1st time was just a quick tour, then the 2nd time around we really spent some time exploring the whole park. The things to see at Botanical Garden was enough for me to do another blog (I’ll update it soon!). Explore the area as there more than flowers and trees. Now, it also have other interesting statues, plus the “pasalubong shops” here offers a very cheap price compared to other pasalubong center in Baguio. Here I can buy keychains for just P10 each, or sometimes 20 pcs for P100, a kid’s guitar for P100, and also succulent cactus for just P35.

botanical garden1011033316052567621..jpg

16. The Mansion

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. Nothing much to do here, unless maybe you go inside The Mansion with the President haha! But for ordinary tours, a tourist is allowed to take a photo in front of The Mansion, just a little distance from the gate – this is if the President is not in residence.

the mansion
The Mansion

17. Philippine Military Academy

Or simply the PMA, is one of the interesting places to visit in Baguio. But to truly have a feel of the PMA you should visit here at a time that soldiers do their early morning jogging routine. Inside PMA, you will see old army vehicles, trucks and airplanes.

pma baguio
Play soldier at PMA Baguio

18. Benguet Public Market

My favorite part of Baguio! Here you can buy goods at a much cheaper price. The last time we visited I bought the following:

  • 3 assorted bonnets at a price of P100
  • 3 pcs. native (wooden) place-mats for P100
  • 3 pcs. scarf for just P100
  • Good quality broom for just P120

My favorite part of traveling is buying local products. I usually hoard goods since I know these comes at a very cheap price, plus to support the small businesses in the area.

baguio market
Collect bonnets at Benguet Public Market

19.Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Climbing up the Lady of Lourdes Grotto, would be a great way to start your Baguio trip. At the top, you will see the view of the whole town of Baguio City plus a good start to reflect before you continue your travels.

baguio pasyalan

20. Bell’s Church (Baguio Chinatown)

Bell Church

21. The Good Shepherd

good shepherd

22. Laperal House

The Laperal House
The Laperal House

23. Tree Top Adventure

Enjoy fun, adrenaline adventure at The Tree Top Adventure! (More photos and info updating soon)

Tree Top Adventure.jpg
Tree Top Adventure

24. SM Baguio



25. Butterfly Sanctuary



26. Wright Park

Wright Park.jpg

wright park 2

27. Camp John Hay & Camp John Hay Mile Hi Center

camp john hay
Photo credits to Camp John Hay official fb page

Mile hi-center

28. Cemetery of Negativism

Cemetery of Negativism.jpg

29. The tunnel at Asin Road, Benguet


30. Teacher’s Camp


31. Choco-Late De Batirol

baguio coffee3052337152768734308..jpg
Choco-Late De Batirol

32. Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant

good taste6331202837387431583..jpg


33. Enjoy dining in at Volante


34. Host an event at the Crown Regency Hotel



To summarize the ultimate list of Top Things to do in Baguio City

1.Panagbenga Park
2. Town Marker – The Lion’s Head
3. Tam-Awan Village
4. La Trinidad Public Market
5. Strawberry and Lettuce Farm 
6. Bridal Veil Falls
7. Mount Costa
8. Bencab Museum & Eco-trail guided tour
9. The colors of StoBosa or the Valley of Colors
10. Hot Springs at Palm Grove Resort
11. Night Market at Session Road
12. Kennon Road View Point
13. Wear Igorot costumes at Mines View
14. Burnham Park
15. Baguio Botanical Garden
16. The Mansion
17. Philippine Military Academy
18.  Benguet Public Market
19.Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto                                                                                                            20. Bell’s Church (Baguio Chinatown)                                                                                            21. The Good Shepherd                                                                                                                     22. Laperal House                                                                                                                             23. Tree Top Adventure                                                                                                                    24. SM CityBaguio                                                                                                                              25. Butterfly Sanctuary
26. Wright Park
27. Camp John Hay & Camp John Hay Mile Hi Center
28. Cemetery of Negativism
29. The Tunnel at Asin Road, Benguet
30. Teacher’s Camp
31. Choco-Late de Batirol
32. Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant
33. Enjoy dining at Volante
34. Host an event at the Crown Regency Hotel

*Will update this blog post soon, promise!

Check this out for your sample Baguio Itinerary:

Baguio Itineraries

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Tanay: Your Travel Guide to the Home of Adventure and Nature Experience – The Transport Queen

TANAY, RIZAL – A perfect tourist spot for motorcycle roadtrips, mountaineeers, adventurers, and even for those who hates trekking but still wants to enjoy mountain views and bathe in refreshing waterfalls. Tanay is located east of Metro Manila, just a few hours away if your coming for the weekend. Commuting to Tanay is also easy as public utility transport is available at Cubao and Shaw Blvd.


I am glad to be invited for a FamTour activity for Bloggers sponsored by the Municipality of Tanay under Tanay Tourism Office, headed by Mr. Jeffrey M. Pino.

Tanay Tourism Jeff Pino

Mr. Jeffrey M. Pino, Tanay Tourism Officer

Of course I was excited the moment I was chosen to join the FamTour. Packed my things for the expected itinerary (I have a very huge baggage consisting of extra clothes, Maong jacket, toiletries, etc. I never run out of clothes to wear on a travel but usually I bring light clothes to wear – no maong pants, all shorts).

So I slept at around 8pm, and woke at 2am, left Cavite at 3:30am and arrived Cubao at 4:30am. Call time is at 5am, we waited for the whole team at Jollibee P. Tuason, Cubao.

Upon the arrival of Sir Aldren, our Tour Guide for the day, he welcomed us with seashell garlands. Courtesy of Honorable Mayor Rex Tanjuatco and the Tanay Tourism Office. It was such a warm welcome to start the day.

tanay tour

Read on as I start our journey to the Home of Adventure and Nature Experience – TANAY!


1st Stop – Municipality of Tanay

Our first drop is the Municipality of Tanay where we were oriented on what to expect on our Daytour plus the town’s history and culture. “Hane” the common expression of the locals means “Is it Ok?”, or to get someone’s attention. Sir Jeffrey Pino adopted it and coined HANE on Tanay’s Tourism Slogan:

(H) Home of (A)Adventure and (N) Nature (E) Experience! HANE!

Town of Tanay history – A short village on Monte Tan-ay, now Inalsan. Under the jurisdiction of Pililla from 1573. Tanay became an independent parish under San Ildefonso in 1606. In 1620 it was transferred to San Antonio (Pan-tay). When San Antonio was burned in 1639. The people moved to the present site and founded the town in 1640.

Tanay Municipal Hall
Tanay Municipal Hall

We have full load of activities on the list which made us even more excited.


2nd Stop – Tanay Church and Town Plaza

  • Location: M. H. Del Pilar St. , Tanay, Rizal

The ecclesiastical administration of Tanay belonged to Pilillia up to 1606 when the first Church was built. The first church was completed in 1783. Tanay Church is also commonly called Saint Ildefonsus of Toledo Parish. The Tanay Church was actually declared by the NCCA (National Commission of Culture and Arts) as a National Cultural treasure church.

Tanay Church

In front of the Tanay Church, was a dead 100-year old Acacia Tree where it was graced into life by turning it into a huge sculpture or Our Lady of Guadalupe and San Ildefonso de Toledo.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe

3rd Stop – Rambull’s Bakahan sa Tanay Fastfood Restaurant

  • Location: Manila East Rd., Tanay, Rizal

We picked up our packed breakfast and lunch at Rambull’s Restaurant – Bakahan sa Tanay. It was amply called “Bakahan” or cow/buffalo slaughterhouse, because it was located beside a “bakahan.”

Rambulls restaurant

They prepared us macaroni spaghetti with sandwich for breakfast, and Chicken Adobo with Chopsuey for lunch. Inside Rambull’s is a miniature cow bull statue where you can ride for photo ops. Rambull’s set-up is that of a common eatery, I have yet to try their Bulalo – if it’s meat is comparable to that in Tagaytay.

4th Stop – Daranak Falls

  • Location: Daranak Falls Rd., Tanay, Rizal

Getting to Daranak Falls is just about 20 minutes away from the town center. And kids and adults alike will enjoy the view of Daranak less the hassle of trekking. Yes, it has cemented pathways and it is just about up to 5-minute walk from the entrance.

Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is one of the flagship destinations of Tanay and a popular summer get-away for locals and tourists from in and out of the country. Daranak Falls nestles at the foothills of the verdant mountains. Its main attraction is the 14-meter high waterfalls cascading into a deep catch basin that serves as its natural pool. Its stream feeding from the fascinating view and beautiful pieces of rocks. The stream flowed serenely through massive different rock formations, creating pools of jade green and blue crystal blue waters ending up in the deep catch basin of the waterfalls and rivers. – Hon. Rex Tanjuatco, Tanay, Municipal Mayor

We enjoyed the breathtaking view of the falls. Rainy season is the best season to view the beauty of Daranak, though be extra careful since the waters are raging fast. Most tourists flock here during Summer, when the waterfalls was just enough for bathing.

Take a look at the amazing Daranak Falls in this short clip;

TIPS and Budget:

  • No Liquor and drunk persons allowed
  • Operating Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Adult and Children P50.00
  • Picnic Shed P300.00
  • Picnic Table P200.00

5th Stop – Calinawan Cave

  • Location: Barangay Tandang Kutyo, Tanay, Rizal

Situated just a few minutes away is the Calinawan Cave. It is said to be the hideout of the Japanese colonizers during World War 2. The Calinawan cave is a huge cave system which can reach up to 7 levels. But only 5 levels are available for public tours.

Calinawan Cave Tanay

For beginners, only Level 1 & 2 are for viewing. Levels 3 to 5 can be accessed but not during rainy days. The water inside the cave can reached up to waist deep. To trek Level 3 to 5, one must walk on his knees, so we were contented with exploring Level 1 and 2 where challenged also surprised us ahead.

Calinawan Cave Tanay

Calinawan Cave is a famous “shooting spot” for action movies both local and international films. The tour guides will take you into a historical yet fun trip while you explore the cave. They even let us experience “zero visibility” for 10 seconds. Yes, we didn’t SEE ANYTHING for 10 seconds of silence and off lights. It was a thrilling experience and I imagined how did the occupants survived their stay at the cave. Take note that Calinawan Cave once became a shelter of Japanese occupants during World War 2, it was their hospital and home. It is also said that during those times the cave leads to Montalban (now Rodriguez), Rizal and was walk-able for 9 days from end to end, they used this as a hideout and access to escape.

Calinawan Cave Tanay
Level 1 of Calinawan Cave

Calinawan cave tanay
At last, I survived going through Calinawan Cave. Remember to wear proper hiking shoes or sandals because you might end up carrying your rubber shoes to save it from the mud, like me, haha!

TIPS and Budget:

  • Entrance Fee P20.00/person
  • Guide Fee P100.00/person
  • Operating Hours: 8am to 5pm, sometimes they extend up to 6pm depending on the weather
  • Attire: Wear helmet, bring flashlight or headlight, wear proper hiking sandals or slippers, bring bottled water, tissue or wipes *it is muddy inside

It’s nice to travel solo or with group, but it’s best to have a travel buddy. Thanks to Milet Miranda of Project Gora, she’s been my constant companion, we assisted each other and took turns in taking photos.

project gora

6th Stop – Nagpatong Rock Formation

  • Location: Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

The highlight of our tour was the climb to Nagpatong Rock Formation.

Nagpatong Rock formation

We stopped at Brgy. Cuyambay, the jump off point, for a lunch. The locals prepared us a boodle fight of fish, ginataang puso ng saging (Banana heart in coconut milk), together with our packed lunch from Rambulls Restaurant – chicken adobo and chopsuey. We had a full lunch, just enough for the climb that we were about to take.


The tour guide had a short orientation before leaving Brgy. Cuyambay. Beginners like us might take about 2 hours to reach the Summit. Nagpatong Rock Formation is a 3.3 kilometer walk and with 560 MASL (metres above sea level).

Nagpatong Rock Formation is composed of 2 towering rocks facing each other. Ahead of Nagpatong Rock is Mt. Masungki (another 2 hours from Nagpatong base camp). Big rocks were formed on top of another, hence its name “Nagpatong.” Adjacent to the platform for tourists, the other rock, is a place for the tour guides to shot wonderful photos. They were trained to instruct tourists on how to achieve that “perfect shot.” It was wonderful to see numerous rock formation along the way. And while seeing all of these, makes me wonder “how did all these limestones get here?”, “why Tanay?.” In this inquiries of mine, our Tour guide Rhodel and Sir Aldren, however still tried to answer, they said that since a long, long time ago, the Philippines was buried in water, that only Palawan Island can be seen in the surface. That even Tanay was once buried in water. Hence, might be the explanation of the numerous rock formations as if the gods have played rocks and spread it in Tanay.

Hiking or trekking to Nagpatong is quite easy compare to that of Mt. Daraitan. For non-mountaineers like us, we took about 40 minutes to reach the 1st stop, where the sign of Nagpatong Rock direction can be seen.

Starting the trek

rock formation
Once in awhile I stopped by to take photos of the rock formations along the way. There are limestones and seeing these already satisfies the nature lover in me.

nagpatong rock formation
1st Stop – to Nagpatong, on the other side is the way going to Mt. Masungki

nagpatong rock formation
Welcome sign – the base of the Nagpatong Rock

Climbing the way to Nagpatong Rock Summit

Nagpatong Summit
Finally! Achieved Nagpatong Rock Summit! My legs were shaking at this point (heights, Aww!) so I comfortably find a spot where I can confidently positioned myself for a “buwis buhay” shot. It was also windy here so balance is important.

At my age, 40 (going 41 in 7 days after my climb), plus living mostly sedentary lifestyle, I considered it a BIG achievement to be able to trek the 2-hour walk going to Nagpatong – without panting and fainting. Also having a weight like mine made it difficult for me to climb over the rock. This is my VERY 1ST TIME and a dream come true for me to finally take what they call “buwis buhay” shot.

Special thanks to all the tour guides who assisted me, specially to Rhodel and Sir Aldren, and Kuya who never left my side during and after my trek to Nagpatong Rock. We wouldn’t make it to the top if it weren’t for their patience in guiding us along the way. They are so adept in the route and also minute by minute asking us if we still can continue, and informing us of what to expect along the way. Plus, they are good photographers!

tour guide
Kuya Rhodel and Kuya (sorry I didn’t got his name).

TIPS and Budget;

  • Rock/Mountain climbing is an extreme sport, never ever try if you have heart conditions, an asthma, a vertigo, or have fear of heights;
  • It is not for the faint of heart,
  • After climbing up the 2 storey wooden ladder, you will hold on to a tied rope and push yourself to climb over the big rock to go on the platform;
  • You may slip if you missed your step and fall;
  • Falling is fatal, climb at your own risk
  • Bring at least 1 liter of water (there’s no water to buy nor clean spring along the way);
  • Bring jellyace, gatorade or chocolate bars for energy and hydration
  • Apply Sunblock
  • It helped that I applied Haplos Ginhawa Moringa Oil as an anti-mosquito repellent as well as it instantly soothe my muscle
  • Bring a stick or be resourceful enough to get a bamboo stick along the way, it’s very helpful;
  • It is a nice hiking experience since most of the trail is an open area and flat,
  • The climb to Nagpatong base will take you 15 to 30 minutes of assault climb;
  • Wear comfortable clothes, travel light as much as possible
  • Registration Fee: P100/person
  • Guide Fee: P500 (maximum of 5 persons per guide)
  • Total climbing hours for beginners may take 5 hours (back and forth).
  • It is advisable to start early in the morning

The beauty of Nagpatong Rock inspired me to write a poem Life is Awesome, Live It!

7th Stop – Pico de Pino Cafe & Restaurant

  • Location: Brgy. Cuyambay, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Tanay, Rizal

After our very challenging Nagpatong Rock adventure, we headed to Pico de Pino Restaurant to freshen up and for snacks. We were already so tired to take photos of the place, I was glad Sir Aldren had these photos. I enjoyed the food especially the pancit and brewed coffee. They also have a small shop – perfect if you need to buy extra clothes, slippers or some souvenirs. I bought a pair of slippers to freshen up my feet (my rubber shoes and socks were wet and muddy), for just P150.

Pico de pino
Photo credits to Sir Aldren of Tanay Tourism Office

Pico de Pio restaurant.
We had fresh lumpia, pancit and a refreshing juice for snacks. Plus, a complimentary brewed coffee which tasted so good!

Pico de Pino
Photo credits to Sir Aldren of Tanay Tourism Office

8th Stop – 3 Springs Mountain Park, Tanay, Rizal

  • Location: Km. 56 Marcos Highway, Sitio Mayagay 2, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

Due to time limitation, instead of passing by at Ten Cents To Heaven, we headed straight to 3 Springs Mountain Park. But unfortunately, I together with 2 other bloggers didn’t make it to the lobby or restaurant of 3 Springs. Our van got stuck up in the mud, and folks have been trying to get it out and took about an hour before successfully pulling itself out of the mud. The three of us who were sitting at the back decided to stay inside the van for added weight (maybe it will help while they try to get the van out). But after about 15 minutes, the two of us, @peculiarlymade, decided to get down and walk towards the location of the 1st group of bloggers. Flock of students, tourist buses were already moving out, but we were moving forward to where they are coming from. Though tired from our already exhausted day of hiking, we enjoyed the view of sunset.

Sunset view at 3 Springs Mountain Resort

But we didn’t make it to the resort, the 1st batch who headed earlier were already coming back to where we came from. Said the dinner was cancelled because of the delay in our schedule. So, we also took a ride at their vehicle and head back. Once back, our van was still hopelessly trying to get up from the mud, and at last after about 5-8 minutes, our van was right on track! It was alright for me to finally be heading back home, after all, I miss my kids!


Special thanks to Tanay Tourism Office (DOT Tanay) Sir Jeffrey M. Pino, for choosing me to be one of the bloggers for this FamTour and all the staff of Tanay Tourism for the warm welcome and accommodation. 

Tanay Tourism

Want to experience Tanay? Feel free to contact their local tourism office:

  • Tanay Tourism Officer Jeffrey M. Pino 0998-988-1590/7361059
  • Email:
  • Address: Ground Floor, New Tanay Municipal Hall, M. H. del Pilar St., Tanay, Rizal 1980
  • Contact numbers: (02) 6551773 loc 212-213 / 09985788199
  • Facebook page: Tanay Tourism

How to get to Tanay if your a DIYer:

  • You can ride a Van or jeepney at Starmall Edsa or Cubao or choose your options in this list – Commuting to Tanay
  • Once in Tanay, you can ride a tricycle going to places
  • It is best to get to the destinations by private car (preferably SUV for areas with rough road)

We missed these destinations though in our itinerary;

  • A feel of 3 Springs Mountain Resort
  • Ten Cents to Heaven – Team Building Venue, Longest Zip Line in Luzon
  • Bakasyunan – Bali of Tanay
  • Parola/Lakeshore – Panoramic View of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Mt. Makiling, Mt. Banahaw, Talim Island, Tagaytay City. Perfect Sunrise/Sunset photography.

Now as of this writing, and checking on the web about those destinations that we missed, my passion for adventure was ignited, and I am longing to go back to Tanay and consider an overnight stay for more ADVENTURE! I am inspired to get fit so I can brave the other mountains of Tanay! We can do it, TANAY, HANE!

Special thanks to my Tanay Bloggers Family for making the tour a fun, and unforgettable tour to remember, follow their blogs too!

Tanay Bloggers Fam Tour
Tanay Bloggers Fam Tour Team

For more photos of my Tanay Adventure, click here Tanay Daytour Travel Guide  and Nagpatong Rock, follow me at my social media accounts:


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TheoBroma Cocoa Food Drink – Product Review

I can’t believe when my hubby handed me this bottle and said immediately “this is worth P500.” He even googled the price to confirm the price his friend told him. After getting the bottle from him, I checked the label for the ingredients (to justify the price). But the bottle clearly says it “Powdered Cacao Food Drink!.”

So what’s in the bottle?

Although mainly cultivated for food use, cacao also has medicinal uses. It is used to stimulate the nervous system, lower blood pressure, dilates the coronary arteries, and soothes and softens damaged skin. It is also used against anemia, angina, bruises, chapped skin and burns, diarrhea, and leprosy spots.- Wikepedia

TheoBroma cacao which happens to be also its brand name is a powdered bottled drink made mainly of theobroma cacao. It claims as a Superfood to treat all types of diseases. I checked the label it contains mainly cacao and other Vitamins such as Vitamin A and E and stevia as sweetener.

This is the reason why it claims to be a SUPERFOOD:

F2N MARKETING: THEOBROMA CACAO of THEOBROMA, BENEFITS AND INGREDIENTS. WHY THEOBROMA IS VERY EFFECTIVE? Did you know that CACAO has flavonoids? Flavonoids are antioxidants also found in tea, grapes and berries, and they improve health and even help prevent cancer as well as brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Raw Cacao, (nibs or powder) contain more flavonoids than refined milk chocolate, but among chocolate candy, the dark chocolate versions are the most flavonoid-rich. So better yet, try the best product with flavonoids! Our one and only Theobroma Super Food! 👉

▶Mood Improver
◀Natural aphrodisiac
▶Lower blood pressure
◀Prevents heart problems
◀Energy booster
▶Fights tooth decay
◀Cough suppressant
▶Prevents sunburn
◀Makes your skin glow
▶Get shiny hair and strong nails ▶Prevents cancer
▶Improves metabolism
▶Improves digestion and regulates bowel movement
▶Controls diabetic condition
▶Thins blood & Prevents blood clotting ▶Protects the liver and pancreas ▶Reduces the risk of Kidney problems ▶Reduces appetite & helps shed fat
▶Aids in body detoxification
▶Improves memory & prevents Alzheimer’s disease

👉THEOBROMA is made from the finest Cacao and other essential ingredients that promotes healthy nervous, musculoskeletal, integument, digestive, cardiovascular, hepatic, renal, and immune system. It improves overall health by providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for better health. -From F2N Marketing.

SRP   P500/Bottle

TheoBroma Powdered Cocoa Food drink is bitter to the taste, so I added 1 teaspoon of sugar for me to be able to drink it. The taste is plainly cocoa, I cannot taste the Vitamins that has been added in there. I guess the powder it contains is just over 1 tablespoon of cocoa mix powder which when diluted with water makes up to a glass of cocoa food drink. Honestly, I became curious of cocoa even more since I’m residing in the South and access to raw cocoa is abundant. I even liked eating bitter cocoa chocolates.

Having discovered this cocoa drink which is quite expensive for me, I wanted to go back to Auspere Farm (hahaha!) and wanting to buy their uncooked bitter chocolates *made of pure theobroma cacao*.  I have seen it in  their store, there are uncooked cocoas and also cocoa cookies. I think I prefer to take my Superfood cocoa this way – as a bitter chocolate pill. I also became curious of  cacao’s medicinal properties.

Auspere Farms cocoa biscuits

Raw cacao
Raw Cacao beans

Truly, our nature is gifted with plants, and trees which helps nourish our bodies. Who could imagine that a simple cacao aside from being made into a happy food *chocolates! can also be a source of healing with all its medicinal properties.

Have you tried drinking Theobroma Powdered Cocoa Food drink? Share your stories in the comment section below.

Be healthy! naturally!

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Agri Field Trip with Einstar Education!

In today’s digital and millennial world, there are proven to be a lot of challenges when it comes to educating our kids. Internet and gadgets, plus the availability of numerous influential factors that are hard to contain. Our kids get a lot of information & influence from the outside world which is mostly uncontrollable. Plus, the diversity of each parent’s work environment and schedule leads to the growing number of families turning to homeschooling.

According to Wikipedia: Homeschooling, also known as home education is the education of children at home or a variety of places other than school. Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor or online teacher. Many families use less formal ways of educating.”

This is where Einstar Education plays its role as the “Air BnB” of modern homeschooling. Einstar Education helps share a home and other spaces to be used as a classroom to facilitate beyond-the-school learning. More than that they are willing to assist teachers and/or parents on how to do homeschooling and to share their spaces too! This is via their program at Einstar Education.


We joined Einstar’s Agri Field Trip last July 20, and read on as I share with you our experience.


Agri or agriculture and farm tourism are one of the growing eco businesses today. With lots of vacant lots turning into a farm and Resort too, our children have many activities to do in these farm tours. But we were surprised and met the unexpected during our Agri Field Trip, and these surprises are amazing!

We were a bit late for the tour since we haven’t got the chance to ride on the van service Einstar have (because of our location), so we waited for Daddy to fetch us at Evia Daang Hari. Nevertheless, we still got the chance to see the demo equipment for the bean to bar demo and got in time for the real adventure — the visit to the Cacao plantation.


Auspere Nature Farm resort is located at Castillo St. Purok IV, Lumil, Silang, Cavite


1. BEAN TO BAR DEMO – The bean to bar demo was demonstrated but none other than the owner Mr. Ricardo Perez. The kids learned to process basic hand-crafting chocolate making from cacao beans to pure chocolates or otherwise known as “Couverture Chocolates” or Healthy Chocolates. And got to taste them after we came back from the visit to the cacao and Mahogany plantation. And I tell you, they are YUMMY Chocolates, Conan really loved it!

Bean to Bar demo *Photo credits to Einstar*

Chocolate making demo *photo credits to Einstar


2. CACAO FARM EXPLORATION – This is what we loved the most and was truly unexpected – TREKKING! Don’t be fooled like us thinking that Cacao Farm was just like an ordinary farm, Cacao Farm is different! We enjoyed walking along a hilly-terrain, went up and down and being careful along the way (it was high and mountainous). It was at the heart of a natural low mountain rainforest (feels like your in Baguio).  I was amazed to see something so natural as this existed at Silang. It is a 1-kilometer trek so better get prepared if you decide to visit Auspere. Wear your rubber or hiking shoes, with proper clothes, and bring extra ones too! I never expected that we will be sweating hard haha! It was a fun, adventurous experience. You may also check the natural spring for a more added adventure.



3. FARM ANIMAL EXPERIENCE – There are few farm animals along the way to the cacao plantation but we didn’t get the chance to take a close encounter since we were focused on conquering the trek haha! I’ve seen a rabbit on the cage and a few chickens on the way.

4. MAHOGANY PLANTATION – There are 1,500 mahogany trees planted just beside the cacao plantation. As per Mr. Ricardo Mahogany trees consume so much water and contribute to the imbalance of the ecosystem at the farm, so they are planning to harvest the mahogany soon and replace it with other trees or crops. Be sure to apply insect-repellant lotion, apply sunblock once you go on for a trek. Be careful with the ants too!


He was so proud having picked all these veggie leaves!

We had lunch at Ricardo’s Kitchen, also located at Auspere Nature Farm. We had cornsilog and tapasilog for us. And afterward, we convene at the lobby and tasted the cacao chocolates!

Our lunch – corned beef with rice and egg, with cucumber, lettuce and “atsara” on the side


Gratchi’s Farm is located at Kabangaan Road, Brgy. Cabangaan, Silang Cavite



– The kids and especially the parents too, get to enjoy and learn about mushroom “kabute” culture, how to grow and harvest properly. They also did had a feel of the mushrooms as its sprouts on its sack.

Bahay Kabute

Oyster mushroom
Oyster mushroom

2. VERMICULTUREThe kids learned how to do vermiculture and get a feel and touch the African Night Crawler. It is a type of worm, where its waste is used as a natural fertilizer and pesticide. You may do your own vermiculture at home:

  • Dig a place where you can put wastes such as potato peel, carrot peel or any biodegradable wastes.
  • Cover it with enough soil
  • Place African Night Crawlers (this can be brought at garden shops)
  • Wait for 2 – 3 months for the waste to decompose
  • You already have your own fertilizer

Teaching the kids on vermiculture

African Night Crawler worm

3. Close encounter with the OSTRICH-Experience to get up close and personal to these two lovely ostriches. Colene (my eldest) and I tried feeding them, and they bite every bit off your hands in a snap! Conan wanted to try too! but the guide didn’t allow since his hand is still soft and might easily be bruised. Conan holds the ostrich’s egg instead and curiously studied its shell.


Ostrich’s egg

4. CROP PLANTING – Our next stop was planting crops. For this time instead of trees, Gratchi’s have corn crops for our little kids to plant. Conan willingly tried to plant one, and let the tour guide assist him. Bet he was so happy about his accomplishment. The crop will bear fruit in 3 months’ time, and we are excited to see harvest time.

Conan was very curious eager to hold this shovel and finish planting this corn

5. FISHING – Finally, after all the walking we had, it was our time to sit and relax while fishing! Yes, the kids enjoyed fishing! Some got very small fishes and they returned it to the fish pond. Others had big fish ready for cooking! Too bad, my Colene and Conan didn’t get any, but still, they were happy to experience how to fish!

Let’s do some fishing!

In between these tours, the children also enjoyed socializing and playing with the other kids. Auspere’s got a slide where the kids took turns, and Gratchi’s got a mini playground the kids enjoyed the see-saw and swing. Truly a wonderful experience for all of us 6 families who joined the tour.

Homeschoolers and Einstar Education


Einstar Mission is to provide affordable personalized basic education to Filipinos.

You may reach Einstar Education at the following:

  • Facebook page Einstar Education
  • Mobile Number: 0977-8042404
  • Email:

See more photos at Diaries of a Transport Queen and videos (soon to be posted) at The Happy Tandem Channel


farm tour
The Transport Queen and Travel Detective Conan

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Yoki’s Farm – What you need to know and why you should pay a visit

Farm tour is one of the activities our family loves to do. Last year alone, we have visited around 5 farms. And this time, we visited a surprisingly unique farm in Mendez, where almost all of what we love to do are rolled into one farm experience!

Tagaytay tour itineraries seem to be the same over and over and this wo nderful farm may be a sweet addition to your travel list.

So what did we discovered at Yoki’s Farm? And why you should include this on your next Metro-Tagaytay itinerary, find out here:

Yoki’s Farm

📍Located at 003 Tabluan Road, Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite

📍 Contact (046) 4097527, 09178079588 / 0464097527

📍 E-mail

📍 Like their fb page at Yoki’s Farm

FARM MAP Conan is excited to explore!

Yoki’s farm is a 10-hectare farm brainchild and owned by Mr. Wilson Ong nicknamed Yoki founded in 1996. Right now, only 4-hectare of it are used for tours, the other parts of the farm are still off limits to guests. It is the biggest hydroponic farm in CALABARZON and managed by his son. Plans for development like having additional playgrounds for children and a resort are on its way and which we can expect in the future.

Kids enjoyed their learning of hydroponics farming. Yoki’s farm is the biggest hydroponics farm in CALABARZON

Touring Yoki’s Farm

1. Hydroponics Farm – Hydroponics farming fans will surely enjoy their visit at the largest hydroponics farm at Calabarzon which is the Yoki’s Farm. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. In Yoki’s they grow their plants in coconut husks. The tour has a 15-minute orientation to learn about hydroponics farming.

Yoki’s farm is the largest Hydrophonics Farm in Calabarzon


You can pick and pay for just Php 100, and pay Php 200/kilo of Lettuce varieties


Violet lettuce variety

These lettuce are grown from coconut husks and of course water.

2. Vegetation of all types – we saw a variety of vegetation growing in the farm this includes tomatoes, cucumbers, papaya, bittermelon (ampalaya), Chilli, among others.

magtanim ay di biro
Papaya, ampalaya and other vegetables

3. Mulberry Trees – We were amazed at how big their mulberry fruits are, indicating the rich soil of the farm.

Stop and pick some mulberry fruits as you tour around the farm

Mulberry tree

4. Orchidarium and  ornamental plants – Yoki Farm grows orchids and they sell it too!



5. Aviary – the farm showcases different collections of birds, dwarfed chickens, peacocks, parrots are just a few of their aviary collections.

Golden Pheasant


Lady Amheist Peasant
Lady Amheist Peasant Origin: China, Myanmar

Common Peafowl


As if entertaining the guests, the common peafowl showed off her feathers

A peacock at the Buddah Museum displaying her majestic feathers

They have a display of different colored variety of parrots

There are different varieties of birds in these aviaries, and small chickens are roaming around the area too!

6. Reptile Park

Tortoise their shells are really hard!

Albino Burmese Python

Can you see me? ask the little frog



7. Inter-active zoo – Get up-close and personal with your favorite zoo animals!

At first, I was hesitant to try the parrot ride at Conan’s shoulders, but after trying it myself I think he can do it too! Quite afraid but he loved the experience!

Me saying to this creature – “Stand still! haha!”


See how happy Conan is feeding the amiable zebra!

You can get up-close to the pony but still be careful not to stand behind

Hello Guests! this ostrich seem to say! Look at how cute she smiled at the camera. Photo credits to my daughter @juliennecolene

This is the area where the ponies and goats freely roam. Encased are the zebras and ostriches.

8. Museum – Here you will see the vast collection of Mr. Yoki’s Buddha sculptures and other interesting finds. He loves collecting antique made of bronze and brass sculptures. Among his collections are pieces of sculptures depicting some god/goddesses from other lands. There are I think a thousand collections of ceramics, porcelains, Buddha sculptures, Egyptian statues, bronze wares, jade model ships, vases of all types, and other interesting items including SULTAN (A head sculpture which seemed to open its eyes at night). There are also other items like old telephones, typewriters, and creepy things too! He also have a collection of wine and liquor bottles. Good thing Marie Kondo is not trending at the time, or else we might not be enjoying these collections. It is as if Mr. Yoki wouldn’t want to throw anything and that made it into this huge court of antique collections. I thought I might find the dragon statue here, lol! Pls. check out my fb page for more photos Diaries of a Transport Queen

You will be welcomed by the biggest laughing Buddha in the Philippines


god/goddessYokis farm

Green Jade Dragon Boat
Green Jade Dragon Boat

Bronze collections

collection of typewriters
I was surprised to see a collection of typewriters too!

9. Accommodation – To complete your farm experience, you can check in at any of their available rooms. The rooms are clean, and with an old look homey feel. Check out the room that is most convenient for you or your family. All rooms are inclusive of breakfast and farm tours. 

TWIN/DOUBLE Rate: P4,500 good for 2 inclusive of breakfast

Premiere room
Premiere good for 4 persons, Rate: P7,200 inclusive of breakfast

family room

Family room, Rate: P9,000 good for 5 inclusive of breakfast

swimming pool
Swimming pool for guests with accommodation

room rates
Contact them at the numbers posted here

10. Farm to table restaurant – I love the concept from the restaurant interior and of course the farm to table concept of food preparation. Freshly picked vegetables will be served. Staffs are all friendly and will ask you from time to time if you need anything else. We also loved the big servings of their dishes. 

All day breakfast restaurant
Dining area of their farm to table restaurant.

Yoki’s Signature SaladFreshly picked vegetable salad with mulberry and edible fruit . This salad would be much better if the dressing weren’t mixed at the time of serving. It cooked the lettuce which lessened its crispiness. Also, it is great if there’s a choice for other type of dressing like the famous TID or Ceasar’s. I love the generous addition of mulberry fruits.

vegetable salad
Yoki’s Signature Salad P290, the bowl is big good for the whole family to enjoy

American Breakfast – Generously served soft scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, and sliced toast. This plate is too big and can fill up good for 2 persons. I love the sausage and bacon!

American Breakfast

American Breakfast – Sausage, bacon, tomatoes and egg sandwich, P320

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers – grilled chicken, onion, bell pepper, garlic yoghurt sauce, pita bread or buttered rice

Mediterranean chicken skewers
Mediterranean chicken skewers P295

Mushroom Arugula – white sauce, shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, arugula. Arugula is a popular vegetable and salad ingredient that is full of nitrate and very good for your health – Medical News Today. It was my first time to try a very healthy pizza like this, the sauce is yummy and offers a different taste to your palate.

Mushroom Arugula P325

Tenderloin Beef Tapa – homemade beef tenderloin tapa, fried egg, garlic rice, salted egg and tomato relish. This dish is a YES for me! I love the softness of the beef and the sauce it’s a twist to the usual beef tapa.

beef tapa
Tenderloin Beef Tapa P290

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet – white fish, dill cream sauce, garlic tomato quinoa, French beans

fish fillet
Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet P290

Beef Kebab – tenderloin beef, onion, bell pepper, garlic yoghurt sauce, buttered rice

Beef Kebab
Beef Kebab P295

DRINKS – If you are a fan of vegetables you better try the basil lemonade and pipino calamansi. I tried the Pipino Calamansi Fresca and the taste was more of cucumber, I hope they can improve on this one by balancing the calamansi with the cucumber. The strawberry yogurt was a refreshing treat.

From left to right – Pipino Calamansi Fresca P85, Basil Lemonade P85 and Strawberry yoghurt smoothie P185

Have a coffee or two at this garden table

all day breakfast restaurant
Restaurant crews were stationed here

11.  Landscapes – Enjoy taking photo ops at their green landscapes

Of course, what do kids love but to run and run!

jump shot
In this side of the landscape, is a wooden fence overlooking trees and vast grass greeneries. We thought of having a jump shot! We had fun trying to have a good shot!


Japanese inspired parks perfect for your photo ops

Tired of walking from the tour? then take some time to sit and relax at this Japanese inspired mini park

12.  Playground

Time to play!

Happy at play!

Yoki’s Farm Farm Rates


The Farm Table Menu

photo grabbed from Yoki’s fb page

photo grabbed from Yoki’s fb page

The Transport Queen Experience

We enjoyed our tour with the assistance of tour guide Ms. Katherine, who cheerfully answered all our queries during our farm tour.

tour guide
Our Tour guide for the day

Comparing to those we have seen so far, this one is the biggest plus there are variety of things you can see aside from vegetation alone. The collection of animals are also interesting and we noticed that there are no unusual smell which is common in some farms. Their farms are well kept, clean and not smelly. The animals seem to be taken care of properly. The ponies though as mini as they seem still should be tied to a tree when guests are roaming, during our visit one of the male ponies went on to one of the female (of course, we got scared). But the staffs handled it all fairly well. It was a pleasant experience for adults and kids alike to get a close encounter with the animals, feel their environment and get to know more about them. My little kid loved the farm, he also loved running on the landscapes and jumping here and there. He really loved the visit that we find it difficult to get him to say goodbye to the place, ha! ha!

I enjoyed looking at the vegetation, in some farms I’ve visited there are only the same types of vegetables like lettuce, basil and some herbs. Here at Yoki’s there’s a wide variety of vegetables they grow which includes ampalaya which I seldom see at other farms we visited.  I saw some tomatoes and cucumbers falling off the ground and unharvested, I wish they do something about it to prevent the foods from being wasted.I love art and sculptures, and their museum out beaten all the museum we visited comparing to Bencab and Orlina Museum, they have an awesome collection of brass sculptures from different cultures.  We suggested though to put labels in the collection so we can know where those came from, from what era, if it’s antique or just replica.

child at play

Plus, you can feel the personal touch of the owner, the collections speaks of the owners rich love for sculpture and history, the vast love for his collections which was kept and continued on by his son. It was really an awesome experience!

Yoki’s farm is highly recommended for kids and kids at heart. For educational tours, and those who want to learn hydroponics farming. You can be a Farmer for the day for just P1,500! I would definitely wanted to be back at Yoki’s Farm!


Like my facebook page to see more awesome photos of our visit at Yoki’s Farm at Diaries of a Transport Queen

yokis farm

A day at Yoki’s Farm with The Happy Tandem @standoutconan

And thanks to my #Southbloggers family follow them too! @travelwithkarla, @thinkablebox, @taralet’sanywhere and especially to @hapyandbusytravels   

Disclosure: Our food and farm tour was sponsored by Yoki’s Farm. However, I wrote this article with full honest opinion. 

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Yoki's Farm

Chag Shavuot Sameach! Happy Festival of Weeks!

Yesterday till Tuesday (Diaspora), May 16-18, is the Jewish Celebration of Shavuot / Pentecost / Feast of Weeks. Marking the end of the 49-day Counting of the Omer and the receiving of the Torah in Mt. Sinai. It is marked with all night Torah study (Exodus 19-20), reading the book of Ruth, hearing the 10 Commandments and eating foods rich in dairy and cheese.

Despite the.current conflict and chaos in Israel-Palestinian, the Jewish world is celebrating this Holy Day with their hearts and mind upon their friends, and family in Israel, praying for their safety and may Peace to reign. Shalom Salaam!

To all our Jewish and Arab brothers & sisters, You are remembered and prayed for here in the Philippines. May G-d grant us peace, and the hope of a future as stated in Isaiah 2:4

וְשָׁפַט֙ בֵּ֣ין הַגּוֹיִ֔ם וְהוֹכִ֖יחַ לְעַמִּ֣ים רַבִּ֑ים וְכִתְּת֨וּ חַרְבוֹתָ֜ם לְאִתִּ֗ים וַחֲנִיתֽוֹתֵיהֶם֙ לְמַזְמֵר֔וֹת לֹא־יִשָּׂ֨א ג֤וֹי אֶל־גּוֹי֙ חֶ֔רֶב וְלֹא־יִלְמְד֥וּ ע֖וֹד מִלְחָמָֽה׃ (פ)
Thus He will judge among the nations And arbitrate for the many peoples, And they shall beat their swords into plowshares And their spears into pruning hooks: Nation shall not take up Sword against nation; They shall never again know war.

Chag Sameach!

Since I met you…

Since I met you

The flower blooms,

The ocean flows,

The tree grows,

Since I met you.

My eyes are blind,

No problems behind,

It’s you I find,

Since I met you.

No winter,

No rain,

No storm,

Since I met you.

No tears,

No fears,

No other love,

Since I met you.

Is it love,

Is it true,

Is it you,

Since I met you.


September, 1995

Love Stories/First Love

This is me

Found this piece of poem, written by myself exactly 27 years ago…is she the same me?

It’s Meeh..

Jenny, is my name, a name you can rust,

I’m jolly, friendly and happy,

You cannot see me lonely,

‘cause I can pretend.

I had many secrets been revealed,

My life I guess is an open book,

But I knew myself that nobody knows,

I know my life that’s never been told.

My attitude is simply unique,

I believe that everybody is special,

And the most special of course,

No other person but me.

I’m childish at the way I move

But I’m matured at the way I think,

This maturity comes from the Lord,

Through reading His word everyday.

I cannot write what is me,

You must seek for it and

See for yourself that the friend you have

Is a friend at all times,

That is ME.


March 4, 1994

Pandemic and me – 2020 Reflections

If ever there was a thing that I would be grateful for last 2020 – the Pandemic – is embarking to the journey of Judaism. The quarantine time lead me to studying more about the Jewish history, the beliefs, traditions, mitzvah and everything. And we were just yet starting. It’s been almost a year now! Oh my where did that time went. And we are nearing our Intro to Judaism class graduation on the 8th of April, hooray!

There are a lot of study & learning to do, of Holidays and mitzvahs, after all we are embarking on a rich 3000 year of Jewish history and people. We were not yet “officially converted” due to our geographic location. But we are praying that we will eventually come home. Right now, we are growing spiritually with our Jewish “virtual” community. And enjoying the ups and downs of our Jewish journey. Deciding to live as a Jew(s) for choice is really challenging in this part of the world. From the challenge of having just a virtual community to support you with, to finding Kosher foods and products in the grocery shelves, these are just some of the things we are faced with. 

But learning takes time, and eventually things will become a habit. We go slowly into this journey, enjoying every step. We really feel the love of Hashem, Adonai our God in every way. 

We learn little by litte, and make discoveries along the way.

For that, I decided to launch another website as my blog for these learning. I pray you support me on this journey too! It contains my personal experience as I learn about the Jewish Holidays, the prayers, Hebrew words and many more!

Check out my new site at, Do you have to be a jew to learn Jewish wisdom? NO. Do you have to convert if you wish to study the roots of our faith which is the Hebrew Scriptures – NO.

Join me on my other website if you’re just a queer learner like me!

One Poetry a Day…

So, it's 2021! Is the pandemic over? I felt I have slept and slumbered for a long time. Been busy with home and religious studies, but hey, 2021 is coming so FAST! It's already MARCH! Wow, where did all that time went? 

And now that the Bayanihan Act was lifted, and everything else seem to back to normal - hey, the BILLS were piling up now. So work was back again. We have to keep going, PRAY HARD and BE MOTIVATED!

So what are the new things that you learned / discovered / happened to you last 2020? Mind share it. 

And what are your plans for the Summer? It's getting hot again.

For me more busier life is back again, but I think this long dream of mine of writing my poetry must be squeezed in my daily agenda.

So I'm planning to do it ONE POETRY AT A TIME...Keep in touch! Lav yah all!  

Tahan Na….

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Sapagka’t may makikinig ba,

Sa iyong pinaglalaban,

Sumigaw ka man ay lubhang kulang,

Sa tengang bingi at matang nagbubulag-bulagan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Dinaya ka man ay tanggapin na lang,

Ipaglaban ay lubhang kulang,

Katwiran ay hwag nang ipagpilitan,

Hustisya’y para lang sa ilan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Luha mo’y mauubos lamang,

Kung hindi mo kayang pigilan,

Ilabas ang hikbi sa kadiliman,

Kakampi mo ang panyo’t unan.

Tahan Na,Aking anak,

Akong iyong ina’y nakikiusap na,

Paano ba kita mapapatahan,

Upang ang iyong panaghoy,

Ay maikubli mula sa makapangyarihan,

Na ayaw sa kaingayan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Damhin mo ang yakap ko,

Sa gitna ng kaguluhan,

Handa kang ipaglaban,

Sa iba’y wala akong pakialam.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Narito ako ang iyong ina,

Ang takot mo’y papawiin,

Kumapit ka lamang sakin,

Kamatayan ay handang harapin,

Hindi kita lilisanin.

Written By:

Jenny Lind M.

December 22, 2020 | Cavite

Dedicated to the Gregorio Family who were brutally murdered, captured in video, may you receive Justice.

My father is a policeman
Credits to sketch owner


We are all given a choice. To go with the flow, and be controlled by the flow, the call of social media, of daily woes, and needs. Or Make our Own Choice and be controlled by God, Baruch Hashem, Blessed be He, Who have provided us with manual, our Torah (Bible), on the manner that we should live.

Compared to living 100 years ago, when

people do not have too many choices.

Our current generation, were faced with

numerous choices on how they will spent

their time, specially these “quarantine

days.” Choices that as broad as what

Youtube Channel to watch, which Netflix

movies to watch. We are provided with

TONS of information to read and watch

with just a click of a finger. Hundreds of

websites showing information on

different interests, history, how to’s and a

lot more!

How about you? How will you make a choice?

Our Hanukkah 2020

Though times are difficult, things were different, we are happy to greet


Hanukkah or Chanuka is the Festival of Lights, others call it Festival of Dedication, it is an 8-day Jewish celebration. Starting December 10-18.Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire, 2000 years ago. It was also to celebrate the miracle of light, where the last oil found in the 2nd Temple, which was supposed to be just enough for 1 day lasted for 8 days!

This is our 1st time to celebrate Hanukkah. We lighted our candles at 5:30pm. Say the blessings for Hanukkah lighting. Lighting the Hanukkah starts with right to left, lighting one candle on the 1st day, then light the newest candle plus the last on the 2nd day and so forth. We do not yet have a menorah (candle sticks with usually 7 branches). We were expecting a package from US but it didn’t make through before Hanukkah as shipments were much slower these days due to the pandemic. So since I already bought candle holders, I just put the candles in a row on top of the kitchen cabinet. I know ours is not yet perfect, there’s always a first time as they said.

The idea of food for Hanukkah are anything oily, plus sufganiyot (it is like a donut). So I got fried chicken nuggets, fried chicken steak, fried chicken marinated in honey, garlic, bay leaf, then flour, baking powder & paprika for breading. I also have Sufganiyot (not in photo), bagels and phrena. I topped the bagels with white cheese. I also made baked eggplant, from the BIG *really big eggplant which I bought at the synagogue (JAP). The eggplant costs a whooping P102 wow!

Then, we played dreidel which Conan truly enjoyed! Colored some paper activities, sing songs and watched Hanukkah videos. Too bad we enjoyed the game that we didn’t bother to take photos or videos.

We sing songs and say our prayers using an online siddur. Conan (my son), loves Mi Chamocha, acoustic version.

So that was it, we survived Day 1! We have 7 more days to go for Hanukkah!

#hanukkah2020 #happyhanukkah #chanukah #chanukah #ourjewishjourney #1sthanukkah #hanukkahday1

MODEH ANI – the Jewish Morning Blessing, Learn it here

The Rooster crows, birds are chipping, trees are waving, they all say Modeh Ani! Each morning when you wake up, say a little prayer, a blessing. Just like every creature greets the sun as daylight approaches, so we do thank our Creator.

In Hebrew Transliteration,

Modeh/Modah Ani Lefanecha

Melech chai vekayom

Shehechezarta Bi Nishmati


Raba Emunatecha


Pasasalamat ang alay ko sa’yo,

Buhay at Walang Hanggang Hari,

Sapagka’t ipinapanauli mo ang aking


Dakila ang iyong katapatan.


I offer thanks to you,

Living and eternal King,

for You have mercifully restored my soul

within me.

*Modeh for boys

*Modah for girls

More resources here Modeh Ani, what is it?

Learn how to sing it here 👇


“When you do Something,

Do it Right the first time!

Do it Right the first time!

Time is Valuable,

Time is Essential,

Time is Gold,

We cannot buy Time,

So Decide, Act, and DO!