Hello! I’m Jenny, the blogger behind The Transport Queen!


Transport Queen!” — a nick name my husband fondly calls me whenever I have had a meeting with Transport partners including owners of different car rental companies which happens to be mostly male. He will usually say “Naks, transport queen!” whenever I got the deal and if I was out and checked the fleet or called for a fleet meeting (which I invented the term for the team). It is somehow comes with a teasing tone and by him saying I am the transport queen would mean I would do the work – Get the Deal.

INNOVA Deployment

I started my first blog, bahaynibunting  as a “real estate portal” which I used to showcase the Real Estate Properties I was selling with my broker “Tariga Realty.” Then by 2012, I created this site which was previously named “Traveling Bunting” to share my unique and personalized itineraries and travel experiences. It was a sort of a diary blog. Come 2nd half of 2018, transport events come to a halt and I relinquished my love for writing, thus this blog was reborn and named “The Transport Queen.”

My love for traveling and discovering new things and sharing these with with people having the same passion, is what makes this blog 100% active.

Bantayan Islands

Why the name “The Transport Queen?”

As mentioned above, I entered into the world of transport since 2003 in the form of shipping & logistics documentation — I have mastered export and import documentation including other tasks through my almost 14 years of  experience in the shipping industry. I started in Japan Export Document Processing (Containerized and Conventional (Pure Car Carrier). Then also had the chance to go to Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki) for PCC Training and Job transfer of Japan NACCS to Manila. I also handled a team of 17 people with 24 hours operation under the department of NA/US-West Coast Export Documentation. Also been with Freight Audit Team and Indexing during the last years in the company.

By October 2015, I co-founded the very 1st Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative of Luzon, which by now already have roughly 700 official members and 500 affiliates. And got inclined in the field of rendering Service thru Coop Education while doing the Coop business with fellow transport partners. The group started from TNVS – UBER Group page which later also invited other transport partners from diff. aspects — mostly Rent A Car drivers, VIP Security drivers, business professionals, GRAB operators and drivers and lately Van Operator-drivers, we also have Member-Renters.


From handling the Cooperative’s Education and Training Committee which mostly have the tasks of Social Media Management, promoting and marketing the brand and securing fast delivery of “fleet supply” to clients, I also mastered the fleet operations especially when it comes to government events and the fast turn around time (supply and service) for shuttle services.

Below are some of the Projects that we successfully handled as a team, (will feature in my Portfolio very soon, check it out from time to time for updates):

  • GRAB Shuttle for 6-Seaters 
  • AARMM 2016 (10 Fortuners for 21 days with drivers)
  • ASEAN SUMMIT 2017 (2 Batches of 50 Innova units with drivers)
  • ASEAN SUMMT 2017 (GL GRANDIA with drivers)
  • ASEAN SUMMIT 2017 (SUV Self-drive in 3 batches, 15-18 units)
  • LAZADA Delivery (Total of 500 fleet (Riders and cars), from Nueva Ecija Hub to Lipa Hub for 2.5 months)
  • GRAB Christmas Van Shuttle
  • IDOOH self-drive cars
  • Selecta and Rebisco Logistics 
  • Refrigerated Truck
  • Premium Public Transport Summit 2019 (300+ attendees)
  • SEA GAMES 2019 (28 Coaster units with drivers)
  • and many more!

I am also a full time SAHM (Stay at home mom), with no nanny. I have the belief with the hashtag #noyayanoproblem.

The Transport Queen is a blog where every woman/man can relate too. I write about transport business, travels, and Lifestyle. Random thoughts about food, fashion, health, other extra income opportunities, and day-to-day insights might also be read here.

I also love to write Poetry, Daily Prayers and inspirational quotes.

Some of my writings were already published in printed media and would love to share to millennial  via today’s medium – the internet.

Weekends are my favorite time of the week and usually spent traveling with family. We love exploring farms, beaches, restaurants and the great outdoor.

Work with my by sending me a message at

The Transport Queen is open for collaboration and sponsorship, such as Tours and accommodation, restaurants (food review), product review and Media guesting.

See yah soon!

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