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Entering the Logistics Business: What you need to know!

Ever wonder how your favorite ice cream, cookies, chicken, veggies, documents, things or almost everything gets delivered from factory to factory, warehouses to stores or even to your doorsteps? It’s called Logistics.

Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations. meaning by Wikipedia

Logistics is used more broadly to refer to the process of coordinating and moving resources – people, materials, inventory, and equipment – from one location to storage at the desired destination. – Business Encyclopedia

It is simply the business of moving things. In moving things we need transport – ship, air cargo, trucks, vans, and riders.

Since October of 2017, I as part of ROAD RENT A CAR TSC, we experienced the world of Logistic transport via partnering with Lazada Courier delivery. It is a warehouse (hub) to customers (last mile) and merchants to warehouse (first mile) delivery transactions. It was a challenge to handle almost 500 riders/drivers during the December Sale. And it is an experience noteworthy of learning.


Earlier this 2018, we partnered again to another Logistics company type which caters Nestle, Selecta, Rebisco and other big accounts. This Logistics deployment is something really new to us. Having been in the field of “people transport” via VIP car rental services to a world of deliveries was a total twist. Though, I have been in the Logistics industry (Shipping Transport). for almost 14 years doing Export and Import Documentation and handling teams, this Land Logistics transport is a challenge.

Here are some of the challenges we faced;

1. Challenges to look for truckers (almost all truckers are already engaged in trucking contract);

2. Challenges to convince van owners with lower year models to convert from people transport to deliveries *van rentals sometimes pay higher rentals but the frequency is only seasonal*
3. Challenges of maintaining driver – helper to continue service despite of the sometimes difficult situations during delivery.
To address these challenges, some of our members took the time to check the potential of the Logistics business and bought utility vehicles fitted for deliveries, some are already in the process of gaining approval from their banks waiting for release. To address challenge #3, we insist that drivers and helpers be invited for the membership and training seminars for them to feel being part of the company, in this case the Cooperative.

Potential Income in this industry

Earn as much as minimum of P50K per month, toll fees and parking fees are re-reimbursable as long as you submit original copies upon billing. We will give incentives to those couriers who will complete at least a minimum of 20 days per month.


Selecta – Daily rate for subcons is P2,000/all-in for those vehicles with 10 styro capacity. For vehicles that can accommodate 14 styro, earn an additional P200/day as incentive for a successful 5 day weekly attendance. Toll and parking fees are reimbursable.
Logistikus – Rates varies P2000 up to P3500 depending on drop off location.
Rebisco – Rates varies P2000 up to P3500 depending on drop off location. Toll and parking fees are reimbursable.
You may e-mail us at for a complete info on the rate matrix.

Billing Process
Trips are billed on a weekly basis, with Monday – Saturday cut-off. 1st payment will be received after 60 days from successful billing date. Waybill and Trip Tickets (delivery tickets) are very important documents in order to bill for payments. Delivery charges like melted ice cream, and other damages will be deducted based on the applicable billing date. A withholding tax of 2% is also deducted from the drivers payroll.
Delivery/Job Schedule
Delivery schedules are usually from Monday to Sundays on some account coding days are included in the schedule, they will give you a trip area with no coding scheme. Usually only a maximum of 2 to 3 drops will be given per trip. Reporting time usually is 11pm or 3am depending on the account your assigned in. We need to seek approval before you will be assigned on a particular Account.

Warehouse area
You must be willing to pick up goods from Pasig warehouse (Manggahan or Luis 1). We also have an account at Valenzuela warehouse but we encourage only 4-Wheeler aluminum van to join. For L300/H100 types in Valenzuela, rates may differ depending on the volume of the cargo (L300 or CD Rates).

Contract Terms
Long term contract is being offered, usually a minimum of 6 months, depending on the performance of the courier.

How to be our Logistics transport partner:

  1. Check your vehicle – Your unit must be approved by the Logistics partner , here are some examples of the accepted units, year model must be at least 2008 and up to be applied for Truck for hire PA. Newly acquired model have 25 years of TH validity.
L300, H100, FOTON TORNADO and the like
4 or 6 wheeler aluminum van (Valenzuela Warehouse)

Must be a MEMBER of ROAD RENT A CAR Transport Service Cooperative
In accordance with RA 9520, the Cooperative Law, operators or drivers who enjoy the benefits of the Coop business must be a member.
How to be a member? Please click this link how to become a member

3. Attend Fleet Meeting to know moreVisit the Main Office or attend any upcoming seminar (please check out the schedules before going at the office, contact Ms. Jenny 0916-2584161). Like their fb page for updates fb page: roadractsc

Apply for Truck for Hire Franchise – in order to be apprehended by LTFRB, you must submit Truck for hire franchise application and requirements plus the initial payment. (Please contact Ms. Jenny for more details)
TRUCK FOR HIRE Franchise requirements

Please prepare 3 sets of documents placed in an orange folder:

1) Use ORANGE COLORED folder and secure photocopies/CTC of all required documents, (Please NOTE that original copies of the same should be presented during hearing if needed).

2). Management Agreement

3). Member Data Sheet (Secure format to ROADRACTSC)
4). Original and Clear copy of any 2 valid Government-issued Identification Card with photograph of Applicant (i.e. Driver’s License, SSS, PAG-IBIG, PHIL HEALTH, BIR, POSTAL ID, Voter’s ID, or Philippine Passport) –

5). Recent 2×2 photograph of applicant

6) Evidence of Filipino Citizenship – Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO issued within the past three (3) months prior to submission of application or valid Phil. passport.

7). Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) of authorized units with year model duly issued by the Land Transportation Office ( LTO) , TH, SHS or STS; sales invoice or proof invoice for services requiring brand new units.

8) Scanned or printed copies of the vehicle unit (External and Internal – front, rear, and 2 sides of the vehicle/s), no need for 5R copies.

9) Brgy. Clearance

10) Stencil of chassis number (secure from LTO)

Other info:

justify;”>1. OR/CR is not under the Members name

A= Secure SPA, DEED OF SALE or any proof of authorization,

Management Agreement must be accomplished in 2 copies (Member and The Real Owner of the Vehicle)

True Owner (OR/CR) must also complete the above requirements (identification)

2. NBI OR POLICE CLEARANCE as proof of Good moral character (Coop member requirements), can submit upon availability

3. Must attend mandatory seminar PMES/CETOS once scheduled

4. Please also e-mail soft copies to
5) Other Logistics requirements:

1. Push Cart


2. Winter Jacket for ice cream accounts

winter jacket

3. Safety shoes – you can buy at Divisoria or Baclaran for just P300
download (1)

4. Uniform (P250 each), for starters you may wear blue t-shirt while your uniform is being ordered

5. 1x 1 ID picture – you will provide the name of the driver and helper plus ids for their proper identification cards (No ID No entry to warehouse)

6. Styro box (for Nestle account) maximum styro requirement for L300 types and van are 10pcs.

You’re almost there, once your vehicle is approved and Provisional authority released (PA) and you are ready to start, our Logistics Partner will find an Account and will book your trip schedule. We will also guide you of the do’s and don’ts while you’re on board our Logistics project and provide you an online hand-out.

For more information and inquiries, please send a message to roadractsc!

See you on the ROAD!


36176524_10216373928762746_5950279977147564032_ncoo may 1


Hang out at Greenfield Weekend Market

Thinking of a place to go on weekends without overspending, a place just near the Metro and hang out with friends and kids? YES! You may bring your kids while chilling out at Greenfield Weekend Market!

We visited Greenfield Weekend Market last Saturday, and I found it really enjoyable especially that they have a big ground for kids to play with interactive toys for kids of all ages and even young at heart can get to enjoy to!

greenfield weekend market
Its playtime!


The Greenfield Weekend Market, with its home at the Central Park of Greenfield District, keeps a tradition of originality and variety when it comes to cheering habitues and newcomers every Saturday evening. For foodies, the dining adventure in the hangout goes beyond the conventional and traditional for a truly memorable gustatory experience.

We didn’t had the chance though to check out Emy and Ody Concepcion Fruits which I really expected to see a “market” like fresh fruits and veggies.

I enjoyed lurking at the wide variety of cooked and fresh foods to eat, which made it really difficult for me to choose which ones to try.

One of the food stall that really caught our attention is the Seafood Fest which boasts of the really yummy squid sizzled with special sauce partnered with rice and another viand of choice. I choose of course my favorite crablets.


Other preferences are foodies such as shawarma from Habib’s, smoked barbecue from Carnivore Cookery, Hungarian sausages from The Cut Premium Meat, chicken fingers from Fingers and Flavors, Mexican favorites from the Real Mexicanos and even Japanese favorites like takoyaki and ramen from Shumagorath Takoyaki.

A food stall serves fresh drinks such as buko juice, melon juice, cucumber, lemonade, dalandan and red iced tea. For native sweets and desserts, there are lechen flan, cheese cake, Taiwan milk tea, ice cream and even yoghurt. It’s a weekend market so there are fruits, culinary herbs, spices, organic vegetables, brown rice, and salted eggs, as well for urbanites’ kitchen.

Other interesting finds are their non-food stalls. For art lovers like me, you will enjoy the art gallery booths and ask to be painted using charcoal or colorful paint. It is also interesting to see there’s an art booth for your pets, you can ask your pet to be painted on stone, keychain or bookmark.

There are stalls selling books, vinyl records, shirts, artworks, toys, toiletry items, and many others. I bought two books for my baby to read.

We found goers lining up on the fortune-telling booth, I haven’t got the chance to take pictures though because of the crowd flocking the booth. You can ask for advice, or get an insight of your future for free.

Enhancing our food and play leisure, are the jazz musicians playing on the center of the field. I enjoyed listening to a live saxophone play and live jazz music.

The Greenfield Weekend Market is Greenfield Development Corporation’s innovative way of giving a unique urban living experience for professionals and urban dwellers. Of the few weekend markets in Metro Manila, only this one at Greenfield District promises to be a treasure trove for foodies, art enthusiasts, shopping addicts and country-style nature-lovers. For those looking for a refreshing and wholesome bonding time with friends and loved ones, or wanting to enjoy the holiday vibe, the Greenfield Weekend Market is the best place to visit.

Check out their fb page at Greenfield Weekend Market.

Zambali Summer Beach Music Festival: Gear up for a different kind of Summer Experience!

Thinking of what to do on your next Summer Escapade? Why not try a different Summer experience at “ZAMBALI SUMMER!” Add some spice on your usual beach itinerary, and HAVE FUN while enjoying local music, feel the vibe, enjoy the locals, or who knows meet your forever soulmate while your singing and dancing with the music altogether!

Zambali Summer is a celebration of love, life, and faith and the freedom to enjoy all of that. It is a music festival that would showcase mainstream bands from the Metro and up and coming local artists from Zambales, with the beautiful beach coast of Zambales as its backdrop.

Zambali Summer will be happening on April 20, Black Saturday, at Brgy. La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales. Show starts at 4:30 PM.

Zambali is derived from the word “Sambali”, which is the original name of Zambales; and also refers to the Zambales’s original natives, the Sambals.

Every summer, most residents of the Metro and Filipinos in general spend their Holy Week away from the city for a well-deserved getaway and spiritual rejuvenation – usually at the beach. For some, this has ripened as tradition. Year after year, major beaches outside of Metro Manila are packed with both locals and tourists alike. Usually, Maundy Thursdays and Good Fridays are spent reliving the true meaning of the Cross, and our salvation. Black Saturdays, on the other hand, has always been the official day when families and friends go out of town to spend time together and unofficially celebrate the resurrection – and have fun!

This year, beach-goers from the Metro can experience Holy Week the Zambali Summer way! The perfect way to experience the summer heat by listening to a wide variety of live bands while bathing in the sunshine, the funky feel of the sand and a cold drink on your hand, all that while supporting the local music scene, advocating for the environment, and supporting the campaign against dangerous drugs.

This beach music festival is headlined by one of the most sought-after rock bands in the country today, Mayonnaise. Other bands who will also join the celebration are Switchblade Manila, Whiskey Version, Gin Rum and Truth, The Black Wolf Gypsies, Hey Moonshine, and many more.



The event is produced by Awesome Events & Productions (AEP) , Rough Stuff Entertainment and Sound Experience Manila (SX Manila).

To get your tickets, concert lovers, beach goers may search Zambali Summer or get your tickets (Ticket price is just P420), on this link Event Brite. 

Sample tour itinerary to go perfectly with your Zambali Summer Experience:

April 20, 2019 Saturday

  • 5:00 am – Breakfast at Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)
  • 6:00 am – Short trip at SBMA to nearby Olongapo Market
  • 7:00 am – Proceed to Zambales
  • 8:00 am – Arrival at San Antonio Market. Purchase food (snacks, water, packed lunch, etc.)
  • 9:00 am – Proceed to San Narciso, Zambales
  • 9:30 am – Freetime (swimming, explore the area, prepare food, etc.)
  • 12:00 nn – Lunch Time
  • 1:00 pm – Swimming Time / Surfing / Volleyball
  • 4:30 pm – till lights out –  Zambali Summer Beach Music Festival

See you there and share your awesome experience of Zambali Summer!

zambali summer



Insights on The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit 2019

The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit 2019 held last March 1-4, 2019 at the 5th Floor Events Center, Century City Mall, Makati City is an event for all in the transport industry focusing on the issues of colorum and franchising. The Forum which highlighted the 1st day of the event – among the topics discussed are insights on the demand of domestic tourism and how these colorum operations contribute to the tourism industry; consolidation of individual transport providers, PUV Modernization and formation of Transport Service Cooperatives. Also emphasized was the call for UNITY and formation of Federation of Alliance among the Premium Transport Groups. Premium Service particularly Van service rendering Point to Point, Rent a Car and Tourist Transport Service.

ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting ceremony which graced the official opening of the Premium Public Transport Summit

Guest Speakers were Dir. Cynthia Lazo-Former DOT Director, 42 yrs in the Tourism industry, Orlando “Ka Lando” Marquez, President of Liga ng Transportasyon at Operators ng Pilipinas, Executive Director Eugen Pabualan of the Office of the Transport Cooperatives, Mr. Jaypee Abella -Expert in Transportation Law, QA in MIAA with Special participation of Senatoriable Shariff Ibrahim Albani – UNESCO Peace and Unity advocate. Koop Kampi Partylist and Vice Mayorable Berlie Anonuevo were also among who graced the event.

Former DOT Director Cynthia Lazo
Mr. Jaypee Abella expert on Transportation Law


Ka Lando Marquez
Mr. Orlando “Ka Lando” Marquez, Consultant to DOTR Sec. Arthur Tugade
shariff ibrahim albani
Senatoriable Candidate Shariff Ibrahim Albani
premium public transport
Senior Dan Sta. Rita, former CDA Technical Consultant, (holding the mic) served as the Forum event host

The event was graced with 31 Groups from different Transport Cooperatives, Associations, Corporations and LGUs, with a total of about 300 attendees. Hosted by Senior Daniel Sta. Rita, former CDA Technical Consultant.

Guest Speakers with the Transport Leaders of diff. Organizations and Cooperatives


The call for a speedy application process was a major concern, and an alternative solution be considered for those whose vehicles can no longer comply with the current year model requirements. A call for UNITY, compilation of the petition papers were encouraged to show force in the problems facing the Premium Public Industry.


ROAD RENT A CAR TSC CEO and Gen. Manager Mr. Emmanuel Balani on the call for Transport Coops to UNITE and for the Gov’t to consider the demand on local tourism, need for Van premium service and how these “colorum” vehicles are serving these needs.

The audience was mesmerized by the intermission number rendered by 2 members of the Madrigal Foundation Singers.

madrigal singers

madrigal singers
Photo credits to The Madrigal Foundation

DAY 2 – March 2 focused on the Transport and its Community.

Attendees learned from the Gender Sensitivity Training conducted by DSWD Social Worker Ms. Miriam Navarro. Here gender issues like gender roles between a male and female were discussed. Also learned are other types of gender preferences like the LGBT Community.

Ms. Miriam Navarro, SWO IV/Social Welfare Specialist on Women and GAD Focal Person DSWD

Our female Operators attendees also enjoyed the free make-up session and tutorials by Ms. Liberty, a blogger and also a Mary Kay product consultant.

make up

Participants enjoyed the Tai-Chi Session by Master Samuel Chau. Here attendees learned basic Tai Chi and how they can apply it in their daily living.

Master Samuel Chau

Talks followed by Project Mother Nature-MNL by Ms. Paula and Ms. Nelle who discussed Zero Waste Travel.

zero waste
Project Mother Nature-MNL By Ms. Paula and Ms. Nelle

Last but not the least for the day was Ms. Bernice Garcia of Sulit Tipid Homeschooling who discussed Homeschooling while traveling together with her 4 cute children.

Ms. Bernice Garcia of 4Ms Sulit Tipid Homeschooling

DAY 3 – MARCH 3 How to form a Cooperative

Coming from as far as MIMAROPA (Mindoro) is CDA Assistant Regional Director Mr. Alberto “Ka Abet” Sabarias who conducted PMES or Pre-Membership Education Seminar.

Mr. Alberto Sabarias – Assistant Regional Director CDA MIMAROPA

The Seminar is one of the basic requirements in forming a Cooperative or joining one. The discussion was lively as officers from Associations became interested in forming a Cooperative. Questions and answers are open during the course of the seminar. Certificates were given afterwards. There are about 30 PMES graduates, and 3 groups were present. One has decided to form a Coop, one is still undecided and the other group from Quezon decided to join ROAD RENT A CAR TSC.

PMES Graduates

DAY 4 – MARCH 4 – Van Operators Meeting

The last day of the 4-day Summit. The Department of Tourism visited the Summit, their topic could have been “Tourist Transport Service Endorsement” but due to limited time and participants the talk was cancelled. But I got the chance to ask them some questions regarding having a Travel Agency and Tourist Franchise. They say if you have a tourist franchise a Travel Agency should make the tour packages for you (so that the Travel Agency will have some work to do). So it is illegal to create a tour package if you are not a registered Travel Agency. But if you have Tour within your Coop (as an outing) then it is ok.

A meeting was held for the Van Operator members of Road Rent A Car TSC and tackled about the different options in traveling and doing legal transport business. Among the options were PITX Franchise Application, Logistics and updating the needed Rent A Car trip documents.

ROADRACTSC Van Members Meeting

Also, present in the Summit, are our dear Merchants and Sponsors.

Hyundai Manila Bay

Hyundai Manila Bay display’s all Hyundai passenger vehicles that is available in the market from Hyundai Eon to Hyundai H350 for our passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and Trucks & Bus our commercial vehicle. Hyundai Manila Bay offers services that client will experience hassle free and worry free, from Sales Dept., Service, Insurance, Insurance Claims, Trade-In, Parts and Accessories.

For inquiries, you may contact:

Joewey Serquina -CV Specialist HTB-Manila Bay * 09291856514 / 09159507934

Mr. Joewey Serquina of Hyundai Manila Bay


eCompareMo is the Philippines’ leading online supermarket for credit cards, loans, car insurance, and travel insurance products.

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Roadwise Logistics Corporation

Roadwise Logistics Corporation

Aero Wonder Lube Engine Treatment

AERO WONDER LUBE is a multi purpose oil can be use as engine treatment, metal treatment and oil enhancer with a breakthrough in lubrication, cleaning, cooling and sealing. Economical and eco friendly. For all types of Gasoline and Diesel Engines. For Motorcycles, cars, suvs, vans, auvs, mpvs, trucks, buses, etc.

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Mr. Socrates Conejos Jr. of Aero Wonder Lube Oil

Dhelightful Creations

Offers a variety of uniquely and creatively designed jewelry pieces which are affordable and price-friendly.

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Dhelightful Creations by Ms. Dhel Gambol Digital Marketing Services

ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services is, a City of General Trias, Cavite, Philippines based company, founded in 2008 and established in 2016. It is from a work-at-home turned into a legal full-service web marketing company which offers all-in-one service packages for micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and Large Corporations for local and international market.

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Special thanks to our Sponsors: House of Polvoron, Shebrews Coffee, Mary Kay, Gentle Hands Holistic Wellness Center, Skippy’s Bar, and Skinblend and many more.

Thank you also to our Media Partners:

Kaibah Productions

Kaibah Productions

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Leader News Philippines
Like their page at Leader News PH


Asean Times & 20/20 Local Newspaper


The Baker Wanderers and Kimchi Adventures

Kimchi adventures

Hanny Simon of The Baker Wanderers and Mikhaela Javier of Kimchi Adventures



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GMA News

gma news

Have you attended the Premium Public Transport Summit? What’s your take away or learning from this event? What can you say about our current Transportation and colorum issues? Feel free to share in the comments section below 👇

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the transport queen
The Transport Queen

A preview to The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit 2019

Are you any of these?

  • Are you a small Rent A Car player?

  • Are you a Tourist Transport Service Provider?

  • Are you a Point to Point Van Transport Service Provider?

  • Are you a TNVS Service Provider?

  • Are you a Transport Service Cooperative?

  • Or Are planning to be a Cooperative?

  • Are you a group of Transport providers?

  • Are you a Tour Organizer?

  • Are you a Travel and Tours Operator?

  • Are you a Foreign or Local Tourist?

  • Are you a Commuter looking for Premium Service?

  • Are you a Cooperative Advocate?

  • Are you a Van Association?

Then, welcome to The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit!

The EVENT – The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit is a unique event that covers all “premium” vehicles that renders premium transport service particularly “van vehicles.”

This event is the gathering of all Transport groups – Cooperatives, Corporations, Clubs, Associations or even individual players plying in the fields of Rent A Car, Tourists, Point to Point Van service, TNVS, Shuttle among others.  We have seen a lot of sentiments in social media, the ongoing extensive campaign of the government against colorum vehicles, yet the ways on how these transport providers can be legalize or operate legally remains vague and unclear. Though there are efforts by the Government to announce on “how to apply for franchise,” the message is unclear and is not reaching everyone in the Transport Community. This event is a long dream of mine to be held in a prime location to unite all Transport Community, and once and for all, have an “open talk” to the authorities involve in Transport. Legislation along with its rules and regulations seems to vary from agency to agency, thus, causing difficulty among our transport providers to comply. With the short span of time for compliance, and the rising needs of local tourism, it is high time to gather, unite and have an open forum with the proper authorities and parties involved.

Also, it is high time for Tourist/Rent A Car providers to unite and have “ONE VOICE” as one of the major contributors in the Tourist/Transport Industry. Activities for the health and wellness of the Renters, Operators and Drivers are also included in the Summit.

Objectives of the Forum: To build a common ground between the premium and tourist transport regulators, premium/tourist transport providers such as operators and drivers, premium passengers such as premium commuters and travelers, travel operators, and travel organizers and joiners. Govt agencies will present each Dept.  guidelines (or Programs/process) for Tourist or Premium Franchise applications, from agency to agency; to arrive jointly at a visionary short-to medium, doable, acceptable, legally binding alternative path for a long-term solution to positively impact on the Tourism Industry,  among others, where the people’s welfare is paramount. We created this Summit for the benefit of transport operators and to have a dialogue with our esteemed transport related government agencies to create a harmonious relationships, a positive hope to all who are losing hope in the transport business.

March 1, The Forum / Panel Discussion is the highlight of the event, it is a much awaited gathering for all premium service providers especially “VAN” vehicle owners and drivers.

Program Overview:

DAY 1 – MARCH 1, 2019

  • Ribbon cutting and Registration Starts at 10:30am
  • Presscon starts at 12nn
  • Forum starts at 1pm
Poster credits to The Big Difference Communications

Get to know our invited Guests:

  • CDA Administrator Abad “Ka Buddy” Santos – A Transport Cooperative Advocate
  • DOT Director Cynthia Lazo – Proponent of Medical Tourism, Tourism and Coop Advocate
  • Mr. Orlando “Ka Lando” Marquez – Transport Leader, President Liga ng Transportasyon at Operators ng Pilipinas (LTOP)
  • Atty. Arthur Corpuz
  • Civic Leader and Senatoriable Shariff Ibrahim Albani
  • Mr. Jaypee Abella – Law Student and a Transport Advocate. He will talk about Transportation Law in General / Legal Framework in Premium Transport


DAY 2 – MARCH 2, 2019

  • Registration Starts at 11am



DAY 3 – Transport and Cooperative Membership

  • Registration Starts at 11am
  • 1PM Pre-Membership Education Seminar
  • 3PM Intermission – TAI CHI For Beginners
  • 6PM ROAD RENT A CAR membership orientation
  • 7PM Logistics Project overview


DAY 4 

  • Registration Starts at 11am
  • 1PM – Technology updates in Transportation in regard to Premium Transport Industry by Engr. James Lindo
  • 3PM – Accreditation and Franchising / Setting up a Tour and Travel Agency (tentative) – DOT


Also, get to know some merchants in the event!

Collaborate with other Cooperatives and Transport Groups!

  • Nissan Urvan Club Pilipinas  SENT
  • Team Lagalag South 1998
  • Stop & Go Coalition WAG NA TO
  • Dasmarinas UV Transport Cooperation
  • Guardians Police Bantay Pamilya Transport Cooperative OK
  • Golden Tamarraw Tourist and Transport Service Cooperative (PETER JOHN ROSALES)
  • Admart Tourist and Transport Service Cooperative (DNUMYAR ROBILLOS
  • Criston Transport Service Cooperative (SENT)
  • Lancaster Manggahan Mall of Asia (MOA) Tourist and Transport Cooperative
  • Novo Ecijano Van Transport and Services Cooperative
  • Responsible Operators and Drivers Transport Service Cooperative
  • Lhotarious Tourist and Transport Cooperative
  • Vincentian Family Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Green Earth Transport Cooperative



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Have you tried any of these? How was your experience?

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Coffice Workspace – your office in a budget

Freelancing, home-based, or digital nomads whatever you may call it, suddenly became a booming industry. With the way how commuting has become and working hours has been more demanding, more and more people are turning into freelance jobs. They often need a space and a computer to work on. Computer shops which are often flocked by gamers become a thing of the past for those who are looking for a quiet space to work on. Current school curriculum are also demanding students to study and submit homework via their school website. This will require a trusted wifi signal, and a safe space to work on. We are glad Coffice Workspace is now here in Cavite to cater for these needs!



Functionality, style and quiet time to concentrate while you work on that client or a project.

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Unlimited Coffee while you work

Bring your mugs for a zero-waste working habit

Choose your subscription with their high-speed internet

It comes with a printable internet and wife password receipt
  • HOTDESK Shared table
  • First 3 hours – P150 for Student / P180 for Professionals
  • Succeeding Hours – P40 (Students) / P50 (Professionals)
  • Whole Day – P350 (Students) / P380 (Professionals)
  • Also open for seminars/workshops at P500/hour
  • Fixed monthly rate of P3,250

You may also bump into their young, lovely and accommodating owner to cater for your needs inside Coffice 🙂

Location and contact details

I happened to be at Coffice Workspace for our South Bloggers group meet-up and finally glad to be able to meet Karla Obispo of Travel with Karla face-to-face. One of those I consider to be one of my mentors in the blogging world.

with Karla Obispo

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