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iCafe the Cafe that cares!

Let’s have coffee! – One of the famous lines when it comes to connecting with new business partners to sit down and talk for a cup of coffee. Now there’s a Cafe where connections and talks goes beyond “business” and aims to create more meaningful connections beyond your usual coffee break.

iCafe is a unique cafe located at the Church of God building. The 1st time I heard about the place was when my daughter had an assignment and have to feature a church. So we went to the Church of God and was amazed by the highly visual, high-tech building and instagrammable design of the whole building itself. That was last October, 2018. Coming to iCafe that time was not intentional. Since after going to Church, there were youth members then who are offering “free coffee.” Since I wanted to try and taste their coffee I agreed to sit down with the girl member of the youth fellowship. She were giving away free chocolates and coffee in exchange of a short talk, a short time for her to discuss the Programs of the Church. So we sit in and tried. The experience was great – coffee and fellowship blend perfectly well since the mood is relaxing, the mind is open to accept ideas and to connect.

1st visit to Church of God – on the left side is the iCafe
church of God
Me and  the kids took a quick shot after our iCafe experience

Now, just last month, March, 2019, I’ve been lucky to visit iCafe again and get to know the more about the Cafe this time with Ms. Mei Cahigas, COO of iCafe, Church of God and the Southbloggers team.

Ms. Mei Cahigas of iCafe


What is iCafe?

i – I

C – Connect

A – Assist

F – Fellowship

E – Enjoy

This is what iCafe stands for, and relating my 1st experience was good to understand the connect, assist and fellowship aspects of the cafe. I really enjoyed the connection built from that and having someone to sit down and talk about God and His Plans is something unique over a cup of coffee.

The food and drinks in iCafe


They boast of various flavors of frappes to choose from. I tried 8 of their frappes and I can tell they are all deserving of the praise. You can ask the level of sugar to put in and I recommend you just try the 50% sugar level. The frappes offers distinct taste and you can easily distinguish the flavors one from another. Unlike the other Cafes I went to, which seems to have same the same flavors (but different names). iCafe got me for their authentic mix of blends for their cafe, adding the instagrammable presentation makes it a perfect Cafe experience.

My best picks are:

Mango Tango are their version of Mango float with graham. One big order is enough for 2 persons. Their version is really yummy! I suggest you request just 50% sugar to go with you mango tango shake.

Cherry choco berry

Butterscotch frappe has a taste that I cannot fully describe, it’s taste like cake only mixed into a frappe. It has a unique blend which I haven’t tasted yet on other cafe.

If you want a real matcha experience, you can try theirs. It is really tasty, that it tastes like “wheatgrass”. For tea and natural herb lovers, they may actually like their version of matcha tea.

iCafe Cakes and pastries

Again, this is a BIG PLUS for me. Imagine going to a Cafe where you can actually Choose. You can choose which cake to eat because you have a CHOICE not because you are left with just 2 to 3 choices. They have 6 cakes and pastries like banana muffin, cookies, ensaymada and brownies.

cakes and pastries

My best picks are

Ube Macapuno – it has real ube and macapuno filling at the inside of the cake, leaving you craving for more.

ube cake

Banana Muffin – Soft, yummy muffins topped with chocolates. Best served hot. There’s a yummy goodness in every bite.


Blueberry Cheesecake – Comparing to other cafe’s offering blueberry cheesecakes which are too sweet. I love how iCafe baked it right.

blueberry cheesecake

Other food choices

flavored nuts

For strong coffee lovers, you can try Shakarato with whipped cream. It is black coffee with 3 shots of espresso.

God Bless Sausage

Get full with this big sausage, prepared just right. I suggest they add pickles, cheese, chilli beans, or jalapeno to make it more delicious and to add variety to the meal.Wish they will also have pasta and salads.


iCafe space is good enough for 70pax, perfect for seminars or group meetings. Anyone can visit iCafe, it is open to all members or non-members of the Church. The profit derived from iCafe goes to the continous construction of the Church and its other needs.



iCafe is also nearby to the Church’s Persion Gym so after finishing your routine work out, chill with frappe and pastries with friends or go solo. You can never feel alone.

Location and Contact Information

💒 Church of God, Marilag Subd., near Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Dasmariñas City

☎️ 0917-5869582

Fb page: iCafe Dasmariñas

iCafe is open from Mondays to Sundays, 10am to 10pm. There are days that they open at 12nn or just after their scheduled fasting.



’till our next food adventure 🙂




sHebrews Coffee: Try the newest coffee from the Coffee Capital of the Philippines: Amadeo, Cavite!

When you think you have tried the best natural coffee ever, well think again! I’ve discovered a new line of coffee products from the Coffee Capital – Amadeo, Cavite.

Brewed coffee is perfectly paired with toasted sandwiches, papaya fruit and biscuits

sHebrews Coffee is a budding coffee brand just recently awarded with OTOP (One Top One Product). It is family owned business managed by one of  its humble and generous owner, Ms. Arsenia Lopez. You can also call her Sensen, also a local of Amadeo, Cavite. They are passionate coffee connoisseurs who promote local coffee beans from the Coffee Capital of the Philippines- the dainty town of Amadeo, Cavite.

Ms. Sensen Lopez of sHebrews Coffee

sHebrews Coffee started last 2014, but only got its breakthrough last 2018 after re-branding the product. It is formerly known as “From Beans to Cup.”  The name sHebrews denotes the 3 siblings (Sensen and her sister) and her brother (He) and also means she brews (Sensen brews). With the help of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), sHebrews coffee made it to OTOP (One Top One Product) and was invited to The National Food Fair held at Megatrade Hall, SM Mega Mall.  Ms. Sen-sen is hands on and determined to expand the sHebrews business. She does the packaging, marketing and delivery of the products. A very determined entrepreneur!

photo credits to National Food Fair

sHebrews offers affordable and quality ground coffee beans produced by small farmers. Each coffee pack you buy will help support local producers and their families.
sHebrews Coffee have 6 Coffee Varieties

  • Arabica
  • Barako
  • Black Jack
  • Balay Amadeo Blend
  • Amadeo King Blend
  • Maldita Blend

shebrews coffee

sHebrews Coffee Products
Arabica – is a type of coffee made from the beans of Coffea Arabica.  It has a delicate flavor and sweet aroma. Fruity, chocolatey and nutty flavor describes the taste of Arabica. It is aromatic and have less caffeine content.  Also, this is the most common coffee flavor you will have on most coffee shops.
Barako – is a coffee variety exclusively grown in the Philippines, particularly in Batangas and Cavite. It belongs to Coffea Liberica plant species. Since most of  Kapeng Barako is organically grown, it is best for your health as anti-oxidant and contains less caffeine. It has a strong smell and distinctive flavor. Chocolatey and ripe berry toned sweetness with a hint of floral and spice.
Black Jack – Is made from dark roasted Robusta coffee. Robusta is a coffee made from Coffea canephora plant. It is mostly used in Italian espresso for deep flavor and good crema. It is more bitter and earthy with a woody taste.
Balay Amadeo Blend – It is a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Roasted from medium to dark. Perfect blend of smoothness, strength and aroma.amadeo coffee
Amadeo King Blend – Also a combination of Arabica, Robusta and Excelsa coffee beans. Roasted from medium to dark with a superbly balanced taste. This coffee has a mild taste perfect for those who does not want a strong, bitter taste of coffee.
Maldita Blend – it is a combination of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica. It has a strong taste with an exceptional taste profile. It is the version of the most common known coffee variant “Pahimis.” The best seller of sHebrews Coffee.
sHebrews Coffee comes in the following packaging:

  • 150 grams
  • 225 grams
  • 455 grams
  • 1 Kilo

My sHebrews coffee experience, I chose the Top 3 best flavors:

  1. Black Jack – it has a strong aroma. I liked that this coffee flavor is very effective if you want to have added energy or boost on an early morning. Or if you have meetings/activity to do during the day, this is the coffee to choose. This will keep you alert the whole day, but mind you I didn’t get to sleep during my Transport Event and even at 3am haha! So better get ready to be boosted! I love this with sugar with or without coffee creamer.
  2. Maldita Blend – from the name itself “maldita” which means bitch, snobby or naughty in english. The flavor have a unique taste, it has good aroma. Unlike the black jack which has a very strong coffee taste, the maldita blend is just enough to keep you awake the whole day while letting you still sleep at night.
  3. Barako – you will instantly love the coffee, first the aroma fills the air while brewing. With no sugar the coffee is bittersweet. It is best when partnered with sugar and cream.

Other Coffee Products Available:

  • *Coffee Gifts/Vouchers – coffee supply good for 1/3/6/12 months
  • Coffee Wedding Giveaways
  • Coffee Based Products (French press, Coffee Brew, Coffee Scrub, Coffee Garden Soil)
  • Mobile Coffee Bar best for hosting a party gatherings, meetings or events. They can organize showcasing their coffee products paired with pastries from their bakery partners.
coffee press
Coffee press with a pack of coffee is a perfect give-away ideas

You may reach sHebrews Coffee at, resellers are welcome!

  • Lot 4670 Pasong Matanda Street, Tagaytay City
  • Mobile 0995-3330793
  • Facebook page: shebrewscoffee-amadeo
  • E-mail at

’till our next coffee adventure!

balay amadeo


New Restobar alert: Butchik’s Restobar, Brique Plaza, Imus City

Nights are wild at this side of Imus City especially on a weekend. Adding to this crowded nightlife is the latest restobar at Brique Plaza (just before Medical Center Imus/MCI): the Butchik’s Restobar!

Butchik’s Restobar boasts of its good food mastered by its good looking owner, and food served by its handsome waiters which went viral on facebook. Butchik’s got its name after its owner. The restobar just recently opened last March 9, 2019 and was inspired from Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Butchik studied culinary in Seattle before starting his food business in the South.

There’s a mix of black and wooden furniture highlighted by minimalist design. A bar on the shelf displaying collections of wine and liqour can be found at the cooking area. Unlimited videoke is offered which will make your “walwalan nights” more enjoyable.
butchik's restobar

butchik's restobar
Selection of wines and liqours
butchiks restobar
Foods were inspired of Thai and Vietnamese dishes

There are 6 flavors of Glazed Fried Chicken you can choose from:

  • Korean glazed
  • Orange
  • Salted egg
  • Thai Curry
  • Honey Glaze
  • Honey Sriracha


We have tried the Thai Curry and Korean glazed flavored. The chicken wing is big and meaty, making you instantly full with only a piece of order. The Korean flavor is tastier than the Thai Curry. The Korean flavored chicken wings is not too spicy nor too sweet, well, it was just blended enough to sooth your palate.

chicken wings

The Top 3 on my list are the following dishes:

  • Sisig
  • Fried Tofu
  • Potato Wedges

Their sisig is made of pork and lavished with cheese and chili. I love the spicy taste!

Sisig P200

Fried Tofu sprinkled with white and black sesame seeds with red sauce.

Fried Tofu P95

And my favorite Potato Wedges dipped into cheese 🙂

Potato Wedges P95


Among the drinks we’ve tried are the Blue Hawaii (green), Mai Thai and Authentic Thai Milk Tea.

⇒Blue Hawaii mix of Vodka + Curacao + Pineapple juice

Their best selling is a mix of everything 👇

⇒Mai Thai mix of Rum + Vodka + Amaretto + Orange and Pineapple Juice

From my experience I easily got drowsy upon drinking half the serving of Mai Thai.

And there’s also their Authentic Thai Milk Tea, nothing so special for me with the taste but the ingredients they say are all imported from Thailand. If you will be trying their drinks better go straight for the Mai Thai.


We have also tried the black sticky rice, a very delectable dessert topped with cream. Though yummy as it seems, this was removed from the menu because of low demand (it does not pair with beer).

One thing I’ve liked the most are their delicious dips. This one below on the right is a combination of cheese, mayo and something spicy – maybe a secret recipe.

sticky rice

Of course, I enjoyed singing at the videoke, why not? It’s unlimited!


At the corner I’m happy to see these items for sale. They are zero-waste friendly and supports the advocacy on having reusable straws. What a way to live your zero waste lifestyle while enjoying a sip of their Thai tea.

zero waste

Go check out Butchik’s Restobar 👇

✔ Located at Brique Plaza, Imus City

✔ 0956 6186272

✔ Like their page at Butchik’s Restobar

✔ opens at 4pm – 1am at weekends, 4pm to 12mn on weekdays

Thank you to Butchik and the team for the warm reception. They will make sure that your needs and orders get attended too as fast as they can.


Co-owner and waiter in one


And of course, the South Bloggers team! Thank you Adam Belda for the invitation 😋


’till our next food adventure! lav yah!


Lunch Specials at Buona Vita Ristoranti Italiano!

Craving for authentic Italian dishes without breaking your budget? Wanting to have a quick but sumptuous lunch with family, friends or office mates?

Well this is a MUST TRY!

Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano is an authentic Italian restaurant with a cool, homey-feel atmosphere, which lies in the heart of Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Buona Vita which means Good Life is a concept by owner Thomas Moersheim.

I was one of the invited media guest for the food tasting of their latest “Lunch Specials”, which will be available from Mondays to Thursdays, 11am to 2pm. Of course, I have little Conan with me to check out the food, he does food review too (by thumbs up).


We were welcomed with graffiti, menu on board located at both entrances of the restaurant. Instantly, I felt at home and at ease especially the crew were all nice and accommodating.

The newest dishes of Buona Vita are their Lunch Specials which you may also like to add Panini sandwiches, salads and sweet desserts.

You may choose from the 4 delicious staples which are all priced at just P250++

1. Pollo Alla Moda “Americana” – this is best eaten with the paella rice, the chicken sauce tastes sweet

Pollo Alla Moda “Americana” American style chicken barbecue served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

2. Filetto di Maiale – the pork is so yummy and tender

Filetto di Maiale Pan-seared pork tenderloin with orange sauce served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

3. Filetto Di Pesce – at last, our very own tilapia with a twist, already de-boned

Filetto Di Pesce Roasted Tilapia with Pomodor sauce served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

4. Fegato Di Pollo – my favorite among the four dishes

Fegato Di Pollo Chicken liver stew served with Paella rice and mixed vegetables

Aside from their Lunch Specials, you can also try their tasty Panini Sandwiches which comes in 8 varieties:

  1. All Pollo
  2. Porchetta
  3. Vegetariana
  4. Tonno
  5. Prosciutto Crudo
  6. Prosciutto Cotto
  7. Salmone
  8. Allo Speck


Salmone – Grilled fresh Salmon tossed with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes and lettuce

Vegetariana – Grilled Zucchini, red bell pepper, eggplant, asparagus with pesto sauce served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles

Porchetta – Sliced roasted pork belly with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles
Prosciutto Cotto – Thinly sliced cooked ham with boiled egg served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, home-made mayo and pickles
Tonno – Chunky Tuna with home-made mayo dressing served with fresh tomatoes and lettuce
Prosciutto Crudo – Thinly sliced Parma ham with Fontina cheese served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles
Allo Speck – Thinly sliced smoked ham with Provolone cheese served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickles

You will find him at the counter – he prepares the yummy Panini Sandwiches!

We also tried their newest desserts!


Plus, they also have their newest vegetable salads!

Insalata di Cesare and Insalata Mista all’ Italiana


We really enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Buona Vita! Aside from the meals I really enjoyed my short chit-chat with the restaurant owner, Mr. Thomas Moersheim, he have a good story to tell on how they all started and survived the business since 2009. How he and his wife loved to share the Italian dishes to the Filipino people. Buona Vita just like any other business went to its ups and downs, but the restaurant continuously copes with the Millennial times and always find something authentic, new Italian dishes to serve.

With Mr. Thomas – the gracious owner of Buona Vita!
All smiles for a great meal!
the little kiddo gave his thumbs up sign! Watch his reactions at The Happy Tandem Channel

P.S. They also have other goods to offer, like what I found here on their counter:



Roasted Organic Cacao Nibs

Already getting hungry?

Contact Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano at

  • For deliveries or reservations, call (02) 519 3868
  • Like and contact their fb page: BuonaVita
  • Visit their resto at Unit 19, Cluster 3 @Molito Lifestyle Bldg., Madrigal Avenue, Alabang
  • Get Directions
How to get there by commute:

  1. Take a ride going to Alabang South Station
  2. Take a multicab ride going to SM Molino (get downa


  1. Take a ride going to SM Molino
  2. Take a ride going to Alabang (you will see Molito Lifestyle Bldg. just upon entering Alabang area coming from Daang Hari.
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Tagaytay Finds — Discover Kookay’s Foodhouse :)

When talking about food in Tagaytay, the first thing that comes to mind is “Bulalo.” How about a different treat to our sight and palate, plus added fun bonding with our friends and families?

Tagaytay is the most loved weekend destination of our family! Considering it’s just a 2-hr. drive away from Manila and 30 minutes from Gen. Trias. We have visited most of the tourist spots in the city and tried different restos. And thought we have seen most of it — until we checked in at Kookay’s Foodhouse.

Kookay’s Foodhouse is located at #53 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi-way, KM.61, Brgy. Mendez East, Tagaytay City. It has a cute little sign that you may hardly notice. In this serene city, this is a foodhouse that will satisfy not only your tummy but also your craving for instagram feed. Not only that, just use your imagination and let out the inner kid in you, you’ll surely be mesmerized by the place and merge in.

Before coming in, please read the rules posted on the window:

Once in, we were greeted by the site of cute little unicorns and flowers.

I was surprised to see my daughter enjoying herself while taking selfies and photos of the place.

At first, she was hesitant to try the onesies on. What? a costume at a foodhouse? BIG YES! To totally feel the “aura” of the place I suggest you try their onesies. These are costumes made of soft cotton and are available in all sizes. Some of the designs were tigers, alligators and of course UNICORNS!

Once you tried the costumes and take selfie or groupie photos, the kid in you will soon come out and instantly bond with your kids. Costumes or onesies are free to use when you avail of the group food package. Just be careful not to rip or soil, or you may have to pay for it.

Next, I found myself diving into a pool of balls with my toddler.

Finally, my 1st time to dive in a pool of balls with my baby
balls and the kiddo

You can do all of the above while waiting for your food to be served or just play UNO, Monopoly and other board games.

Just ask Jessa – Kookay’s very cheerful staff, she’ll be happy to assist you.


Now, what’s on the menu?

Rainbow colored pasta anyone? It is sumptuous as it appears to be. Guess what, these are carbonara and seafood pesto. Looks very identical right? But once you tasted it you can clearly separate the tastes of the two dishes. The carborana were sprinkled with bacon and garlic. Seafood pesto was cooked with calamares, tahong, crab sticks and other spices.

We loved the twinkle milkshakes, the colorful designs are made of mallows and candies wrapped in chocolate with cookie mallows, pretzels and ice cream cone on top lavished with candy sprinkles and marshmallows 🙂

rockyroad, mango graham and chocolate fudge


You can also try other great food from their menu:

Rainbow colored waffles
Nachos and chips
Fries Baby back ribs Buffalo Wings Chicken Wings Halo-halo Hot Pot
and many more!

We enjoyed their onesies and did some photo shoot 🙂

unicorn family

Our baby Conan enjoyed the onesies too and the stuff toys 🙂

baby unicorn

Express yourself, leave a note in their shout out wall before leaving

or feel nostalgic at this side

How to get there:

By commute:


⏩Ride a bus at Genesis Terminal at Pasay, left side from the MRT station Edsa, with the signboard “Balayan or Nasugbu”. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off before Mendez Crossing at Nanay Dorie’s Bulalohan (few meters away from the police station). They are just across Nanay Dorie’s, the pink store beside Country Sampler Inn.

⏩From Olivarez Plaza, ride a jeep bound for Mendez/Crossing Mendez, Indang or Alfonso.
⏩Ask the jeepney driver to drop you off before Mendez Crossing at Nanay Dorie’s Bulalohan (few meters away from the police station)
⏩They are just across Nanay Dorie’s, the pink store beside Country Sampler Inn.

By Private car:

KINDLY click the link below for exact location:
Kookay’s Foodhouse map

Monday to Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm


🌈 No entrance fees

🌈You can wear their onesies for only 50php. But if you only order drinks, they charge ₱100 per onesie.

🌈 Please take care while eating inside the foodhouse as per their policy, ANY DAMAGED/STAINED STUFFED TOYS AND ONESIES WILL BE CONSIDERED SOLD.

🌈Please like their page and message them directly for any inquiries ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Kookay’s Foodhouse page

🌈 You may also call 0995 132 2495

I hope you enjoyed reading! See you soon on my next adventure 😚


All photos are taken using just my cellphone, credits to @juliennecolene for the great shots 🙂