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And she is Julie…

My mother, she is like no other,
Simple yet so sweet,
Strict oh yes, she is!


Julie is her name,
her “apos” are her gem,
A modern “lola” is her game.


She have 2 daughters,
3 grandsons, 3 granddaughters,
1 great grandson, and another on the way.


I wish you BE HAPPY,
I wish you ENJOY LIFE,
I wish you a LONG LIFE.

Age is just a number, they say,
So live your dream even at your age,
Start writing who can say,

You might be the next — ” Celebrity Lola Blogger!”

Mama In Baguio


Written with Love by Bunting
This day – July 11, 2018
8:46pm at Bunting’s Home