Since I met you…

Since I met you The flower blooms, The ocean flows, The tree grows, Since I met you. My eyes are blind, No problems behind, It’s you I find, Since I met you. No winter, No rain, No storm, Since I met you. No tears, No fears, No other love, Since I met you. Is it love, Is it true, Is it you, Since I met … Continue reading Since I met you…

This is me

Found this piece of poem, written by myself exactly 27 years ago…is she the same me? It’s Meeh.. Jenny, is my name, a name you can rust, I’m jolly, friendly and happy, You cannot see me lonely, ‘cause I can pretend. I had many secrets been revealed, My life I guess is an open book, But I knew myself that nobody knows, I know my … Continue reading This is me

A message from my Millenial Mama

I opened up my site for my mother who also loves to write but didn’t have the “know-how” of blogging in the digital form, so I said to her to write an article and I will post it on my website. So to my surprise, this is her first contribution. My mother by the way is already in her golden age, but we can call … Continue reading A message from my Millenial Mama

I’m a Writer – A Poetry

  I’m a writer I’m a writer by heart, I’m a writer by soul, My mind is full of ideas, Of imaginations, Of wishful thinkings, Of bravery, Of sorrow, Of happiness, Of learnings, Of experiences. Inside me I have so many things to share, To my readers, I hope you are there. I’m a writer, Full of emotions, The idealism and inspiration overflow. I’m a … Continue reading I’m a Writer – A Poetry

The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Alone in a vast world of dreams, Conquering everything the dark touches, Wishing I could see the light. I wander afar off, Every land I have been, Moving from one place to another, Catching every flying thing, My naked eyes could see. I ran miles away, From one end to end, I looked for water, For rivers, streams, Or even oceans and seas. I drunk … Continue reading The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Superstar – Love Stories by Sunset – A poetry

Superstar 😍 How long will I wait for you to be called mine? how long will I dream for a love that never ponder, I ‘m just a fan, only watching you from afar, Though I can see every smile you gave, Though I can hold your hands and hug you for awhile, Though I can kiss you each night before we bade goodbye, But … Continue reading Superstar – Love Stories by Sunset – A poetry