Angel’s wing

My hubby’s cousin found this tiny tiny feather on top of the dining table early this morning, as to how did it got there WE DO NOT HAVE A CLUE 😊 The dining area was closed, we have no chicken nor birds. We left the table clear last night. It was really a puzzle how did that feather got on top of the table. So … Continue reading Angel’s wing

Pandemic and me – 2020 Reflections

If ever there was a thing that I would be grateful for last 2020 – the Pandemic – is embarking to the journey of Judaism. The quarantine time lead me to studying more about the Jewish history, the beliefs, traditions, mitzvah and everything. And we were just yet starting. It’s been almost a year now! Oh my where did that time went. And we are … Continue reading Pandemic and me – 2020 Reflections

One Poetry a Day…

So, it’s 2021! Is the pandemic over? I felt I have slept and slumbered for a long time. Been busy with home and religious studies, but hey, 2021 is coming so FAST! It’s already MARCH! Wow, where did all that time went? And now that the Bayanihan Act was lifted, and everything else seem to back to normal – hey, the BILLS were piling up … Continue reading One Poetry a Day…

Tahan Na….

Tahan Na, Aking anak, Sapagka’t may makikinig ba, Sa iyong pinaglalaban, Sumigaw ka man ay lubhang kulang, Sa tengang bingi at matang nagbubulag-bulagan. Tahan Na, Aking anak, Dinaya ka man ay tanggapin na lang, Ipaglaban ay lubhang kulang, Katwiran ay hwag nang ipagpilitan, Hustisya’y para lang sa ilan. Tahan Na, Aking anak, Luha mo’y mauubos lamang, Kung hindi mo kayang pigilan, Ilabas ang hikbi sa … Continue reading Tahan Na….