Wraps so cute as Cotton Candies!

Yes, these cute cars really looks sweet and yummy! It was only “accidental” that I’ve got into car wrapping business. Why accidental? As a transport/fleet partner my only duty supposed to be was to get these 2 cars rented, and that was it! — WRONG! Our client, as we get along the business, trusted me to do the wrapping for the cars. I felt nervous, will I do the job right? Will it turn out good? Will it finish on time? Let me show you how a good wrap is done: Now, the finish product! And we are not yet … Continue reading Wraps so cute as Cotton Candies!

*First Time in Visayas* Part II

Day 2 – Bohol Tour Our trip to Bohol was one of the best that we had. I can say, that we were those lucky few who get to enjoy the best of Bohol before the great earthquake destroyed most of the tourist spots. We were in Bohol just two weeks before the great earthquake. To date exactly – September 29, 2013, nighttime. Bohol can be traveled in just one day provided you either rent a motorcycle, which costs P600/day, and requires driver’s license and good driving skills (you will have to do it on your own), this is good … Continue reading *First Time in Visayas* Part II