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“Transport Queen!” — a nick name my husband fondly calls me whenever I have had a meeting with Transport partners including owners of different car rental companies which happens to be mostly male. He will usually say “Naks, transport queen!” whenever I got the deal and if I was out and checked the fleet or called for a fleet meeting (which I invented the term). It is somehow comes with a teasing tone and by him saying I am the transport queen would mean I would do the work – Get the Deal.

thetransportqueen – is a blog owned by Ms. Jenny Lind Medenilla a.k.a. Bunting. She writes about transport business, travels, events, mommyhood, health tips, inspirational qoutes and most of all poetry. Her love for writing blossomed eversince she was in highschool, after having read the diaries of our beloved National Hero – Jose Rizal.

Bunting is her childhood nickname and she is very fond of using it her online posts. It is a very unique nickname which everytime she was called by such, automatically brings back memories of childhood.

then why and who is thetransportqueen?

thetransportqueen entered into the world of transport since 2003 in the form of shipping — she have mastered export and import documentation and other tasks through her 13 years +++ experience in the shipping industry. Making bills of lading a masterpiece.

By October 2015, she co-founded the very 1st Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative of Luzon, which by now already have roughly 600 members and 400 affiliates. And got inclined in the field of rendering Service thru Coop Education while doing the Coop business with fellow transport partners. The group started from TNVS – UBER Group page which later also invited other transport partners from diff. aspects — mostly Rent A Car drivers, VIP Security drivers, business professionals, GRAB operators and drivers and lately Van Operator-drivers, they also have Member-Renters. She already gave up her full time job to focus on her already growing Cooperative family.

thetransportqueen is also a “Full time Mother and a housemaker” with “no yaya” for more than a year now. She would like to share her “mommy moments” too on this blog site. How she handles being the “boss mommy” with a little toddler on the side.

thetransportqueen is a blog where every woman/man can relate too, randomly thoughts about food, fashion, health and day-to-day insights might also be read here.

Some of her writings were already published in printed media and would love to share more via today’s digital era.

For collaborations and tie-ups, please e-mail her at

Thank you!


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