Zen Rooms 10.10.Sale!

HEY! Don't miss out on the CRAZIEST STAYCATION deal ever! ZEN Rooms' biggest sale of the year is happening this 10.10! Up to 60% Off on your favorite ZEN Rooms in Metro Manila, Cebu, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia! Sign up to book rooms before anyone else Zen Rooms 60% off SIGN UP NOW! Here are… Continue reading Zen Rooms 10.10.Sale!


When Life begins – Of Life and Death experience 🙎‍♀️

Life begins at 40 they say, but my life began 3 years ago when I was 36 years old (going 37) during that dreadful day at the operating table. I just turned 40, and I said to myself that this will be the perfect time for me to finally write about my experience of Life… Continue reading When Life begins – Of Life and Death experience 🙎‍♀️


Stars Shined at the Star Bazaar!

Ever wonder what do celebrities do when the spotlight is off? I wonder too. Yes, I expected a huge array of Toys, Clothes, Gift Items the most common items we see during Pre-Christmas Bazaars. But after much exploration, it came to my mind that the Star Bazaar were meant to showcase the celebrities' "entrepreneur and creative side." It was a showcase of their own brands & businesses. Here's a peek of some of my experience at the Pre-Christmas Star Bazaar held at the 4th Floor Century City Mall, Makati last September 14-16.


Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar and Beyond!

Beyond? Yes, the recent Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar was beyond what I am expecting, follow me through and I will tell you more. It was my long time dream to join a bazaar and now it has come true with Word Wonder: A Book +++ Bazaar, it was held at the 4th and… Continue reading Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar and Beyond!

Lifestyle, Zero Waste/Minimalism/Downshifting

Journal 1 – Minimalist Lifestyle *De-cluttering*

Last time I introduced to you the meaning of Minimalist Lifestyle and how can we start doing it. Since then, I started segregating things (What to donate, to sell, to throw). My husband and I were very busy for 2 days now, cleaning and de-cluttering. And since we do not yet have cupboards & cabinets… Continue reading Journal 1 – Minimalist Lifestyle *De-cluttering*


Tour the World in 100 minutes @Torres Farm and Resort🏖

I finally found a Day Tour escapade ideal for the family which entails fun and learning for the kids. We traveled around the world --- with no passport required, low budget requirement and you can tour the iconic places in the world in just 100 minutes! Impossible? Read more to know HOW⤵️ I learned about… Continue reading Tour the World in 100 minutes @Torres Farm and Resort🏖

CAVITE, Real Estate Properties

Welcome home to Lumina Homes!

Finding and buying a new house whether for investment or for your new home is NEVER EASY. There are so many things to consider before buying. But what if I could give you an option to buy a NEW HOUSE for as low as P1,898/month, would you resist to buy???? That is the question I… Continue reading Welcome home to Lumina Homes!