Relaxing Traveler

Hi all! Sorry life for me has become so SUPER BUSY lately that posting for blogs needed Extra piece of time. So to make it quite easier for me to capture travel moments, I created a new Travel Channel, inspired by the Relaxing Walker. No fuss, no filter, simple video, shoot as is. Take a sneak peak at my new channel 🥰 LIKE, SHARE & … Continue reading Relaxing Traveler

Baguio Tour Itineraries – The Transport Queen

Baguio City is a place to go all throughout the year. So if your looking for places to go, here are some of our favorite itineraries. These are DIY itineraries, we just planned it at random and hire a taxi upon reaching Baguio (Sample 1). I highly suggest you hire a Car for rent (courtesy of Proud2Rideor ROADRACTSC or taxi (yes, hiring a taxi in … Continue reading Baguio Tour Itineraries – The Transport Queen