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How to Join ROADRACTSC? – The Transport Queen

ROADRACTSC or Renters, Operators and Drivers Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative is a duly registered Transport Service Cooperative. A Cooperative is a type of business registration just like DTI and SEC which have its legal identity thru the CDA or the Cooperative Development Authority.

A preview to The Philippine Premium Public Transport Summit 2019

This event is the gathering of all Transport groups – Cooperatives, Corporations, Clubs, Associations or even individual players plying in the fields of Rent A Car, Tourists, Point to Point Van service, TNVS, Shuttle among others. 

SELF-DRIVE CAR RENTALS – What you need to know!

One of the most common and in-demand form of car rental is the – Self-drive Car Rentals. Most operators mistaken the meaning as “they are the ones who will do the driving service for their car.” SELF-DRIVE simply means the renter “self” will rent… Continue Reading “SELF-DRIVE CAR RENTALS – What you need to know!”

Bridal Cars

If you have read my last post regarding weddings, well here is just an additional information. Bridal car and guests car service are important items too, add that on your wedding plan list. Do not forget your mode of transport on your special day… Continue Reading “Bridal Cars”

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