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Sometimes we are torn between the things that we WANT to do and the things that we MUST do. Be it working, studying or staying at home, getting a new career, rising from a fall, or just being carefree for awhile. We want to… Continue Reading “Puzzled?”



How long will I wait for you to be called mine?

DISCOVER Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite – Read this Travel Guide before you visit!

Looking for the perfect weekend get away just 2 hours away? Complete with Hiking, Campsite, Falls and SEA OF CLOUDS! YES! Read on..

I’m a Writer – A Poetry

  I’m a writer I’m a writer by heart, I’m a writer by soul, My mind is full of ideas, Of imaginations, Of wishful thinkings, Of bravery, Of sorrow, Of happiness, Of learnings, Of experiences. Inside me I have so many things to share,… Continue Reading “I’m a Writer – A Poetry”

The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Alone in a vast world of dreams, Conquering everything the dark touches, Wishing I could see the light. I wander afar off, Every land I have been, Moving from one place to another, Catching every flying thing, My naked eyes could see. I ran… Continue Reading “The Light by Jenny Medenilla”

Tanay: Your Travel Guide to the Home of Adventure and Nature Experience – The Transport Queen

TANAY, RIZAL – A perfect tourist spot for motorcycle roadtrips, mountaineeers, adventurers, and even for those who hates trekking but still wants to enjoy mountain views and bathe in refreshing waterfalls. Come and read on my adventure at Tanay!

Life is Awesome, LIVE IT!


Life is Awesome, isn’t it?

And she is Julie…

My mother, she is like no other, Simple yet so sweet, Strict oh yes, she is! Julie is her name, her “apos” are her gem, A modern “lola” is her game. She have 2 daughters, 3 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, 1 great grandson, and another… Continue Reading “And she is Julie…”

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