Sometimes we are torn between the things that we WANT to do and the things that we MUST do. Be it working, studying or staying at home, getting a new career, rising from a fall, or just being carefree for awhile. We want to do things but due to time constraint or the lack of resources we are holding back. How about you, what’s your life … Continue reading Puzzled?

The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Alone in a vast world of dreams, Conquering everything the dark touches, Wishing I could see the light. I wander afar off, Every land I have been, Moving from one place to another, Catching every flying thing, My naked eyes could see. I ran miles away, From one end to end, I looked for water, For rivers, streams, Or even oceans and seas. I drunk … Continue reading The Light by Jenny Medenilla

When Life begins – Of Life and Death experience 🙎‍♀️

Life begins at 40 they say, but my life began 3 years ago when I was 36 years old (going 37) during that dreadful day at the operating table. I just turned 40, and I said to myself that this will be the perfect time for me to finally write about my experience of Life and Death. There are so many instances when my life … Continue reading When Life begins – Of Life and Death experience 🙎‍♀️

Welcome home to Lumina Homes!

Finding and buying a new house whether for investment or for your new home is NEVER EASY. There are so many things to consider before buying. But what if I could give you an option to buy a NEW HOUSE for as low as P1,898/month, would you resist to buy???? That is the question I offered to my recent post in Instagram & Facebook which … Continue reading Welcome home to Lumina Homes!

*First Time in Visayas* Part I

This is my first attempt in creating a free blog for our traveling adventures. I would like to share to all my readers our own “made-up” tour and hopefully, I can share with you insights to where and how you can also plan your dream vacation. When I say “our” in this blog that means it was me and my bf, who by the way, … Continue reading *First Time in Visayas* Part I