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I’m a Writer – A Poetry

  I’m a writer I’m a writer by heart, I’m a writer by soul, My mind is full of ideas, Of imaginations, Of wishful thinkings, Of bravery, Of sorrow, Of happiness, Of learnings, Of experiences. Inside me I have so many things to share,… Continue Reading “I’m a Writer – A Poetry”

The Light by Jenny Medenilla

Alone in a vast world of dreams, Conquering everything the dark touches, Wishing I could see the light. I wander afar off, Every land I have been, Moving from one place to another, Catching every flying thing, My naked eyes could see. I ran… Continue Reading “The Light by Jenny Medenilla”

Life is Awesome, LIVE IT!


Life is Awesome, isn’t it?

Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar and Beyond!

Beyond? Yes, the recent Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar was beyond what I am expecting, follow me through and I will tell you more. It was my long time dream to join a bazaar and now it has come true with Word Wonder:… Continue Reading “Word Wonder: A Book ++ Bazaar and Beyond!”

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